PRC IN THE NEWS -- 2005:
Reporters Quote PRC Staff on Breaking Privacy Issues

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Sun-Sentinel: Planning to Return that Imperfect Gift? Be Prepared for Long Lines and Get-tough Policies (12.26.05)

DesMoines Register: Computer Security Breaches Raise Identity Theft Concerns (12.25.05)

InformationWeek: Justice Department Reveals Social Security Numbers (12.23.05)

Columbia Daily Tribune: License Office Drops Drivers' Social Option (12.21.05)

Seattle Times: Sleeping on the Job (12.19.05)

CNET News: Computer Forensics Tools Maker Hacked (12.19.05)

Agape Press: Privacy Advocate Feels Student Radio Tracking System Sets Bad Precedent (12.19.05)

San Bernadino Sun: Research Says Cameras Might Divert Crime (12.18.05)

ABC News: Why Do They Want My Phone Number? (12.16.05)

Tampa Tribune: Insurers' Road Service Could Prove Costly (12.15.05)

KFMB, Ch. 8: Your Cell Phone Records May Be For Sale (12.13.05)

Greensboro-News Gazette: Returns Not So Simple this Holiday Season (12.10.05) New Scoring Tools Empower Credit Weaklings (12.07.05)

Network World: New York Breach Notification Law Goes into Effect (12.07.05)

News-Gazette (IL): Law to Allow Freeze on Credit Reports (12.04.05)

Union Tribune: 7,800 Linked to USD Told of Network Security Breach (12.03.05)


Christian Science Monitor: Who is Checking the Background Checkers? (11.28.05)

North Jersey Media Group: Shredding Identity Theft (11.27.05)

TechNewsWorld: Forecast: ID Theft by Insiders to Grow Dramatically in '06 (11.26.05)

Seattle Times: At Risk, Everyone's Credit and Good Name (11.25.05) New Scoring Tools Empower Credit Weaklings (11.22.05)

NBC Ch. 7-39: Cell Phone Secrets For Sale (11.22.05)

Arizona Republic: Background Checks Widening (11.21.05)

San Bernadino Sun: Keeping an Eye on You (11.21.05)

Seattle Times: Your Life is Theirs to Share (11.20.05)

Pioneer Press: ID-theft Experts Predict Federal Law (11.17.05) **

Sacramento Bee: Kaiser Puts Lab Results Online (11.16.05)

USA Today: 'Google': An Interesting Read on a Powerhouse Company (11.13.05)

Detriot Free Press: Holidays Bring on ID Theft (11.12.05)

KFMB Ch. 8: How Private is Your Health Information? (11.09.05)

Paradise Post: Buy a Car Give a Fingerprint (11.08.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: Data Theft Bill a Step Backward (11.06.05)

New York Times: Data Security Laws Seem Likely, So Consumers and Businesses Vie to Shape Them (11.01.05) **

OCTOBER 2005 Keep Track of What Insurers and Others Know about You (10.31.05)

Daily Texan: Identity Thieves Seek Out Student Financial Aid (10.27.05)

Ventura County Star: Telemarketers Get Around the Law (10.27.05) **

AFP: Secret Codes in Printers May Allow Government Tracking (10.25.05)

Business Week Online: Protecting Patients' Privacy (10.24.05)

Providence Journal: Federal Courts to Withhold Data on Defendants (10.17.05)

NewsMax: You Must Protect Yourself from Identity Fraud (10.14.05)

Net4Now: One in Six People have Personal Data Compromised - This Year! (10.13.05)

Chicago Tribune: Make Time for Diligent Bill Checking (10.09.05)

MSNBC: Bank ID-theft Charges Rankle Privacy Groups (10.09.05)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Consumers Can Slow the Deluge of Junk Mail (10.03.05)

Wired News: 'UnGoogleables' Hide From Search (10.03.05)

News-Press: Opening FEMA's Books at Issue (10.02.05)

New York Times: For Victims, Repairing ID Theft Can Be Grueling (10.01.05) **

The Independent: Unknown Secrets (10.01.05)


PC World: Privacy in Peril (09.30.05)

Star-Telegram: Access Specialty Reports for Free (09.30.05)

Associated Press: University of Georgia Computer Hacked (09.28.05)

