Welcome to Our New Website!

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is pleased to welcome you to our re-designed website.  Our new site incorporates user-oriented features that make it easier for visitors to quickly find and share information.  We’ve also updated our widely popular privacy compilations, including our Online Information Brokers List and our nationally-recognized Chronology of Data Breaches

Some of the features of our new website:

  • Easier Topical Browsing

    Our new site will allow users to easily explore 17 major topics in privacy - including credit, debt collection, social security numbers, and privacy when you shop.  Just click on one of the links in the left hand panel under “Browse Privacy Topics.

    • More frequent updates

    Our privacy advocates will now be managing our website in-house, which will give us the ability to update our site more frequently and respond swiftly to breaking privacy issues.

    • Print or share with ease

    Our new website is designed to allow users to print articles with the click of a mouse, stay up to date with RSS feeds and easily share information through social media sites like Twitter.

    • Open-Source Software

    Like Whitehouse.gov, we've transitioned to a Drupal platform.  Drupal is open-source software maintained and developed by a worldwide community of users and developers.  Click here to read New Media Rights’ explanation of the benefits of open-source software.  

    • Privacy in the Digital Age

    While we may be transitioning to Web 2.0, we won't be compromising the privacy of our users.  Click here for our complete privacy policy.