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August 2015

Data Breaches by the Numbers (8.31.15)

Homeowner Insurance: Your Credit Score May Raise the Premium (8.26.15)

Who else has accessed your medical data? (8.21.15)

Colleges, K-12 schools are information-rich targets for hackers (8.20.15)

IRS: Breach affected 2x as many taxpayers as expected (8.18.15)

How, when to get your file from specialized reporting agencies (8.4.15)

Today's world feeds cybercrime (8.2.15)

July 2015

Your Personal Medical Information Is Twice As Likely To Be Hacked As Financial Data (7.30.15)

Does Facial Recognition Trump Privacy? (7.29.15)

Should We All Smash Our Old Cellphones? (7.28.15)

What documents to shred, what to keep (7.27.15)

Put an End to Junk Mail (7.22.15)

Mistakes on insurance reports lead to massive price increase (7.22.15)

FTC Comments on Life Lock Deception Claims (7.22.15)

LifeLock Accused of Violating U.S. Settlement Over Deception (7.21.15)

Identity theft victims: You might know the culprit (7.21.15)

Army National Guard Confirms Breach (7.16.15)

States Write Congress on Data Breaches (7.9.15)
6 things to know before buying identity-theft protection (7.8.15)

Are You Ever Really Required to Show ID With a Credit Card? (7.3.15)

Harvard Reveals It Had An IT Breach In June Impacting 8 Colleges And Administrations (7.1.15)

June 2015

6 ways to safeguard cards when shopping electronically (6.22.15)

Largest cyber attack in history? Huckabee claims it’s OPM, but it’s probably not (6.16.15)

Security Defenses Are No Match for Cyber-Crooks (6.12.15)

Who is Gathering Your Personal Information? (6.11.15)

‘Wounded Warrior’ Charity Fights—To Get Rich (6.8.15)

Personnel files found in trash bin outside YMCA in Baldwin (6.8.15)

May 2015

Got Your Number: Cyber-attacks Make Us Rethink the Idea of Social Security Numbers (5.28.15)

IRS breach: What taxpayers should do now (5.27.15)

Americans Value Digital Privacy, Don't Protect It (5.26.15)

Cyberattack affects 1.1 million CareFirst customers (5.20.15)

Tax Documents: What to Shred, and What to Keep (5.8.15)

The burgeoning business of identity protection (5.6.15)

Bill would let companies secretly record some phone calls (5.6.15)

7 Types of ‘Insurance’ That Are a Waste of Money (5.6.15)

How employers tracking your health can cross the line and become Big Brother (5.1.15)

Cyber-Crooks Could Crack Your Nest Egg (5.1.15)

April 2015

Connected devices and your privacy (4.30.15)

We're Entering a Dangerous Era Where Companies Offer Discounts for Your Most Private Info (4.30.15)

Consumers deserve more access to free credit reports, scores (4.22.15)

Hackers Target Health Care and Higher Education (4.20.15)

How Much Do You Know About Data Privacy? Test Yourself (4.19.15)

Disability leave: Is it part of your public records? (4.17.15)

How Hackers Can Cash In on Your Online Payday Loans (4.15.15)

Is Congress taking wrong direction on data privacy? (4.16.15)

8 ways you didn’t know hackers could steal your identity (4.7.15)

March 2015

9 Cheap Ways to Guard Your Personal Data (3.30.15)

E-file fraud: Identity thieves filing taxes to steal refund (3.27.15)

Is insuring your identity against fraud worth it? (3.23.15)

GM to launch Teen Driver system on '16 Chevy Malibu (3.22.15)

Consumer groups say Anthem's identity protection plan leaves nearly 80 million victims vulnerable (3.19.15)

These Are the Only Data Breaches You Really Need to Worry About (3.18.15)

What to do if your doctor asks for your Social Security number (3.13.15)

Feds Say Tax Fraud Rises From the Dead (3.12.15)

Zombies in the Workplace? No, Just Fraud (3.11.15)

Is Using Tax Software Safer Than Doing Your Taxes Online? (3.11.15)

Medicare Card of Little Help in Safeguarding Identity (3.8.15)

69,000 Oregonians Hit by Health Data Breaches (3.6.15)