Nashua Telegraph: Calif. May Strike Blow for Credit Card Users (09.25.05)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Codey Signs Laws to Help Combat Identity Theft (09.23.05)

Associated Press: Court Battle Tests Consumer Protection Laws (09.23.05)

San Jose Mercury News: Childern's Health Council Data Stolen (09.19.05) By Continuing to Use Social Security Numbers for Identification Purposes, Many Federal Agencies Expose Millions to Identity Theft (09.19.05)

Science Daily: Medicare, Defense Cards Boon to ID Theft (09.17.05)

Rocky Moutain News: Kaiser Apologizes by Mail for Privacy Breach (09.17.05)

Los Angeles Times: U.S. Policy on Medicare Cards Is a Boon for Identity Thieves (09.17.05)**

KFMB, Ch. 8: High-Tech Labels Target Shoplifters (09.12.05) Katrina Survivors Now Face Possible Identity Theft (09.12.05)

KFMB, Ch. 8: Con Artists Target Online Checking Service (09.12.05)

Cox News Service: Agencies Ease Rules for Evacuees with No ID (09.09.05)

Knight Ridder: Online Banking Still Popular (09.09.05)

Reuters: Katrina Victims at Risk for ID Theft (09.08.05)

Bridgeton News: Private Mortgage Files to Auction? (09.08.05)

Kansas City Star: Abortion-Records Face-Off Reveals Larger Privacy Issue (09.08.05)

Freedom News Service: Simple Precautions are Starting to Turn the Tide on Identity Theft (09.05.05)

WFLA, Ch. 8: Credit Reports Aren't The Only Thing To Check (09.04.05)

Washington Post: Order Free Credit Reports, Then Cross Your Fingers (09.01.05)

Christian Science Monitor: Wireless Raises Security Concern (09.01.05)

Security Pipeline: Data Defense Done Right (09.01.05)

KFMB, Ch. 8: High-Tech Labels Target Shoplifters (09.01.05)

AUGUST 2005 Private Medical Information isn't So Private (08.30.05)

North County Times: Consumers Warned of Internet Check Risks (08.30.05)

Baltimore Sun: Social Security Number Almost Never is Legally Required as ID (08.28.05)

LA Times: Social Security Number Almost Never is Legally Required as ID (08.28.05) **

Inside Bay Area: Study Says Identity Theft More Common (08.28.05)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Understanding Credit Reports Requires Homework, Patience (08.28.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: FedEx Competing with Small Businesses (08.28.05)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Understanding Credit Reports Requires Homework, Patience (08.27.05)

RFIDJournal: RFID Moratorium Bill Stalls in Committee (08.27.05)

Washington Post: Little assurance from ID-theft insurance (08.25.05) **

San Francisco Chronicle: Search Site to Add Free Blogs (08.25.05)

Olympian: Tips to Guard Against Identity Theft (08.22.05)

CNN/Money: The ID Theft Protection Racket (08.22.05)

News & Observer: Credit 'Freeze' Bill Could Foil ID Thieves (08.22.05)

GovExec: Online Intruder Gains Access to Air Force Personnel Records (08.22.05)

BankRate: Employer Background Checks: Protection or Violation? (08.22.05)

MSN Money: Is Your Boss Spying on You? (08.19.05)

InternetWeek: Good News, Bad News For Internet Privacy (08.19.05)

New Standard: Pentagon 'Freedom Walk' Registration Policy Raises Concerns (08.19.05)

Reuters: Universities Grapple with ID Theft (08.18.05)

BankRate: Specialty Consumer Reports Reveal Your Secrets (08.17.05)

Kiplingers: Beyond Shredders (08.15.05)

Dallas Morning News: Employers Must Protect Workers' Identities (08.14.05)

LA Times: Federal Law Provides Access to Free Credit Reports (08.14.05) **

Information Week : Hackers Break Into Two Universities, 100,000 Identities At Risk (08.11.05)

ComputerWorld: Lessons Learned from Corporate Security Breaches (08.09.05) Your Boss Is Watching You (08.05.05)

KFMB, Ch. 8: Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth The Price? (08.05.05)

NY Times: Groups Expanding Background Checks (08.04.05) **

JULY 2005

North County Times: Computer Breach Leaves County Personnel Vulnerable (07.29.05)

CNN Money: Battling Life's Little Frustrations (07.27.05)

