Wireless Communications: Voice and Data Privacy

Fact Sheet 2Wireless Communications:
Voice and Data Privacy

Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring

Fact Sheet 7Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring

Employers want to be sure their employees are doing a good job, but employees don't want their every sneeze or trip to the water cooler logged. That's the essential conflict of workplace monitoring.

New technologies make it possible for employers to monitor many aspects of their employees' jobs, especially on telephones, computer terminals, through electronic and voice mail, and when employees are using the Internet. Such monitoring is virtually unregulated. Therefore, unless company policy specifically states otherwise (and even this is not assured), your employer may listen, watch and read most of your workplace communications.

Read our guide to learn more about workplace privacy issues.

Wiretapping and Eavesdropping on Telephone Calls

Fact Sheet 9Wiretapping and Eavesdropping on Telephone Calls
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