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Privacy Organizations & Issues

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
ACLU Safe and Free Project
Anti-terrorism responses of US Govt
American Library Association (ALA)
Applied Autonomy
Map of Surveillance Cameras in Manhattan, NY
Auto-ID RFID product tracking
Micro-chips in consumer products
Accredited Business Seal Program
Bloggers, a Legal Guide
Includes Workplace Guidelines

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Californians Against Telemarketing Solicitation
Robert Arkow
California Office of Privacy Protection
Call for Action
Camera Watch SOS 
Carnegie Mellon University
Canadian Privacy Information
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
Industry Canada's PrivacyTown
inoca- bc.nsf/en/ca01304e.html
Information and Privacy Commissioner-Ontario
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Professor Michael Geist, Univ. of Ottawa
Travel screening by US govt
cat_ privacy _ and_travel.html
Anti-supermarket club cards
Center of Digital Democracy
Center for Public Integrity
DOJ's "confidential" Patriot Act II
Chilling Effects Project
John Doe cases, 1st Amendment
Citizens' Council on Health Care
Twila Brase
Roger Clarke's Dataveillance and Information Privacy Pages
Roger Clarke's Annotated Bibliography
Computers, Freedom & Privacy 2009 conference
Consumer Privacy Guide
Get Netwise and other organizations
Consumer Web Watch
Consumers Union
Consumer World
Edgar Dworsky
Karen Coyle's Writings on the Net, Privacy and Libraries
CPSR, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Credit Reports, Free Annually
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Bloggers, a Legal Guide
Includes Workplace Guidelines
American Health Info. Community (AHIC)
Electronic Health Records
US Dept of Health & Human Services IT page
Electronic Health Records<
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools
Fact Squad
Clearinghouse for unbiased info on technical, societal, & legal aspects of our technology age
Fairfax Co. (VA) Privacy Council
Mike Stollenwerk
File-Swapping Subpoena Information
For those targeted by RIAA
Financial Privacy Now
Consumers Union
Free Annual Credit Reports
Gene Forum (Oregon)
Genetic Alliance
Genetics & Public Policy Center
GeneWatch UK
Genetics Laws - National Human Genome Research Institute
John Gilmore lawsuit against US Government
Regarding airline travel ID requirement
Google Watch Daniel Brandt
Edward Hasbrouck's
Travel Privacy Blog
Health Privacy Project
Consumers Union & PIRG
ID Theft Model State Law
ID Theft Site, University of Michigan
Mari Frank, Attorney and Privacy Consultant.
Author of From Victim to Victor and Safeguard Your Identity
Identity Theft Resource Center
Provides information and one-on-one assistance to victims of identity theft
Immunization Registry Opponents (PROVE)
Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education
International Association of Privacy Professionals
IP Justice -- Intellectual Property
Robin Gross
ISPI Clips - Privacy News Service
Institute for the Study of Privacy Issues (ISPI)
Jason Catlett
Junk Faxes
Fighting unsolicited faxes
Meyda Online
J.D. Abolins
Minnesota's Information Policy Analysis Division
Department of Administration
Mortgage Fraud Prevention Tips
National Notary Assoc. and FBI
Nat'l Health Information Network
See also Electronic Health Records
National Workrights Institute
National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)
New Media Rights
Online Fraud Guide (FTC)
Passport Requirements-
RFID and Biometrics,
Privacy International

Position statement in opposition:
terrorism/rpt/ icaopressrelease.html
Patient Privacy Rights
Patriot Act reform
People for Internet Responsibility -- PFIR
Nonpartisan network re: Internet development, including privacy issues
Prevention Tips
IRG Consumer Blog
Postal Services Issues
Privacy2000 Web Portal
Privacy Innovation Awards, IAPP
Privacy Activism
Privacy and American Business
Privacy Exchange
Privacy & American Business
Privacy Forum
Lauren Weinstein
Privacy Foundation
Privacy Foundation, University of Denver
Privacy International
Simon Davies
Privacy Knowledge Base
Legislation and laws in US and Internationally
Privacy News, Info & Action
(EPIC & Privacy Intl)
Privacy Officers Association
International Association of Privacy Professionals
Privacy Place
North Carolina State University
Privacy Revolution
American Library Association
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Beth Givens
Privacy Surveys, Summary & Index
P. Kumaraguru & L. F. Cranor of CMU Summary of A. Westin's 30+ surveys
Privacytown (Canada) Consumer Privacy Guide
Private Citizen
Robert Bulmash
Public Records-->Opponent of public records on the Internet
The Virginia Watchdog -- site of BJ Ostergre
REAL ID Bill in Congress
Opponents' Resources