KFMB Ch. 8: Biometrics Catching On At Theme Parks (07.26.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: ID Theft -- Bank Finds a Way to Profit (07.22.05)

NBC Ch. 7/39: 'Cyber-Campaigning' Causing Controversy (07.21.05) Workplace Privacy? Forget It! (07.18.05)

Orange County Register: Cutting Off ID Thieves (07.17.05) **

Philadelphia Inquirer: When Identity Thieves Steal More than a Name (07.16.05)

WSLS Ch. 10: Cell Phone Spam (07.15.05)

Newhouse News Service: Credit Cards May be Safest of All (07.10.05)

Union Democrat: Data theft hits the Mother Lode (07.07.05)

TechNewsWorld: Yahoo PhotoMail Feature Refreshes Privacy Debate (07.07.05)

City Paper (Baltimore, MD): Private Eyes (07.06.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: Online Resumes Turn Risky (07.04.05)

USA Today: Guard Your Financial Info Doggedly (07.01.05)

MarketWatch: Pack to Prevent Identity Theft (07.01.05) **

Newsweek: Their Stories (07.01.05)

Atlanta Business Chronicle: Information Theft Fast Becoming Big Business (07.01.05)

MarketWatch: Pack to Prevent Identity Theft (07.01.05) **

JUNE 2005

MSNBC: Just How Common is ID Theft? (06.30.05)

Reuters: Protecting Your Good Name from Identity Theft (06.30.05)

WFIE Ch. 14: Fraud Management (06.29.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: Breaches in Security Require New Laws (06.29.05)

MSNBC: Credit Companies Wary of Spreading ID Panic (06.28.05)

Boston Globe: Customer Given Access to Others' Accounts (06.27.05)

New York Newsday: Pressure on Businesses to Secure Data (06.26.05)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Retailers Go on Higher Alert to Halt Credit Fraud (06.26.05)

North Jersey Media News: N.J. Puts Up a New Shield for Your SSN (06.26.05)

Dallas Morning News: Anger Grows over Lost Financial Data (06.25.05)

Dallas Morning News: Stolen Data Demand Puts Risk in Every Swipe (06.24.05)

MSNBC: ID Theft Concerns Grow, Tools Lacking (06.23.05)

Sacramento Bee: U.S. Follows State's Lead on Data-Theft Notification (06.22.05)

Associated Press: Consumers Growing Wary About Credit Cards (06.22.05)

NY Newsday: Putting Breach in Perspective (06.21.05)

USA Today: ID Thieves Search Ultimate Pot of Gold - Databases (06.21.05)

KFMB Ch. 8: Outlandish E-mail Scams Still Going Strong (06.21.05)

Los Angeles Times: Regulators Fine Kaiser Unit $200,000 (06.21.05) **

Inquirer Trenton Bureau: N.J. Bill to Fight Identity Theft Advances (06.21.05)

San Jose Mercury News: Point of sale: Retailers Try Their Hand at Finger-Scanning Payment System (06.20.05) **

San Franciso Chronicle: Questions & Answers about Online Security (06.20.05)

Associated Press: Spokane Mayor Debates Privacy Online (06.19.05)

Sacramento Bee: ID Theft Fight Starts at Home (06.19.05) **

Knight Ridder: Data Theft Victims Must Be Vigilant (06.19.05)

Boston Globe: Firm Says Up to 40m Credit Card Files Stolen (06.18.05)

Contra Costa Times: Credit Card Users Urged to Verify Account Activity (06.18.05) **

San Francisco Chronicle: 40 Million Cards Hit by Data Theft (06.18.05)

Reuters: MasterCard Security Breach Could Hit 40 Million Cards (06.17.05)

Everett Herald: Identity Theft Concerns Prompts Change by Sheriff (06.17.05)

Boise Weekly: Albertsons Lawsuit Continues (06.15.05)

Beaver County Times: Lawmakers Move to Protect Consumer Identity (06.15.05)

South Bend Tribune: Screening Process can have Its Drawbacks (06.13.05)

Sacramento Bee: Identity Crisis: Theft of Private Data Grows (06.12.05)

MSN Money: 7 Ways Congress Can Battle Identity Theft (06.08.05) **

Akron Beacon Journal: Reduce Chance of Identity Theft (06.08.05)

NBC Ch. 7/39: Technology Could Track You By What You Wear, Eat (06.08.05)

