California Consumers:
On Hold for New Telemarketing "Do Not Call" List

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Posted January 10, 2002

Few things annoy consumers more than intrusive telemarketing calls ­- which always come at the wrong time. Thanks to a new law, consumers can sign up to be on a statewide "do not call" list.

Many Californians have read about the new law and are anxious to be on the list. However, the sign-up does not start until January of 2003. Then, for just $1.00, consumers can be included on the list for three years.

For more on the do-not-call list, see the Attorney Genera's site at

To learn what you can do NOW to cut down on telemarketing calls, read our telemarketing guide, Fact Sheet Number 5, "Telemarketing: What Ever Happened to a Quiet Evening at Home?" on our website at


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