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        Re: Identity Theft Victim Notice to Cease Contact: Case #_________

    [If the collection agency has sent written notice, your case number is likely in the letter. If you have not received a written notice from the collection agency, tailor this line accordingly. For example, show the date you were contacted by the collection agency.]

        To [person whose name appears on agency's notice to you]:

        On [date] I was contacted by [name of person who called you] of your agency, who informed me that [name of collection agency] is attempting to collect [amount of claimed debt].


        On [date] I received a written notice of the claimed debt, a copy of which is attached.

        I am a victim of identity theft. The debt about which your agency contacted me is the result of fraud by someone who used my personal information without my knowledge or consent. I have enclosed a copy of the police report I filed when I learned of the crime. [Instead of the police report, the Federal Trade Commission identity theft affidavit can be provided.] Please provide me with any forms such as a fraud affidavit that your company will require me to fill out to have this account properly investigated as fraud [if the enclosed FTC Fraud Affidavit is not sufficient].

        I have enclosed the following documents to prove my claim of fraud:

            [List copies of any documents you enclose with the letter that prove your claim of identity theft. Such documents could be a copy of a police report, copy of your Federal Trade Commission's Fraud Affidavit, or correspondence between you and a credit bureau, a merchant, or a bank. Lease agreements and utility bills often help prove you were living somewhere other than where the account was established. Remember: Always send copies and not original documents.]

        This is to give you notice to cease all contact with me or anyone else about this claimed debt except the creditor or consumer reporting agency as necessary to clear my name. I understand that under state and federal law, you may only contact me one more time in order to confirm your receipt of this request.

        In addition, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives me the right to a copy of applications or other documents your agency has obtained as proof of the debt. Please forward copies of any such documents you now have or later obtain to me at the above address.

        I look forward to your acknowledgement that you have received this notice by [date that is two weeks from date of letter].



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