Is Insuring Your Identity Against Fraud Worth It? (3.3.15)

Falling Fraud Rates Don't Bode Well for Consumers (3.3.15)

February 2015

White House Proposes Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (2.27.15)

FAQs About The Anthem Breach (2.13.15)

Pros and Cons of Freezing Your Credit After A Hacking Attack (2.11.15)

Why You Shouldn't Give Your Doctor Your Social Security Number (2.10.15)

Anthem Hacking Points to Security Vulnerability of Health Care Industry (2.6.15)

Massive Data Breach Spawns Scams (2.6.15)

TurboTax Halts e-filing of State Tax Forms Over Fraud Fears (2.6.15)

How Credit Agencies Make It Harder to Know You've Been Hacked (2.6.15)

Anthem Health Insurance Hackers Selling Customers Personal Details for Millions of Dollars (2.6.15)

Anthem Victims' First Hack Symptom: Phishing Scams (2.6.15)

Wall Street's Reaction to Anthem Data Breach: Ho-Hum (2.5.15)

Experts Suspect Lax Security Left Anthem Vulnerable to Hackers (2.5.15)

Protecting Yourself From the Consequences of Anthem’s Data Breach (2.5.15)

Anthem Hack: Could The Insurer Have Prevented It? (2.5.15)

Anthem Hack Exposes Data on 80 Million; Experts Warn of Identity Theft (2.5.15)

80 Million Customers and Workers' Info Obtained in Health Insurer Hack (2.5.15)

Here’s Why Your Social Security Number Is Holy Grail for Hackers (2.5.15)

Anthem Health Insurance Was Just Hacked. Here’s What Customers Need to Know (2.5.15)

Beware of Tax-Season Thieves (2.5.15)

January 2015

Credit Cards Offer Far Less Privacy Than You Think (1.30.15)

Happy 'Data Privacy Day,' Now Lock Your Cellphone (1.28.15)

ID Thieves Stealing Tax Refunds Still a Big Problem, IRS Says (1.26.15)

5 Ways to Outsmart Cyberthieves and Protect Your Credit (1.20.15)

5 Colleges With Data Breaches Larger Than Sony's in 2014 (1.15.15)

You Already Have Fraud Protection Tools That Are Better Than the Ones Obama Proposed (1.13.15)

Job Candidate Background Checks Are Extensive; Breach Indicates Maybe They Should Be (1.9.15)

IBM Study Shows Fewer, But More Efficient, Cyber Attacks in 2014 (1.6.15)

Data Suggests We Should Be More Worried About Medical Breaches (1.5.15)

Background Checks: What Employers Can Find Out About You (1.5.15)

How Morgan Stanley Clients Can Protect Themselves (1.5.15)

Your Personal Data, Up for Grabs (1.5.15)

December 2014

Smart Tips for Dealing With Smart Devices and Your Data (12.26.14)

LexisNexis Report a Clue to How Insurers Size You Up (12.18.14)

CLUE Report: The "Secret" Report That Affects What You Pay for Insurance (12.15.14)

Spending Smart: Choose Your Payment Methods Wisely for Holiday Shopping (12.13.14)

4 Worst Government Data Breaches Of 2014 (12.11.14)

What to Do If Your Social Security Number Was Leaked like Sylvester Stallone’s (12.5.14)

Personal Finance: Best Ways to Pay for Holiday Shopping (12.3.14)

The Catastrophic State of Security in 2014 (12.2.14)

November 2014

Guard Your Payment Info for The Holidays (11.30.14)

An Uber Breakup: Users Can Cancel Their Accounts, But Not Their Data (11.25.14)

Choose Your Payment Methods Wisely for Holiday Shopping (11.21.14)

PCs Are Where the Security Breaches Happen (11.21.14)

Keep Your Credit and Debit Cards Safe (11.20.14)

Doxxing Defense: Remove Your Personal Info From Data Brokers (11.20.14)

US Agencies Struggle vs. Cyberattacks (11.10.14)

Holiday Card Fraud Feared This Season (11.2.14)

October 2014

18.5M Californians Lose Data to Hackers (10.29.14)

Cash, Credit or Debit? Retail Hacks Force 'Freaked Out' Holiday Shoppers to Rethink (10.25.14)

