The Credit Grantor Ignored Her

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July 1, 1999

Approximately four years ago I was a victim of true-name fraud where none of my own accounts were touched or anything was stolen from me. Someone just stole my personal information and started to open accounts under my name.

I found out when one of the companies called my current address (which was listed as my previous address) to notify me of my delinquency in payment. I explained to them that I had never opened an account with them, I had never been to any of their stores and the last time I was in the city that they said I opened the account in was when I was 14 years old. I told their fraud department that too.

I sent them a signed statement. Then they wanted a notarized statement so I sent them that. Then the wanted copies of my drivers license and my passport or social security card. After I would send each item they would demand more and more. I didn't want them to have copies of my drivers license or passport. I felt they were careless in letting anyone open an account in my name and I didn't feel safe giving my personal information to them. As to the identity of "my creditor" it was Goldsmith's Department Store in Memphis. I lived in another southern state at the time though I have now relocated to a state much farther away.

It took 3 years before they finally removed the negative rating they had placed on my credit. I couldn't buy a car or get a student loan and I was in school. I was considered guilty until proven innocent. Finally they removed it, but only because I called them for the 1000th time and lost it over the phone. Then they told me that they would take it off because they had been waiting for the receipts with "my" signature but they had destroyed those receipts over 1 year ago. So they had destroyed the evidence which would have cleared me but left the negative credit rating on.

Is there no was of fighting these companies against destroying your credit while you prove your innocence. I felt completely powerless and very angry that they refused to work with me. What should I have done?




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