PRC in the News 2006 -- Reporters Quote PRC Staff on Breaking Privacy Issues

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December 2006

The Charlotte Observer: Learn before you gift return (12.24.06)

Tec Web: Boeing Rep Speaks Out On Laptop Thefts And Security (12.21.06)

People's Daily Online: Universities targeted by computer hackers (12.19.06)

Rockford Register Star: UTC employees’ pension data stolen (12.19.06)

Juneau Empire: University of Alaska one of dozens hit by hackers (12.19.06)

November 2006 Illegal immigrants steal identities to get jobs (11.26.06)

Klick Money: Dangerous checks in the mail (11.23.06)

The New Standard:Employers May Get Access to Applicants’ Minor ‘Offenses’ (11.17.06) Keeping Your Enemies Close (11.12.06)

San FranciscoChronicler: Another reason for data laws (11.10.06)

Storm Press: Storm-relief privacy fight shifts (11.05.06)

October 2006

Star Bulletin: Privacy rules cover some medical data (10.29.06)

Indy Star: Lost and found: info on 260,000 patients (10.25.06)

Seattle Times: 3 Swedish patients say IDs stolen at Ballard campus; worker fired (10.25.06)

Pioneer Press:Icy start for credit freeze (10.23.06)

InfoWorld: Data-breach costs on the rise (10.20.06)

The Post Online: SSN information available on ID cards: (10.17.06)

Rocky Mountains News: Prying eyes: (10.16.06)

San Diego Business Journal: Fast-Growing Medical Identity Theft Has Lethal Consequences: (10.16.06)

Journal Register: Ad it up: Cell phone advertising expected to top $1.5 billion in 2007 (10.15.06)

The Press Enterprise: Companies send clear message about e-mail: (10.06.06)

Bank Rate: How to opt out of (almost) everything: 10.03.06

The Wichita Eagle: California governor signs 'pretexting' bill: (10.01.06)

September 2006

Red Herring: Got Laptop Security?: (09.28.06)

** The New York Times: 93,754,333 Examples of Data Nonchalance:(09.25.06)

Tech News-world: No End in Sight: Data Breach Tally Approaches 100 Million: (09.25.06)

The Mercury News: HP scandal reveals world of electronic tracking (09.25.06)

The China Post: Personal surveillance in U.S.: it's everywhere: (09.25.06)

Sign-On San Diego : Advertising on cell phones is on the increase - but not
everyone is delighted about the idea
: (09.24.06)

L.A. Times: In a High-Tech World, I Spy, You Spy, We Spy: (09.23.06)

The Press Enterprise: Study sets real cost of ID law far higher: (09.21.06)

The Ithacan Online: Screenings on standby: (09.21.06)

Law: Howard Rice Data on Stolen Laptop: (09.21.06)

Det News: Mercy crushes No. 10 Divine Child: (09.20.06)

Law: Howard Rice Data on Stolen Laptop: (09.20.06)

Det News: Beaumont error raises care and privacy issues (09.16.06)

ZD Net: HP scandal reviving pretexting legislation: (09.15.06)

Red Herring: Q&A: 411 on Security Breaches: (09.12.06)

Jamaica Observer :Dealing with the information age's dark side (09.10.06)

Washington Times: TSA sends personal info to wrong addresses (09.06.06)

All Headline News: Former TSA Workers' Data Exposed: (09.06.06)

San Francisco Chronicle : Another breach at Wells (09.06.06)

Usa Today:Former TSA workers' data exposed (09.06.06)

Iinformation Week: Government Report Finds Health Care Privacy Breaches Rampant (09.05.06)

Det News: Victims face extended battles to clear names (09.05.06)

** New York Times: Victims Fight to Clear Their Names After Others’ Deeds (09.04.06)

August 2006

Sun-Sentinel: Hacker steals information on 19,000 online shoppers from AT&T (08.31.06)

KRISS.TV CH. 6 News: AT&T says hackers accessed credit card info (08.31.06)

Out-law: AT&T customer data stolen by hackers, says telecoms giant (08.30.06)

San Francisco Chronicle: AT&T sues brokers over customer data theft
New laws prompt firms to go after phone record fraud

Det News: Patient data stolen (08.23.06)

Boston Globe :Glitch reveals too much on Education Dept. website (08.23.06)

NETWORKWORLD: Congress fails to grasp security risk (08.14.06)

USA Today: Laptop theft puts Fla. residents' data at risk (08.10.06)

The Jamaica Observer: Dealing with the information age's dark side (08.10.06)

KFMB Ch. 8 News AOL Slip-Up Proves You Are What You Search (08.09.06)

San Francisco Chronicler: Alumni groups opt to weaken privacy law (08.09.06)

KGTV Ch. 10: Web Site Offers Personal Information For A Price (08-08-06

San Diego Union Tribune: It's touch and go at Petco Park (08-05-06)

