False ads attempt to sway vote against California's Broadband Internet Privacy Act

A.B. 375 opponents are making false claims in ads stating that the bill will expose consumers to cyberattacks and hackers.   These ads are anonymous and are clearly trying to play to consumers’ fears surrounding the recent Equifax breach.   A.B. 375 puts individuals in more control of their information – plain and simple.  Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has advocated for strong data privacy protections for 25 years, and strongly supports A.B. 375 as a crucial bill to protect online privacy. 

“Industry’s anti-A.B. 375 ads are a blatant scare tactic,” said PRC Executive Director Beth Givens. “These false ads are a last-ditch effort to kill a bill that gives consumers the ability to protect their online privacy.” She added, “Industry wants to be able to sell data about the websites consumers visit to marketers and other third parties – without consent.  It’s high time consumers have a say.”

Take action by Friday, September 15th.

Call your state representatives ASAP to express your support.  A.B. 375 will go to a vote on September 15th, the final day the legislative session.

You can find your State Senate and Assembly representatives’ information at the California Legislature website.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) also has a helpful tool you can use to call your representatives.