Three days remain to voice your support for California’s Broadband Internet Privacy Act

Do you live in California and care about online privacy?  If so, contact your representatives now to express your support for the California Broadband Internet Privacy Act, A.B. 375.

A.B. 375 restores important online privacy protections to Californians.

Earlier this year, Congress voted to repeal the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband privacy rules.  The FCC rules contained strong privacy protections, and A.B. 375 restores many of them to Californians.  A.B. 375 requires internet service providers to get your permission before they sell your information and prohibits them from making you to pay extra for your privacy.

Take action.

Call your state representatives ASAP.  A.B. 375 will go to a vote on September 15th, the final day the legislative session.

You can find your State Senate and Assembly representatives’ information at the California Legislature website.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) also has a helpful tool you can use to call your representatives. 

If you don’t live in California, you can still advocate for strong broadband privacy protections. A number of states have introduced privacy legislation in response to Congress’ actions earlier this year.  Contact your state representatives to express your support for broadband privacy rights.