Rule Makes Privacy Statements More Meaningful (10.21.14)

Which Big Retailer Hasn't Reported a Major Breach -- Yet? (10.21.14)

Kmart Credit Card Breach: If We Don't Pay, Why Should We Care? (10.13.14)

Meet the Identity Thief: How Much Is He Costing You, Personally? (10.11.14)

Banks in U.S. Moving to Chip-Based Debit and Credit Cards (10.7.14)

Radio interview with Beth Givens on “Privacy Piracy” at (10.6.14)

Annual Privacy Statements Let You Opt Out of Info Sharing (10.2.14)

Securing the Internet of Things (10.1.14)

Cedars-Sinai Says Number of Patient Files in Data Breach Much Higher (10.1.14)

September 2014

Acme Grocery Chain Discloses Data Breach (9.30.14)

FAA Allowing Local Company's Drones to Take Off (9.25.14)

Data Breaches, Heads Up! (9.22.14)

Our Online IDs Deserve Better Security (9.22.14)

Teen Tracking Apps: Good Parenting or Risky? (9.18.14)

6 Ways to Outsmart Data Brokers (9.16.14)

The End of Signatures at the Checkout Counter (9.10.14)

Cyber Attack Hits San Diego Hotel Chain (9.9.14)

As Apple Moves into Health Apps, What Happens to Privacy? (9.9.14)

Study: Less Than A Third of Popular Health Apps Have Privacy Policies (9.8.14)

Apple Clamps Down on Apps Selling Health Data to Advertisers Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch (9.3.14)

August 2014

Will Drones Ever Mind Their Own Business? (8.29.14)

Chart: The Biggest Data Breaches in U.S. History (8.26.14)

Why Credit Monitoring Will Not Help You After a Data Breach (8.15.14)

Health Care Companies Turn to 'Big Data' (8.14.14)

More Credit Agencies Than ‘Big 3’ (8.14.14)

A Billion Passwords Have Been Stolen. Here’s What to Do Now (8.6.14)

Your Cat Photos Might Tell Where You Live (8.3.14)

What's Your Identity Theft IQ? (8.3.14)

July 2014

Health Products Like Wristband Monitors Prompt Privacy Worries (7.27.14)

The Truth About Product Registration Cards (7.23.14)

Consumer Protection Bureau Goes All Yelp (7.18.14)

Is My Prescription Information Private?

How to Spot Identity Theft (7.15.14)

Orlando Entrepreneur's 'iCloak' Gadget Aims to Boost Internet Privacy (7.11.14)

Does Your State Protect You from Prying Employers? (7.9.14)

4.6 Million Medical Records Exposed In California In Last Five Years (7.9.14)

Password Protected: States Pass Anti-Snooping Laws (7.8.14)

Do Predictive Scores Violate Your Privacy? (7.2.2014)

June 2014

Online Medical Records Increase Privacy Risks (6.30.14)

In-Car Sensors Put Insurers In The Driver's Seat (6.27.14)

Privacy Risk Rises With Push for Online Medical Records (6.21.14)

U.S. Military, Vets Often ID-theft Targets (6.19.14)

What Workplace Privacy Will Look Like In 10 Years (6.19.14)

Amazon Ups Its Game With Smartphone (6.18.14)

P.F. Chang’s Probes Customer Data Theft (6.13.14)

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Reports Data Leak (6.12.14)

Protect Yourself From Being a Hacker’s Easy Target (6.12.14)

Facebook to Track Users’ Browser History for Ads (6.12.14)

Hackers and Identity Thieves Are Everywhere. Here’s Your Best Defense (6.10.14)

8 Numbers Identity Thieves Want to Steal From You (6.10.14)

Are Stores Allowed to Scan Your License? (6.10.14)

7 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online (6.5.2014)

Wells-Goodfellow "Hot Spot" Pays Dividends (6.5.2014)

May 2014

FTC calls for data broker regulation (5.28.2014)

Privacy, Bitcoin and Soundcloud’s role in the election (5.27.2014)

EBay Demonstrates How Not to Respond to a Huge Data Breach (5.23.2014)

Target Debacle Ignites Capitol Fight Over High-Tech Credit Cards (5.23.2014)