RFID and Biometrics
Passport Requirements

Position statement in
RFID Today Blog
Sally Bacchetta
RFID Viruses and Worms
VU University Amsterdam
RFID web site of CASPIAN
Katherine Albrecht
RISKS Forum Newsgroup
Dr. Peter G. Neumann
Social Networking & Privacy
Duncan Work
Spam Laws
Federal Trade Commission
Violations to CAN-SPAM Act
Katherine Albrecht
SpyWare Removal Tools
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
Free spyware defender program
PC PitStop
Free virus and spyware scans
Spybot Software
Free Adware/Privacy Cleaning Software
Spyware Removal Utility
Ad-aware by Lavasoft
SpyWare Center
SpyWare Resources
Badware Busters
Consumers Union
Anti-Spware Coalition
CDT & coalition members
OnGuard, Online
Federal Trade Commission
PC Hell
Spyware Removal Help
Directory of Spyware Software
Onine Guide to Spyware Software
Spyware and Hijackware Removal
Supermarket Club Cards Opponent -- CASPIAN
Supermarket Club Cards Opponent -- NoCards
Surveillance on Surveillance (SOS)
Camera Watch, Carnegie Mellon University
Data and Bar Code Awareness Project
Telemarketing--FTC Do Not Call Registry
Terrorist Attack Responses
Responses of Civil Liberties and Privacy Groups to Government Proposals
www.eff.orgWiretap Bill Analysis
Terrorist Attack Responses
Possible Fraud Schemes
Terrorist Attack Responses
Center for Public Integrity, Copy of Patriot Act II
Travel Data Privacy
Edward Hasbrouck
Web Seal Program
Video Surveillance Cameras / ACLU N. Calif. Office
Under the Watchful Eye Report
Search for 'Watchful Eye'
Video Surveillance Cameras in NYC
Applied Autonomy
Video Surveillance Overview
Privacy International
Virginia Watchdog - BJ Ostergren
Opponent of public records on the Internet
Voter Privacy
California Voter Foundation
Voter Resources
Project Vote-Smart
Voting Machines & Verification
World Privacy Forum
Pam Dixon


Privacy Media

Access Reports
Harry Hammit
Privacy Journal
Robert Ellis Smith
Privacy Piracy Radio Show
Mari Frank, Esq., & Lloyd Boshaw
Privacy Times
Evan Hendricks
US News & World Report
Privacy page
Washington Post
Privacy Stories
technology/specials/ privacy/
Washington Post
Robert O'Harrow
business/specials/ privacy/robertoharrow/
Wired News
Privacy Stories
Privacy pages


Privacy Blogs

Consumer Federation of California
Privacy Revolt
The Dunning Letter
Jack Dunning
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Deep Links-Noteworthy News from Around the Net
Ephemeral Law Blog
Information Security & Data Privacy
William Morris
numbrX Security Beat
Provides online record & discussion of security breaches
PIPEDA and Canadian Privacy Law
David Fraser, Esq.
Politics of Privacy
Prof. Andreas Busch
University of Oxford, UK
The Practical Nomad
Edward Hasbrouck's Travel and Passenger Screening Blog
Privacy and Security Law Blog
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Privacy Spot
Hughes and Luce
RFID Gazette
RFID Today
Sally Bacchetta
Bruce Schneier's
Web & Blog on Security
Ryan Singel's Secondary Screening
Anti-terrorism, Privacy and Data Mining
Concurring Opinions
Daniel Solove, Esq.,
Georgetown University Law School, Assoc. Prof.
Michael Zimmer's
Technology Blog


Privacy Resources in Academia (Universities and Colleges)