InternetNews: Data Breaches And Congress (08-06-06)

CrmBuyer: How Much Is Customer Trust Worth? (08-03-06)

Internet News: Stakes Rise in Notebook Safety (08-02-06)

USA Today: Why break in? The reasons vary (08-01-06)

SignOnSanDiego: Her Passion Is Privacy (08-01-06)

JULY 2006 Lock up your laptop (07-31-06) Don't give up on in-store kiosks when applying for jobs (07-31-06) Business databases are watching you (07-31-06) Keep eye on lesser known databases (07-31-06) Check databases that check on you (07-30-06)

KGTV Ch. 10: San Diego Company Joins Fight Against ID Theft (07-28-06) Data breach law winning praise (07-28-06)

South Bend Tribune: State privacy laws differ; Indiana just adopted one (07-27-06)

The News Sentinel: State privacy laws create patchwork of requirements (07-27-06)

Indy Star: Law lets Hoosiers know when ID is stolen (07-27-06)

**States Man: Consumers under watch (07-27-06)

Monterey Herald: Do you know who's keeping track of you? (07-27-06)

Market-place Public Radio: Ripe for identity theft (07-26-06)

Nashua Telegraph: Experts say encryption could protect privacy (07-26-06)

Money Web: Old Mutual client-data are stolen (07-25-06)

CIO-TODAY: Companies Take Costly Steps To Secure Laptops (07-25-06)

Australian IT: Who's reading your email? (07-25-06)

LATimes: Many databases track you (07-25-06)

Boston Business: Future 911...struggling to keep pace (07-24-06)

The Journal Gazette: Fast action best move if ID taken (07-24-06)

Smart Money: Another One Bytes the Dust (07-24-06)

Star-Telegram: Can debt firms call neighbors? (07-23-06)

HungtingtonNews: Time to Tweak the Social Security Number? (07-23-06)

Record Net: Keeping workers in check (07-23-06)

**The News Sentinel: Consumer services pop up to fight ID theft (07-18-06)

AXcess News: Social Security Number Overexposed, Unsafe (07-17-06)

WCNC Ch. 6 News Don't Be A Victim: Fraud alert protection works (07-17-06)

The Columbian: Ask The AG: Take precautions now to avoid data breach (07-17-06) ChoicePoint Gets a Makeover (07-17-06)

Kansas City Info Zine: States Failing to Secure Personal Data (07-14-06)

Help Net Security: The next frontier in security (07-14-06)

BYU NewsNet: Victims put life on hold to restore credit (07-13-06)

BYU NewsNet: Identity theft epidemic on the rise in the U.S. (07-12-06)


DMNews: A Modest Response to Current Privacy Problems (07-11-06)

SDA-ASIA: Diligent Defence for the Data-centre (07-10-06)

JUNE 2006

E-Commerce Times : Who Owns Customer Data? (06.26.06)

Reuters: Privacy Advocates Slam AT&T on Customer Records (06.22.06)

San Jose Mercury News: More Security Efforts Needed with Increase in Data Breaches (06.21.06)

Los Angeles Times: On Holiday? Be wary -- Identity Thieves could be Lurking (06.18.06)

Associated Press: Employers Rushing to Stem Data Theft Tide (06.18.06)

USA Today: AIG: Personal Data on 970,000 Lost in Burglary (06.18.06)

Associated Press: Encryption can Save Data in Laptop Lapses (06.17.06)

Agence France: Police Launch Eye-in-the-Sky Technology above Los Angeles (06.17.06)

Washington Post: Rapid Response Is Best Defense Against ID Theft (06.16.06)

San Francisco Chronicle: Data-loss Disclosure Falls Short (06.16.06)

Knight Ridder: Junk Mail Siege (06.15.06)

Seattle Times: Washington's Problem of ID Theft Grows (06.13.06)

Athens News: Graduation Ceremony Adds Some Sunshine to Recent Clouds (06.12.06)

Columbus Dispatch: OU a Top Target for Hackers (06.10.06)

CBS News: Privacy Lost (06.07.06)

KGTV Ch. 10: Identity Thieves Preying On The Deceased (06.06.06)

Asbury Park Press: Worker Data is Vulnerable to Identity Theft (06.05.06)

Fairfield Minuteman: FBI, Cops Invetigate SHU Computer Breach (06.05.06)

State Hornet: Identity Theft Prevention Bill Passes in California Senate (06.02.06)

MAY 2006

The Ledger: Katrina Prompts Next Debate: Digital Records vs. Privacy (05.30.06) Survey: Feds Must Do More to Safeguard Consumer Privacy (05.31.06)

Market Watch: The Pitfalls of Privacy (05.28.06)

Beacon Journal: Woman Wants to be Delivered from Junk Mail (05.28.06)

Media General News: VA was Cautioned about Data Security (05.24.06)

USA Today: Worker Records Especially at Risk (05.24.06)

