PRC in the News 2013

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December 2013 Use a Debit Card at Target? You Have More to Fear in Data Breach (12.19.13) A Battle Within the CPUC: Vote Set for Thursday on Cell Phone Privacy (12.04.13) Can Retailers Ask for ID With Your Credit Card?(12.02.13) How to Keep Gifts Bought Online Secret (12.02.13)

November 2013 New Law Requires All Public Agencies in California to Notify Residents Affected By a Security Breach (11.14.13) Privacy Groups Seek FTC Probe of Google, Yahoo for Exposing Data to NSA (11.13.13) Survey: Many Still Lax With Social Media Privacy(11.13.13) Trove of Adobe User Data Found on Web After Breach: Security Firm (11.07.13) Data Brokers' Colelction of Internet Activity Data Raises Privacy Issues (11.07.13) 123456 and Other Things That Shouldn't Be Your Password (11.05.13)

October 2013

The Sacramento Bee: Hannah-Beth Jackson, Advocates Tout Car Sale Ballot Push (10.30.13) Data Broker's Dealings With ID Thief Expose Lax Protections (10.24.13) Banks Not Obligated to Disclose Data Compromise to Card Customers (10.23.13) Consumer Reporting Agencies Tracking Your Every Move(10.21.13) Five Public Interest Groups Underscore Opposition to Settlement in Google Privacy Suit (10.16.13) Brown Wades into Online Privacy Dispute (10.16.13) Enhance Privacy By Being Deliberately Inaccurate (10.10.13)

September 2013 Medical Records Abandoned at Edgewater Medical Center Pose Security Risk (09.19.13) Facebook Privacy Changes: FTC Steps In(09.12.13) Online Data Brokers Know You -- Surprisingly Well(09.06.13) Are Consumers in the Dark When It Comes to Stolen Personal Information? (09.06.13) Google's $8.5M Data Privacy Dodge (09.06.13) Privacy Groups Outline Flaws in Google Settlement(09.04.13) Free Phone Apps May Come at a Price (09.01.13)

August 2013 Developers of Fitness Apps Could Sell Personal Information to Advertisers (08.28.13) Rumor: Supermarket Reward Cards Pose Privacy Risk(08.24.13) CVS Thinks $50 Is Enough Reward for Giving Up Healthcare Privacy (08.24.13) Personal Data of 4M Patients at Risk After Advocate Burglary (08.23.13) Medical Apps Offer Cheaper, More Accessible Care - and Privacy Issues (08.22.13) Privacy Groups Seek to Scuttle Google's $8.5 Million Data-Leakage Settlement (08.22.13) How to Respond to a Data-Breach Notification(08.20.13) CVS Asks Customers to Sign Away Medical Privacy Rights for $50 (08.16.13) McDonald Hopkins Submits Statement for the Record to a Congressional Committee Regarding State Data Breach Notification Laws(08.08.13) Why Physicians Should Consider Patients' Privacy Before Recommending Health, Fitness Apps (08.06.13)

July 2013 The Privacy Risks of Some Health and Fitness Apps - Audio Clip (07.18.13) The Privacy Risks of Some Health and Fitness Apps (07.18.13) How Private is Data on Health and Fitness Apps?(07.18.13) Study: Popular Mobile Health Apps Pose Consumer Privacy Risks (07.18.13) Protecting Consumers, Preventing ID Theft (07.17.13) Research on Privacy Risks of Health/Fitness Apps (07.16.13) Privacy Advocates Call Out Mobile Health Developers for "Abysmal" Security Protections (07.16.13) Weigh Loss of Privacy Against Benefit of Health Apps, Group Says (07.16.13) Junk Mail: There Ought to Be a Law! (07.15.13) How to Prevent Online Identity Theft(07.08.13)

June 2013 Parents: Look for Privacy Red Flags With App Downloads (06.24.13) Simple Ways to Enhance Your Intenret Privacy (06.21.13)

Washington Post: Privacy? There's No Such Thing on The Road(06.20.13)

