Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust

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No Review
Date Breach Made Public: 
October 9, 2013
St. Paul , MN
United States
Minnesota US
Records Breached: 

3,000 (No Social Security numbers or financial information reported)

Breach Total Number: 
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

An employee working as a child support officer is accused of making more than 4,000 queries without legitimate cause in a driver and vehicle services database between 2010 and 2011.  Photographs, addresses, and driving records may have been exposed.

UPDATE (10/04/2013): A $2 million settlement has been proposed to end a class action lawsuit.  An insurance trust representing Minnesota counties will pay $500 to the named plaintiffs who initially brought the suit and those who had their information viewed for illegitimate purposes will receive a share of the money "based on the number of times they were illegitimately searched."