She Paid Her Dues...

September 1, 1995

Although her supervisor insists that the details of her case did not affect the decision to fire her, she is convinced that the indiscretion of the monitoring company's employee resulted in her losing her j

Unwanted Sexually Explicit Mai

September 1, 1995

The Postal Inspector was not aware that the Postal Service offers its customers a form to fill out that notifies the mailers to stop sending sexually explicit mail.

Wrongfully arrested and jailed

September 1, 1995

Carole went to a city office to take a civil service test. Two days later, two police officers came to her house and arrested her for stealing a car.

The Whole Family is Affected

September 1, 1995

A court ordered Bob to have a breath analyzer installed in the family car after being convicted of drunk driving. He can't drive and has had his license revoked. Every member of the household must breathe into the device. If alcohol above a certain level is detected, the driver is unable to start the car. Bob's wife Linda reports that many kinds of odors stop the car, not only alcohol.

Using Court Record Information for Marketing in the United States: It's Public Information, What's the Problem? (Gottlieb)

Your divorce was final last month and today you received a postcard from a local health club advertising a Ladies' Special membership. You have been thinking it is time for a "new you" and joining a health club would be a step in that direction. Is the postcard a coincidence, or good timing and smart marketing on the health club's part? It might not be a coincidence if you live in Ipswich, Massachusetts where the Probate and Family Court recently received a request from a local health club seeking the names and addresses of recently divorced women.

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