Information Security Breaches & The Law: The State of the State: U.S. Government Data Breaches (06.08.13)

May 2013 Electronic Medical Records Can Allow More People Access to Your Private Health Information (05.23.13)

BloombergBNA: Incentives Watch: With Data Breaches on the Rise, Maryland Offers Tax Credit for Investing in Cybersecurity Industry(05.15.13) Data Breach Protection Requires New Barriers (05.01.13)

April 2013 Meet The Stalkers (04.25.13) What Your Zip Code Reveals About You (04.18.13) What If Your Boss Tracked Your Sleep, Diet, and Exercise?(04.17.13) What Privacy Rights Do I Have in The Workplace(04.08.13) Your ZIP Code is Your Business (04.05.13) Nearly 200 Have Called UF So Far About Possible Identity Theft (04.04.13) EFF Presses for Update to California Privacy Law (04.03.13)

FTC Issues Warning Letter to Tenant Screening Companies: PRC's Assistance Acknowledged (04.03.2013) What Stores Are Using Your ZIP Code For (04.01.13)

March 2013

TheSaltLakeTribune: Advocate: Use Caution When Disclosing ZIP Codes at Checkout (03.26.13) Online Con Artists Prey on Unsuspecting Jobseekers(03.22.12) Your Zip Code: When to Share and When Not to Share(03.21.13) Higher Ed Data Breaches at Near-Record High in 2012 (03.21.13) Here's Why You Might Want to Stop Giving Out Your Zip Code to Stores (03.20.13) Should You Tell Stores Your Zip Code? Privacy Advocates Say No (03.19.13) Call For Screening of Healthcare Enrollers Meets Resistance(03.18.13) Latina Cubicle Confidential - Manage Your Privacy At Work - Carefully (03.15.13) Big Data: The Greater Good Or Invasion of Privacy(03.12.13) Gun-Permit Map Spurs New Laws to Curb Information(03.11.13) Who's Following You? (03.10.13) States Seek Ban to Employers' Social-Media Snooping(03.07.13) Fake Tax Returns Spotted in S.C.; Hacker to Blame?(03.06.13) Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance: Trade Your Privacy For A Price Break? (03.02.13) Assemblymember Lowenthal Introduces Bill To Strengthen Privacy Safeguards (03.01.13) Driver's License Info Accessed By State-Employed Snoops (03.01.13)

February 2013 The End of Privacy (02.27.13) Undocumented Immigrant Credit Cards: Oakland Introduces Landmark New Program (02.26.13) We Need Better Notification Laws (02.22.13) Outfox The Debt Collector's Hounds (02.19.13) Is Wearable Tech Like Apple's IWatch The Next Big Trend?(02.18.13) Tips On Handling A Debt Collector (02.15.13) Area Firms Use Evolving Technology To Stay Ahead of Hackers(02.12.13) Push This Browser Button, Pay Less (02.05.13) The 2013 Privacy Forecast (02.01.13)

January 2013 Debit ID Raises Concern of Fraud (01.31.13) Your Employer May Share Your Salary, and Equifax Might Sell That Data (01.30.13) How to Keep Data Private (01.28.13) 10 Tips For Protecting Your Privacy (01.28.13) HP, eBay and Intuit Praised for Protecting Privacy, But Survey Finds Consumers Fear for Their Personal Information (01.28.13) This Year, Why Not Take Your Data Seriously? (01.23.13) The 2013 Privacy Forecast (01.18.13) Protect Your Smartphone, Heads Up! (01.11.13) HHS Investigates Alleged Kaiser Permanente Privacy Breach (01.08.13) California Officials Investigate Whether Kaiser Violated Patient Privacy Laws (01.08.13)

LA Times: Vast Cache of Kaiser Patient Details Was Kept in Private Home(01.05.13) Emerging Way to Foil Hackers: Keep Data Encrypted While in Use(01.04.13)

NextAvenue: Best Ways To Save Money and Stay Safe in 2013 (01.02.13)