New PRC Website!

Welcome to the new PRC Blog!

Here, we will be sharing our latest insights in privacy-related news and developments that affect consumers.  We will also give you updates on what PRC has in the works and how we are educating the community and advocating strong privacy rights and protections.  Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. 

We’ve added a revamped user interface and a much sleeker design, as well as a few new features.  It’s also mobile-friendly for browsing on phones and tablets.  Our ever-popular consumer guides (also known as fact sheets) have been moved to the “Learn” section, along with informative quick tips, videos, and infographics.  We will be updating and adding to this catalogue of resources to equip consumers with the information they need to protect their privacy rights.  Another popular resource that has received special attention is our constantly expanding Chronology of Data Breaches.  Search through our comprehensive database dating back to 2005 to research and learn about the world of data insecurity.  The complaint form, where consumers alert us to questionable privacy practices, has been redesigned with privacy and convenience in mind, now allowing for anonymous complaints.  Asking us questions online about privacy-related issues is now quick, simple, and the best way to get one-to-one assistance.  Just click the orange or blue button at the top of any page and you’re ready to get started!

We also would like to mention our new donation page.  Since 1992, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has been able to operate due to the generosity of people who share our passion for protecting the privacy rights of consumers.  We have big plans to increase our reach to people both locally and nationwide through new programs, content, and much more.  Be sure to stay connected with us to learn more about how you can help.

As much as we’d love to brag about all the improvements made to our site, it would probably be best to let you just experience it for yourself!  After exploring a bit, please consider letting us know what you think by taking a quick survey.  Be sure to check back here on our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our mailing list for more PRC news, insights and updates.