Baltimore Sun: Missing Data is Latest in Rash of Breaches (06.08.05)

Good Housekeeping Magazine: New Ways You Can Avoid Identity Theft (06.07.05)

New York Newsday: Data Lost for 4M Citi Clients (06.07.05)

Dallas Morning News: Identity Theft Now Part of American Life (06.06.05) **

Baltimore Sun: Background Checks for Workers on Rise (06.05.05)

MSNBC: Got a Nanny? You Need a Shredder (06.03.05)

KGTV Ch. 10: Protecting Your Identity while Traveling (06.03.05)

MAY 2005

Los Angeles Times: Federal ID Act May Be Flawed (05.31.05) **

Crain's Detriot Business: New Rule Likely to Boost Shredding Biz (05.30.05)

Los Angeles Times: Dating Services to Make Checks? (05.30.05) **

Los Angeles Times: Kaiser's Prescription for Medicine is Digital (05.30.05) **

Asbury Park Press: Suspect Paid for Bank Data in 1997 (05.27.05)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Data Center Grows with Demand (05.26.06)

San Francisco Chronicle: Law Must Protect Your Data (05.25.05)

KGTV Ch. 10: Losing Identity May Be Easier Than You Think (05.25.05)

KGTV Ch. 10: Online Banking Making Waves In Cyberspace (05.24.05)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 4 Banks' Data Compromised (05.24.05) **

Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Identity Theft (05.22.05)

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Hackers Shifting from Play to Shadowy High-Tech Theft (05.20.05) **

New York Times: Personal Data for the Taking (05.18.05) **

San Francisco Chronicle: Security Breaches Not on Rise (05.16.05)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Cub Testing Fingertip Checkout (05.14.05) **

Nevada City Union: Attack Raises Security Concerns (05.12.05)

NBC Nightly News: ID Theft Epidemic (05.10.05)

MarketPlace: Cisco Security (05.10.05)

USA Today: Thieves Love Debit Cards, So Keep Them Safe - Here's How (05.10.05)

MarketWatch: Fact and Fiction on ID Theft (05.09.05)

CNN/Money: Identity Exposed (05.04.05)

Fortune Magazine: The Great Data Heist (05.02.05) **

The Beacon: Hackers Invade UTS System (05.02.05)

CSO: The Five Most Shocking Things About the ChoicePoint Debacle (05.02.05)

APRIL 2005

Salt Lake Tribune: Take a Look at What They have on You (04.30.05)

Wired News: State Bill to Limit RFID (04.29.05)

Orlando Sentinel: Florida International University Thinks Cyber-Burglars Saw Files (04.29.05)

Sun Sentinel: FIU Warns of Possible ID Breach (04.29.05)

Voice of San Diego: The Privacy Parts of San Diego (04.29.05)

Los Angeles Times: Cupid Aims for Background Checks (04.25.05) **

Kansas City Star: Find Out Now What Databases Say about You (04.24.05) **

Inman News: New Rule Protects Consumer Info from Dumpster Diving (04.22.05) **

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Cyber Security has Its Limits (04.22.05)

Lodi News: Thumbprint on Check at Wine Event Sparks Complaint (04.22.05)

Wall Street Journal: A Cottage Industry Blooms To Help Victims of ID Theft (04.21.05) **

Wired News: ChoicePoint Division Changes Tack  (04.20.05)

NY Newsday: Being in the Know on ID Theft (04.15.05)

Patriot Ledger: ID Thieves Banking on Trash (04.15.05)

Albany Democrat-Herald: Your number? Make a Fuss! (04.13.05)

Visalia Times-Delta: Officials May Edit Public Court Records (04.12.05)

CNet: Tougher Data-Leak Law Proposed (04.11.05)

Newark Star Ledger: 'Spoofing' Lets Pranksters Dial M for Mayhem (04.11.05)

USA Today: Rules Aimed at Digital Misdeeds Lack Bite (04.11.05)

Palm Beach Post: Identity Complex: Data brokers' Files are Extensive, as are Their Destinations (04.10.05)

Reuters: Banks, Govt Team Up to Fight Terrorism (04.10.05)

Contra Costa Times: ADP Blunder Places 7,000 in ID Danger (04.09.05)

San Antonio Express-News: Car Trackers Drive Some to Distraction (04.08.05) The ABCs of Pre-Employment Background Checks (04.07.05)

