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Submitted to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

The above mentioned website was known to be a reputable firm. Therefore, in seeking employment, I went to their website and found an employment position that appealed to me.

Submitted to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

The above mentioned website was known to be a reputable firm. Therefore, in seeking employment, I went to their website and found an employment position that appealed to me.

I submitted my resume and received a response from the employer who invited me to visit his website to learn about his company. After reviewing the company website,, I accepted the position as a USA representative. The HR director instructed me to sign the employment contract he emailed and to fax verification of my address and social security number.

My responsibility was to receive shipments from various technology companies in the United States and route them to their partners in Europe. At the end of the 30-day probationary period, I was to be paid $2000 and reimbursement of shipping costs.

Before the shipments started to arrive, I contacted for verification that the company was legitimate. They informed me that if an employer is posting on their website, it is legitimate.

I started receiving shipments. The company headquarters was in Latvia with a USA presence in Wilkes Barre, PA. The address where the shipments were going was in Rigas, Belarus.

At the end of the 30-day probation period, I did not receive compensation or reimbursement for shipping. I started an investigation by contacting the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and law enforcement in Latvia. It was determined that not only did this company not exist but the address had been used on other occasions to set up fake businesses.

I contacted my local police department and provided the detective with all the information still in my possession such as emails and shipping receipts. I also contacted and questioned their validation process of employers posting to their web site. After I provided the information to them, they refused to communicate with me about the situation.

Shortly afterwards, the shipments sent to Belarus were returned from Customs. Before turning the packages over to the detective, I looked in the packages and became very disturbed by what I found. There was a navigation system for boats. There was a laptop computer from Dell and a GPS and Sonar system that had the ability to map federal/state and interstate highways, coastal waterways, shorelines and key landmarks in the United States.

I researched the politics of Belarus (Voice of America) and determined they are not a friend of the United States. Once again I contacted but received no response. In addition to my financial loss, these people also have my social security number and address.

The local police tell me the matter is being investigated by the FBI and/or the Secret Service and at the least it could be an international credit card scam and the worst, it could be terrorist related.

I feel has put me and my family at risk. They only contacted the local police department after this was in the local news and their company name was mentioned.

The detective in my county tells me this is probably an international credit card scam possibly involving the Russian Mafia. I have been living in fear for two months.

I have pasted an email I sent to Latvia and the response to show how easy it would have been for this Internet company to validate the company.

Dear Sir:
My name is xx who is a citizen of the United States. The above named company advertised on an internet employment site for a USA representative. I applied for the position and signed a contract with them on September 12, 2002. I was supposed to receive payment after thirty days in my employment as a router. I sent pkgs for them to Minsk, Belarus. I have not been able to locate this company in Latvia. The address listed on their website: UVA Solutions, Palasta iela 10, Riga, LV-1050 Latvia. Their web address is

I have not been compensated for the work I performed for them or the cost of shipping to Minsk, Belarus. I contacted the FBI before initiating my employment with them in order to determine if what I was doing did not violate US laws. Can you advise if this is a company located in your jurisdiction before I contact your embassy here in the United States and advise what recourse I have to obtain funds due through the agreement I entered into with them. Also, will you advise if this is a company that is located in Riga as stated on their website. Thank you for your assistance.

Subj: Re: uva solutions
Date: 11/5/2002 7:32:12 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: xx
To: xx
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Madam, I hereby certify, that there in Latvia isn't registered company under such name, according Latvian Business register and Representatives register in Latvia, technically operated by company Lursoft. Also by searching by address Palasta 10- you mentioned, there is not corresponding company found. By the way- this address already used 4 times for fake business offers (we have recieved another requests from USA) in last month.
Yours, xx

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