It Takes Time and Vigilance to Regain Your Good Name

March 1, 2002

In December 1999 I received a letter from Citifinancial stating I owed them $2500 for a purchase I made with their financial institution. This seemed odd to me and I thought it was just a misunderstanding and called the company to find out what the situation was. They first confirmed with me my social security number and it was definitely mine. So then I really didn't understand what happened, but they said they would take care of it and not to worry.

A Police Officer Speaks Out

July 1, 2001

I cannot speak for all of Law Enforcement regarding identity theft cases, but I have read a lot of your web site and it has a lot of good information for people to use when identity theft strikes. I was disappointed with some of the letters people wrote to you because as a Police Investigator whose only job is Fraud, I find it hard to believe that Police Officers will not help people.

The Lament of an Identity Theft Victim

July 1, 2001

I had been thinking about buying a cellular phone but someone beat me to the punch. This person set up an account using his name and paid two bills using my Visa/debit card number. I'm not sure how he got the number since there's only one card. I've heard a lot of theories in the last few days.

The Credit Grantors Facilitated the Identity Theft Crime

May 1, 2001

My name is Kathleen Z. (not the actual name), and I am a victim of identity theft. Recently, my wallet (including credit cards, driver's license, passport, and social security number) was stolen from my office. Within an hour, my credit cards were being used to buy pagers, car audio equipment, cigarettes, liquor, etc.

This Identity Thief Was Brought to Justice: The Victim's Restitution Letter to the Criminal's Probation Officer

November 1, 2000

Ms. _________ has not just violated federal law, but she has created substantial personal grief and inconvenience to me and my family since the problem of my identity theft first came to light in summer 1998. I am writing to explain some of the ways that her behavior has disrupted my life and cost me time and money. I am seeking restitution for these damages.

Testimony from Dallas, Texas: It All Started at the Supermarket

October 1, 2000

Security cameras showed the checker taking my wallet, and charging nearly $500 of groceries after I left the store. Despite my calling the police, no charges were filed against the individual because he not "steal" the wallet from my person. The wallet -containing my recently renewed Drivers License, MasterCard, ATM Card, parking card, business cards (with cellular and home numbers), and college ID card (with social security number on it) - was never recovered.

Verbal Testimony by Michelle Brown

July 1, 2000

My name is Michelle Brown. I am 29 years old and have been working in the disciplined field of international banking for the last 7 years. I am an ambitious and hard-working individual; I'm certain that I am much like any of your cousins, your nieces, your daughters. I believe that I strongly represent any average, respectable citizen of the United States. However, there is one clear-cut issue that separates me from nearly the rest of the population: I have lived and breathed the nightmare of identity theft.

Testimony and Press Conference Statement of Selene

June 27, 2000

I produced a documentary called "Stolen Identity: Crime of the Millennium" inspired by my own experience of having my identity stolen. The person who stole my identity did not know me. She did not know my age or mother's maiden name. She did not know my driver's license number. She did not even know what I looked like. (In fact, she changed all these statistics to match her own.) All this person knew who stole my identity was my social security number.

Her Mother Stole Her Identity

May 1, 2000

My mother stole my identity by applying for two Capital One credit card accounts in my name. She charged up the maximum amount on the two accounts and let them go delinquent. My experience with identity fraud is atypical. I paid off the accounts and did not press charges, because I did not want my mother to be arrested.

Legislative Testimony of John and Jane Doe

January 1, 2000

It was quite a shock to us when we suddenly found out that we had no credit. We were being accused of defaulting on loans, not making car payments, and overdue on credit card payments. We were suddenly being called by stores that we never heard of, banks demanding payment on cars or loans that we didn't have, collection agencies demanding that we pay immediately on some account we never heard of, or face legal action against us. Some of the creditors would even offer to settle the account for a reduced amount. Of course we would refuse.

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