Financial Express: 'Financial Tracking' is The Name of the Game (04.07.05)

ComputerWorld: Texas Bill would Replace Vehicle Inspection Stickers with RFID Tags (04.06.05)

MARCH 2005

USA Today: Place Fraud Alert on Credit Reports to Fight ID Theft (03.29.05)

Sacramento Bee: Thieves Steal UC Student Data (03.29.05)

Macon Telegraph: Approve ID Theft Law Now, but Repair It Next Session (03.28.05)

Press Enterprise: Insecurity Blanket (03.27.05) **

Sacramento Bee: ID Theft Victims Feeling Left Out (03.26.05)

Cox News Service: Identity-Theft Policies Good for Some People (03.26.05)

NBC Nightly News: Absent Regulation, Identity Theft Grows (03.25.05)

MSNBC: States Consider Laws to Put ID Theft on Ice (03.24.05)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: U.S. Bancorp Moves to Shield IDs (03.24.05)

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Georgia ID Theft Bill Too Narrow, Critics Say (03.24.05) **

Agape Press: Privacy Advocate Feels Student Radio Tracking System Sets Bad Precedent (03.21.05)

Associated Press : Some Concerned about Privacy Implications of E-ZPass System (03.21.05)

Detroit Free Press: Free Credit Report Process has Hurdles (03.21.05)

St. Petersburg Times: Your Life Exposed (03.20.05) **

Baltimore Sun: High Schools to Get Cameras in Halls, Stairs (03.20.05) **

Bloomberg News: Identity Theft Targeted (03.19.05)

Inman News: Consumers Eye Identity Theft Insurance (03.18.05) **

Internet News: No Security in SSNs? (03.18.05)

O'Reilly Network: Opting In to Privacy Problems (03.17.05)

NY Daily News: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft (03.16.05)

WSJ Online: Response to Consumer ID Theft Shows Firms Could Step Up Help (03.15.05) **

Indianapolis Star: Planned Parenthood, State Spar Over Files (03.15.05)

NPR's Morning Edition: Fighting Identity Theft (03.14.05)

Seattle Times: Blocking Access to Credit Files Aim of Bill (03.14.05)

LA Daily News: Records Battle Still Rages On (03.13.05)

Seattle Times: City Apologizes after Sharing E-mail Addresses (03.12.05)

Newhouse News: Low-Tech Measures Still Best Protection Against Identity Theft (03.11.05)

Newsday: Chicago Killings Raise Worries of U.S. Judges about Security (03.11.05)

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Troubled Firms Linked by History (03.11.05) **

Wired News: Bad Data Fouls Background Checks (03.11.05)

McClatchy Newspapers: Congress Considers More Regulation of Data-Collection Industry (03.10.05)

InternetNews: Do You Know Who Owns Your Info? (03.10.05)

Dayton Daily News: No Sure Fire Protection Article (03.10.05) **

NY Times: Another Data Broker Reports a Breach (03.10.05) **

Future Tense: "Caller ID Spoofing" an Emerging VoIP Security Threat (03.09.05)

InternetNews: LexisNexis: Lookup for Crime (03.09.05)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: E-mails Sent at Work Anything but Private (03.09.05)

MSN Money: Your Financial Secrets are Headed Overseas (03.09.05)

Fox News Online: Student ID Badges Raise Privacy Questions (03.09.05)

Christian Science Monitor: ID Stolen? Call a Privacy Gumshoe (03.09.05)

MSN Money: How to Fight Spam, Junk Mail and Sales Calls (03.08.05)

ComputerWorld: Just the Facts on the FACT Act (03.07.05)

LA Times: Industry at Odds Over ID Theft Liability (03.07.05) **

U.S. News and World Report: Gimme Your Name and SSN (03.07.05)

Tri-City Herald: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (03.06.05)

LA Times: Free Credit Report Could Cost You (03.06.05) **

Akron Beacon Journal: Consumers Can See Other Free Reports (03.06.05)

Houston Chronicle: Worries on Privacy Resurface (03.05.05)

St. Petersburg Times: Data Firm Slip Leads to Calls for Curbs (03.04.05)

Smart Money: Your SS Number Is Just a Click Away (03.03.05)

USA Today: Chill Passes through Courthouse (03.04.05)