Anonymity Project
University of Ottawa & collaborators
Assistant Prof. Acquisti
Carnegie Mellon University
economics -privacy.htm
Prof. Colin Bennett
University of Victoria, Political Science Dept.
Prof. Andreas Busch
University of Oxford, UK
Camera Watch SOS
Carnegie Mellon University
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
University of Ottawa, Canada
Carnegie Mellon University-  
Prof. Mary Culnan
Bentley College
Prof. Michael Geist
University of Ottawa, Canada
Prof. Dorothy Glancy
Santa Clara University School of Law
ID Theft, University of Michigan Site
John Marshall Law School
Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law
Prof. Jerry Kang
University of California Los Angeles
School of Law
Prof.David Linowes' "Workplace Privacy"
(archival holdings)
University of Illinois
Prof. David Lyon
Queen's University, Dept. of Sociology
Gary Marx
MIT Prof Emeritus of Sociology
North Carolina State University
The Privacy Place
Prof. Joy Pritts
Georgetown University Health Policy Institute
Prof. Joel Reidenberg
Fordham University School of Law
RFID and Privacy
RFID Guardian Project
Faculty of Science
Vrije Universiteit
Prof. Paul Schwarz
University of California School of Law, Boalt Hall
Prof. Daniel Solove
George Washington University Law School
Prof. Valerie Steeves
University of Ottawa
Prof. Latanya Sweeney
Carnegie Mellon University
Prof. Peter Swire
Moritz College of Law,
Ohio State University
SSN Usage Policy (Social Security Nos)
University of Illinois
SSN Usage Policy
University of Michigan
Prof. Jonathan Zittrain
Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School


General Consumer Site Links Consumer Advocacy/Information
Banking Laws and Regulations
Federal Reserve Board
Better Business Bureau
Provides Reports on Companies and a Reverse Phone Number Look Up
Canadian Consumer Protection Info
Industry Canada
Consumer Action
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Federation of California
Consumers International
Consumer World
Edgar Dworsky
Consumers Union
Domain White Pages
Provides Contact Info. for Web Sites Registrants
Domestic Violence Hotlines and Resources
State and National Listings
Feminist Majority Foundation
Federal Citizen Information Center
2006 Consumer Action Handbook
Federal Citizen Information Center
State and Local Consumer Protection Agencies
Federal Citizen Information Center
State Public Utility Regulators
Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights
Minnesota's Information Policy Analysis Division
Department of Administration
National Assoc. of Attorney Generals
State Attorney General Listing
National Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners
State Insurance Dept. Web Sites
National Information Center
Locate Banks and its Fed. or State Regulator
(Click Institution Search in Upper Left)
Office of Thrift Supervision
Institution Directory
OnGuard, Online
Federal Trade Commission
Starting Page
Urban Legends Reference Pages


Consumer Laws

Laws for All 50 States  
U.S. Code
Legal Information Institute
Federal Laws
Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Regulations
State Statutes and Codes-  
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
U.S. Courts of Appeal (9th Circuit) decisions
California Supreme Court and
Courts of Appeal decisions
Cyber-Stalking Laws-
Nat'l Conference of State Legislators
Debt Collection-
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Electronic Solicitation of Minors-
Nat'l Conference of State Legislators
Genetic Laws-
Nat'l Conference of State Legislatures
Identity Theft  
Internet Filtering- (Schools/Libraries)
Nat'l Conference of State Legislators
Internet Privacy-
Nat'l Conference of State Legislators
Merchant Laws-
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Minnesota's Information Policy Analysis Division
Department of Administration
New Jersey's Credit Freeze Law
Open Records State Laws
Reporters Comm. for Freedom of the Press /index.cgi?
State Laws
Cornell University Legal Info Institute
Taping Conversations-
Reporters Comm. for Freedom of the Press
Taking Photographs-
Reporters Comm. for Freedom of the Press
Laws California-Specific  
Official Site California Laws
CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs' Legal Guide
CA Tenants Rights
CA Office of Privacy Protection


Links to Other Legal and Legislative Resources

Federal Legislation:  
THOMAS site for Federal Legislation
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senators senators_cfm.cfm
California Legislation:  
California privacy bills, current legislative session
Calif. Privacy Laws
Official California Legislative Information
Legislation in Other States:  
National Conference of State Legislators
Other Legal Resources:  
California State Bar Assoc.
Attorney Search
National Assoc. of Consumer Advocates (NACA)
Attorney Referral Listing
National Employment Lawyers Assoc. (NELA)
Attorney Referral Listing, Upper
Left Corner
State Bar Associations