An Identity Theft Victim's 17 y.o. Perpetrator Facing Judgement

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July 1, 2004

I am a recent victim of identity theft. A Sprint Cellular bill appeared at my home. A 17 year old from Maryland was able to obtain a Sprint phone and access number from another criminal. He randomly entered my Social Security number and was able to open an account. I was told by the Sprint Fraud person "why are you worried? Someone took me for $70,000, yours is only $230.00." That excellent customer service was a comfort within the hour of finding out I was a victim. I was told no one would want to pursue this small amount. If I had listened to authorities, I would have let it drop, waiting for the next attack. Instead, I obtained a copy of "my" statement after waiting 30 minutes in a local Sprint Store. When I returned home I found a copy of another person's Sprint contract with her signature and phone number. After tracking 352 calls by reverse look-up, I was able to compile a list that I forwarded to the Police. Thank Heavens there was one detective who was willing to help. The juvenile was apprehended after 6 weeks and now will face judgement.




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