Keys Takens, Car Stolen, Later Found with 50 SSNs

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May 1, 2004

3 men were in my house at which time I noticed, after the men left, that my entire key chain was missing. Two days later, my car was stolen and later located in Glendale, Arizona and is now stored at a facility in Phoenix. There was a crack pipe and 50 social security numbers and a catalog of many credit card scores and credit card numbers in my car when I begged someone to check for any of my personal items. I was shocked that the man at the storage facility was going to "throw them away". I contacted the detective in Glendale Arizona who has since retrieved the catalog and paperwork but she told me that they are "just victims" on the paperwork. Two detectives at my local police department are unable to trace the person(s) who have been using my various credit card numbers and obtaining a Sprint cellular phone with my name and all other information. They said there are "no records" of the 3 men in my house on 3/11/04. It is now 5/26/04 and the ID detective said "everything leads back to me and he will stop the investigation" after he contacts Wells Fargo as someone has been paying the Victoria Secret purchases from an account that is not mine.




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