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April 2014

App Makes It Easier to Spot and Dispute Questionable Payment Transactions (4.17.2014)

The Tax Authorities (4.16.2014)

One Day in San Diego-Beth Givens (4.10.2014)

New Bill Aims to Protect Californians From Data Breaches (4.9.2014)

When Computers Can Read You Like A Book (4.9.2014)

Government Moves Could Force Data Breach Confessions (4.7.2014)

Businesses Face Rising Political Pressure From Data Breaches (4.4.2014)

Making retailers liable for damages from hacking (4.6.2014)

Banks Are Warned About ATM Hacks (4.3.2014)


March 2014

Things That You Must Never Reveal On Facebook: Breakthrough Research on How To Conduct Your Socializing (3.30.2014)

Jackpot: Target Data-Theft Victims Become a Credit Agency Gold Mine (3.26.2014)

Patagonia Privacy Class Action Filed (3.26.2014)

Consumers Don't Trust Organizations to Protect Data (3.26.2014)

Corporate credit report rules (3.22.2014)

Hacking Incidents Prompt Universities To Rethink Balance of Openness, Security (3.21.14)

How to report credit 723 (3.18.2014)

Data Breaches Common at Universities, Other Educational Institutions (3.14.2014)

Higher Education Sector Needs Better Data Protection Management (3.6.2014)

Data Breaches Common at Universities, Other Educational Institutions (3.1.2014)

February 2014

Data Breaches Common At Universities, Other Educational Institutions (2.28.2014)

More than 309,000 identities exposed in University of Maryland cyberattack (2.20.2014)

Cybertattack Exposes More Than 309,000 University of Maryland Identities (2.20.2014)

More than 309000 identities unprotected in University of Maryland cyberattack (2.20.2014)

Security Breach at Maryland University Exposes 300,000 Personal Records (2.20.2014)

U-Md. computer security attack exposes 300,000 records (2.19.2014)

ID-theft protection (2.16.2014)

Target lawsuits: Do they have a case? (2.11.2014)

January 2014

Tell Mel: Target was tactless with its apology (1.25.2014)

Paper or email? Pros and cons of digital receipts (1.23.2014)

Your Money- What Target knows about you (1.23.2014)

Cassidy: Target hack signals that the privacy war is ove

r- and we lost (1.20.2014)

After Target breach, big data needs a reset (1.18.2014)

Breaches of personal data a daily occurence (1.17.2014)

Answering questions on Target, health coverage and top 1% (1.17.2013)

Woman's debit card suspended due to Target breach (1.14.2014)

REFILE-COLUMM-What Target customers should know about identity theft protection (1.14.2014)

To Regain Trust, Target Must Do More, Crisis Experts Say (1.11.2014)

The brights side to the Target hack? It's getting Congress moving (1.10.2014)

Target says up to 70 million more customers were hit by December data breach (1.10.2014)

CBS Chicago: Agencies Could Be Collecting Personal Data You Think Is Private (1.08.2014)

The Wall Street Journal: Personal Data Privacy Bill Revived In Congress (1.08.2014)

San Diego Union Tribune: Will Paying With Plastic Ever Be Safe? (1.07.2014)

The Target Fiasco and Beyond (1.2.2014)

KPBS: Snapchat Security Breach Affects Millions of Users (1.02.2014)

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