Columbia Missourian: Federal Law Grants Free Credit Reports (03.03.05)

Chicago Tribune: Killings Draw Attention to Protection of Judges (03.02.05)

PC World: Policing the Information Brokers (03.02.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: Call for New Laws on ID Theft (03.02.05)

Detriot Free Press: Using Phone May be Best Call to Get Free Credit Report (03.01.05)


Kansas City Star: Westlaw on Hot Seat after ChoicePoint's Security Woes (02.28.05) **

CNN/Money: Cleaning Up Your Credit (02.28.05)

Ventura County Star: A $53 Billion Fraud Epidemic (02.27.05) **

Minnesota Public Radio: Protecting Your Identity (02.27.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: When Private Information Becomes a Commodity (02.27.05)

Contra Costa Times: Phone Number Can Expose You to World via Internet (02.25.05) **

Fox News Online: Embattled Data Collector a Big Homeland Security Contractor (02.25.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: Shifting Sands in Data Leak (02.25.05)

PBS The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Pressure Mounts for Better Identity Theft Protection [audio]
[online transcript] (02.24.05)

CBS Evening News: ID Firm's Security Gaffe (02.24.04)

USA Today: ChoicePoint Theft May Usher in Regulation (02.24.05)

Washington Post: ChoicePoint Victims Have Work Ahead (02.24.05)

NPR Morning Edition: Experts Urge Consumers to Act Against Identity Theft (02.24.05)

CNN/Money: Advice for ChoicePoint Victims (02.23.05)

NY Times: ChoicePoint Suffers Fall in Share Price (02.23.05) **

USA Today: Dodging Some ID Theft Not So Easy (02.22.05)

Kansas City Star: Vital Data Swiped from Thousands in Kansas, Missouri (02.22.05) **

ComputerWorld: ChoicePoint to Tighten Data Access after ID Theft (02.22.05)

NPR Talk of the Nation: How to Avoid Identity Theft [audio] (02.21.05)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ChoicePoint Security Outwitted (02.20.05) **

San Diego Union Tribune: Alarms Sound after Massive ID Theft (02.19.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: 35,000 in State to Receive Warning (02.19.05)

Sun Sentinel: Travelers to Get Fast Lane at OIA (02.18.05) ChoicePoint Data Theft Fallout Spreads to 145,000 (02.18.05)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Now at Risk: 145,000 Consumers (02.18.05) **

St. Petersburg Times: Data Scam Sparks ID Theft Alert (02.18.05)

Associated Press: Personal Info Breach Puts Data Warehouser in Hot Seat (02.18.05)

Los Angeles Times: More Victims in Scam Will Be Alerted (02.17.05) ** The ABCs of Pre-employment Background Checks (02.16.05) Is Big Brother Your Backseat Spy? (02.15.05) How to Guard Against Big Brother (02.15.05)

Whittier Daily News: Cameras Viewed as Crime Fighters (02.13.05)

Yuma Sun: State to Initiate Animal Identification Program (02.07.05)

Washington Post: Your Statements Went Where? (02.06.05)

Detriot News: Retailers Rein in Returns (02.03.05)

NBC 7/39: Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft (02.01.05)

Government Technology: Doing Privacy in Public (02.01.05)


MSN Money: Your Financial Secrets are Headed Overseas (01.31.05)

Business Week: Privacy Imperatives for Customer Data (01.24.05)

Cox News Service: Wireless Technology is Convenient and Fun, but It Also Can Be Exploited by Identity Thieves (01.24.05)

Associated Press: State Lawmaker Introduces Bill on Stores' Return Limits (01.23.05) **

Business Week: Between You, The Doctor, And The PC (01.21.05)

NBC National: New Device May Save Drivers Big Money (01.20.05)

MSN Money: Free Credit Reports are Just the Start (01.19.05)

Time Magazine: Watch Your Wallet! (01.17.05) **

Washington Post: Unplanned Appearance (01.12.05)

MSN Money: The Newest Identity Thieves: Parents (01.11.05)

Associated Press: Baltimore-area Schools Look to Digital Cameras (01.08.05)

MSN Money: Are You a Bad Customer? (01.07.05)

San Francisco Chronicle: Who Else Had Your Bank Account Number? (01.05.05)

CBS Marketwatch: Return Policies Irk Some Shoppers (01.03.05) **