PRC IN THE NEWS -- 2004:
Reporters Quote PRC Staff on Breaking Privacy Issues

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National Public Radio: Navy SEALs File Suit over Alleged Abuse Photos (12.30.04)


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National Public Radio: Navy SEALs File Suit over Alleged Abuse Photos (12.30.04)

NY Times News Service: Retailers Crack Down on Returns (12.28.04)

Knight Ridder : Retailers Get Tough on Returns (12.25.04)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Stolen Data Used to Set Up Web Sites (12.23.04)

San Francisco Chronicle: Livermore Collection Firm in the Running for IRS Work
Critics Question Use of Private Companies to Gather Back Taxes

San Diego Union Tribune: Clusters of Customers (12.19.04)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Stores' Stricter Return Rules May Require IDs (12.17.04)

Sacramento Bee: Privacy is Option in New Directory for Cell Phones (12.16.04)

Ashbury Park Press: Stores Go High-tech, Track Items Returned (12.16.04)

Kansas City Star: High-tech Gadgets Pull Back Curtains on Previously Private (12.08.04) **

MSNBC: What Are These Companies Saying about You? (12.08.04)

San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed: Profiting at Expense of Your Privacy (12.07.04)

The Intelligencer: Cops Divulging Too Much Info? (12.06.04)

Kansas City Star: Tracking Your Every Move (12.05.04) **

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Stores Rethink Policies on Returns (12.05.04) EPassports Could Have Blocking Mechanism (12.03.04)

Realty Times: Specialty Credit, Financial Data Reports Now Also Free (12.02.04)

MSN Money: Free Credit Reports Are Just the Start (12.01.04)

MSNBC: Free Credit Reports May Reveal Surprises (12.01.04)

CBS Marketwatch: Those Other Credit Reports (12.01.04)


Washington Post: A Potential Credit Score: Bureaus See Chance for a Profit in Free-Report Act (11.24.04)

Wired News: Court Documents Not Fit for Web? (11.23.04)

San Francisco Chronicle: Unless You Opt Out, SBC Will Share Your Data with 50+ Firms (11.21.04)

Computer World: Convenience or Security: What Do Your Customers Value More? (11.19.04)

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: More Debit Cards Replaced (11.19.04)

NBC 7-39: Blacklisted Buyers (11.11.04)

Christian Science Monitor: Privacy Lost with the Touch of a Keystroke? (11.10.04)

Washington Post: Some Shoppers Find Fewer Happy Returns (11.07.04)

LA Times: Data Security Breached at Wells Fargo (11.03.04)


North County Times: Privacy Advocate a San Diego Original (10.23.04) A Peek at Your Personal Dossier (10.21.04)

San Jose Mercury News: UC hacking may have gotten data on 600,000 (10.21.04) Check Your Background Before Your Employer Does (10.13.04)

Sacramento Bee:More DNA Collections Advocated (10.09.04)

UCLA Daily Bruin: Campaign Donations: The Juicy Gossip (10.04.04)

Cox News: Photo Messaging Still Developing (10.03.04)

Daily Northwestern: Unsolicited Callers Target Students for Identity Theft (10.01.04)


Kiplinger: Telemarketers Hang Up (09.30.2004)

CBS Marketwatch: Retailers Crack Down on 'Repeat Returners' (09.28.04)

Sacramento Bus. Journal: Suit: Grocer Selling Customer Drug Lists (09.27.04)

Chicago Sun-Times: Stealth Marketing Suit Hits Drugstores (09.27.04)

CNET News: Big Boss is Watching (09.24.04)

RedHerring: A Web of Deceit (09.22.04)

Marketplace: Privacy and the Cellphone (09.21.04)

ABC-KGTV: Consumers Disgruntled By Junk Faxes (09.17.04)

ABC-KGTV: Credit Reports To Be Free By Year's End (09.15.04)

Paradise Post: DNA Proposition on Ballot (09.11.04)

Computer World: California Group Sues Albertson's Over Privacy Concerns (09.10.04)

NBC 7-39: Supermarket Chain Accused Of Selling Customer Drug Info (09.10.04)

San Diego Union Tribune: Firms Said to Pay for Data on its Customers (09.10.04)


U.S. News and World Report: Many Colleges Use Social Security Numbers as Student
Identifiers, So Be on Guard

Houston Chronicle: Stores Going High-Tech to Thwart Identity Theft (08.28.04)