AG Releases Web Privacy Guidelines (5.21.2014)

A New Way To Track Your Card Activity (5.21.2014)

In the Next Big Data Breach, Crowdsourcing Could Find the Culprits (5.20.2014)

No Device Is Safe From Verizon's Enhanced Program Tracking Your Every Online Move (5.8.2014)

April 2014

Verizon Relevant Mobile Advertising Program Outrages Privacy Advocates (4.28.2014)

Verizon watching you night and day and then selling you out (4.27.2014)

Verizon to monitor wireless devices, computers and share data with advertisers (4.25.2014)

Verizon Wireless to Expose Customers' Browsing to Advertisers (4.26.2014)

Verizon Wireless Sells Out Customers With Creepy New Tactic (4.24.2014)

Remote Control for Your Credit Card Protects You From Theft (4.24.2014)

Walgreens Store Redesign Raises Privacy Concerns (4.22.2014)

App Makes It Easier to Spot and Dispute Questionable Payment Transactions (4.17.2014)

The Tax Authorities (4.16.2014)

One Day in San Diego-Beth Givens (4.10.2014)

New Bill Aims to Protect Californians From Data Breaches (4.9.2014)

When Computers Can Read You Like A Book (4.9.2014)

Government Moves Could Force Data Breach Confessions (4.7.2014)

Businesses Face Rising Political Pressure From Data Breaches (4.4.2014)

Making retailers liable for damages from hacking (4.6.2014)

Banks Are Warned About ATM Hacks (4.3.2014)


March 2014

Things That You Must Never Reveal On Facebook: Breakthrough Research on How To Conduct Your Socializing (3.30.2014)

Jackpot: Target Data-Theft Victims Become a Credit Agency Gold Mine (3.26.2014)

Patagonia Privacy Class Action Filed (3.26.2014)

Consumers Don't Trust Organizations to Protect Data (3.26.2014)

Corporate credit report rules (3.22.2014)

Hacking Incidents Prompt Universities To Rethink Balance of Openness, Security (3.21.14)

How to report credit 723 (3.18.2014)

Data Breaches Common at Universities, Other Educational Institutions (3.14.2014)

Higher Education Sector Needs Better Data Protection Management (3.6.2014)

Data Breaches Common at Universities, Other Educational Institutions (3.1.2014)

February 2014

Data Breaches Common At Universities, Other Educational Institutions (2.28.2014)

More than 309,000 identities exposed in University of Maryland cyberattack (2.20.2014)

Cybertattack Exposes More Than 309,000 University of Maryland Identities (2.20.2014)

More than 309000 identities unprotected in University of Maryland cyberattack (2.20.2014)

Security Breach at Maryland University Exposes 300,000 Personal Records (2.20.2014)

U-Md. computer security attack exposes 300,000 records (2.19.2014)

ID-theft protection (2.16.2014)

Target lawsuits: Do they have a case? (2.11.2014)

January 2014

Tell Mel: Target was tactless with its apology (1.25.2014)

Paper or email? Pros and cons of digital receipts (1.23.2014)

Your Money- What Target knows about you (1.23.2014)

Cassidy: Target hack signals that the privacy war is ove

r- and we lost (1.20.2014)

After Target breach, big data needs a reset (1.18.2014)

Breaches of personal data a daily occurence (1.17.2014)

Answering questions on Target, health coverage and top 1% (1.17.2013)

Woman's debit card suspended due to Target breach (1.14.2014)

REFILE-COLUMM-What Target customers should know about identity theft protection (1.14.2014)

To Regain Trust, Target Must Do More, Crisis Experts Say (1.11.2014)

The brights side to the Target hack? It's getting Congress moving (1.10.2014)

Target says up to 70 million more customers were hit by December data breach (1.10.2014)

CBS Chicago: Agencies Could Be Collecting Personal Data You Think Is Private (1.08.2014)

The Wall Street Journal: Personal Data Privacy Bill Revived In Congress (1.08.2014)

San Diego Union Tribune: Will Paying With Plastic Ever Be Safe? (1.07.2014)

The Target Fiasco and Beyond (1.2.2014)

KPBS: Snapchat Security Breach Affects Millions of Users (1.02.2014)

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