Washington Post: Rooting Around in Your Past (08.26.04)

NBC 7-39: Local Company Stokes Fears Over Privacy Invasion (08.18.04)

Washington Times: Big Brother Offers a Driving Discount (08.12.04)

Associated Press: Progressive Offers to Trade Privacy for Price Break (08.12.04)

Public Radio's Sound Money: Privacy (requires RealPlayer) (08.07.04)

Modesto Bee: Popular Surname Can Be a Real Pain (08.02.04)

Tennessean: Undercover Shopping a Mystery to Many (08.01.04)

JULY 2004

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Court Web Site Easy Pickings for ID Thieves (07.29.04)

Business 2.0: Get Ready for the Age of Consumer Monitoring (07.23.04)

ABC-KGTV: For Sale: Children's Private Info (07.23.04)

Washington Post: Parties Square Off In a Database Duel (07.20.04)

North County Times: Downtown Encinitas Could Become a Wireless 'Hot Spot' (07.17.04)

PC Magazine: No Where To Hide (07.13.04)

AP: Six-Pack-A-Day Drinker Loses License (07.13.04)

Orange County Register: Big Brother Becomes Reality with Cellphone Technology (07.11.04) VoIP Hacks Gut Caller I.D. (07.06.04)

Las Vegas Review Journal: Arrest Throws Woman's Life into Disarray (07.05.04)

Kansas City Star: When Thieves Took Her Identity, She Didn't Take It Lying Down (07.04.04) Scanners to Lend Hand in Tracking Students (07.01.04)

JUNE 2004

ABC-KGTV: Don't Get Hooked By 'Phishers' (06.29.04)

TechNewsWorld: Consumer Alert: Identity Theft on the Rise (06.29.04)

ABC-KGTV: Privacy Act Protects Online Users (06.28.04)

San Diego Union Tribune: The Other Rent Check (06.27.04) Call for review of RFID's Privacy Impact

InfoWorld: Privacy Advocates: RFID Technical Review Needed (06.22.04)

St. Paul Pioneer: Criminal Records Go Online in July (06.17.04)

Troy Record: National 'No-Spam' List Deemed Unwise Without Sender Identification System (06.16.04)

WiredNews: Calls for Leash on Voter Data (06.15.04)

San Jose Mercury News: 'Don't call me -- I'll call you,' say Californians (06.13.04) **

Internet News: RFID Privacy Gap? (06.10.04)

San Diego Union Tribune: Customers Could Block Listings, Avert Sales Calls (06.08.04)

Newsweek: The 'Patriot' Search (06.04.04)

MSNBC: Tracking Campaign Money, Door to Door (06.03.04)

MAY 2004

San Diego Union Tribune: E-privacy Bill Would Blow Cover of Bosses who Spy (05.31.04

NY Times: Wanted: Young Voters' Cellphone Numbers (05.27.04)

AP: Hanging Up on Do-Not-Call Violators (05.25.04)

NBC 7-39: Web Site Makes Political Contributions Public Record (05.24.04)

Washington Times: Directory Planned for Cell Numbers (05.21.04)

California Connected: Imagining the Future: RFID and Privacy (05.17.04)

Fox News Network: Cell Phone Directory Raises Concerns (05.13.04)

Napa News (CA): St. Helena Hospital Sued in Privacy Dispute (05.11.04)

APRIL 2004

ABC-KGTV: Privacy Advocates Worry About Google E-Mail (04.16.04)

AP: Amazon Launches Internet Search Service  (04.14.04) ID theft Prompts Changes at Stetson (04.14.04)

Chicago Tribune: Too Much Information: Online Search Engines Make Harassment a Scary Reality (04.08.04)

Guardian UK: Google is Watching You (04.04.04)

MARCH 2004

San Diego Union Tribune: SDSU Says Computer Server was Infiltrated (03.17.04)

San Francisco Chronicle: New Scam Threat at EBay -- Hackers Obtained Information on Some Customers (03.16.04)

Computer World: Test Your Privacy Knowledge -- A Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Computerworld Quiz (03.15.04)


CBS MarketWatch: Background Checks Up Sharply (02.17.05) **

ABC 7: Little-Known Credit Card Law Still Being Broken (02.17.04)


MSNBC: Most Firms Now Use Background Checks (01.24.04)

Richmond Times Dispatch (VA): Data Make Privacy a Prized Commodity (01.04.04)

CBS Market Watch: New Weapons to Fight ID Theft (12.16.03)