USA Today: Consumer Advocates Step into Fray over Data Privacy (05.24.06)

New York Time: Vast Data Cache About Veterans Has Been Stolen (05.23.06)

E-Commerce Times: Veterans Victims in Latest Data Breach (05.23.06)

EarthTimes: 26.5 Million Veterans at Risk for Identity Theft (05.23.06)

Sci-Tech Today: Data on 26.5 Million Veterans Stolen (05.23.06)

Network World: The Hacker-Resistant Database (05.22.06)

Chicago Tribune: Vets' Personal Data Stolen (05.22.06)

Bloomberg: Electronic Records of 26.5 Million Veterans Stolen (05.22.06)

Washington Post: Credit-Card Firms Key in Fight Against ID Theft (05.19.06)

Burlington Free Press: Patients Should Read Privacy Fine Print (05.19.06)

Paramus Post: Parents on the Look Out for Space Invaders (05.15.06)

Patriot Ledger: Reebok Faces Calif. Privacy Lawsuit (05.10.06)

KGTV Ch. 10: City Heights Park To Install Surveillance Cameras (05.09.06)

CSO Online: A $15 Million Penalty (05.09.06)

Forbes Magazine: Protecting Your Medical Privacy (05.09.06)

Beacon Journal: Expect Phones to Heat Up for the November Election (05.07.06)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Wells Fargo Computer Missing (05.06.06)

APRIL 2006

Hutchinson News: Reno Co. Lax with SS Numbers (04.29.06)

Boston Globe: Data Storage Firm Apologizes for Loss of Railroad Data Tapes (04.28.06)

Bangor Daily News: Bad Checks (04.15.06)

KGTV Ch. 10: New Cell Phone Service Keeps Tabs On Your Child (04.14.06)

Indianapolis Star: When Wind Hit, Privacy Flew Out the Window (04.14.06)

Newsday: Keeping Track of Junior (04.14.06)

NewsFactor Magazine: Monitoring Employee Communications in the Enterprise (04.10.06)

MSNBC: Who can Ask for Your Social Security Number? (04.03.06)

MARCH 2006

Courier Post: Small Firms Need Help Guarding Consumer Data (03.30.06)

Ch. 8 (KFMB): Technology Helps The Boss Spy on Employees (03.29.06)

Ch. 10 (KGTV): ID Thieves Attack During Time of Mourning (03.28.06)

InformationWeek: Logistics Firm Uses RFID, Sensors To Track Financial Data (03.27.06) International: Is Your Boss Spying on You? (03.24.06)

Green Bay Press Gazette: Government has Lots of Company in Spying (03.24.06)

Boston Globe: Stolen Fidelity Laptop held Info on Thousands of Customers (03.23.06) 200,000 HP Staff Exposed to ID Fraud Risk (03.23.06)

Detroit Free Press: Smile -- Someone is Watching (03.23.06)

MSNBC: Stolen Fidelity Computer Raises Privacy Fears (03.23.06)

KHON (HI): New Proposal from IRS May Allow Companies to Buy Personal Information (03.23.06)

Information Week: Spitzer Alleges Firm Fraudulently Sold Personal Data From Millions (03.23.06)

Beta News: Data Loss Puts HP Employees At Risk (03.23.06)

Boston Globe: Stolen Fidelity laptop Held Info on Thousands of Customers (03.22.06)

KOMO (Seattle): IRS Allowing Tax Information To Be Sold? (03.21.06)

Information Week: The High Cost Of Data Loss (03.20.06) Judge Orders Google to Hand Over URLs... (03.20.06)

SecurityFocus: Debit-card Fraud Underscores Legal Loopholes (03.20.06)

Cincinnati Enquirer: Lead Paint Citations Opened Up (03.18.06)

CBS Ch. 4 (Boston): U.S. Banks Outsourcing Work Overseas (03.16.06)

San Diego Union Tribune: Lawsuit Asks for $10 Million in Civil Penalties, Restitution (03.15.06) Million-Dollar Payout in E-Mail Privacy Case (03.13.06)

FCW: Minn. Governor Offers Data Privacy Proposals (03.13.06)

San Diego Union Tribune: Implant ID Chips Called Big Advance, Big Brother (03.12.06)

Courier-Post: E-mail Monitoring Might have Pitfalls (03.12.06)

Washington Post: Everything You Ever Knew About Yourself -- for $79.95 (03.12.06)

Minnesota Daily: Pawlenty Looks to Alter Privacy Law (03.06.06)

San Luis Obispo Tribune: As the Cameras Roll, SLO Pits Security vs. Privacy (03.04.06)

Technology News: Can Legislation Stop Identity Theft? (03.01.06)


Information Week: Who's Watching Now? (02.27.06)

San Francisco Chronicle: Another Security Breach Reported (02.25.06)

Ledger-Enquirer: Security Giant's Data Lost (02.24.06) McAfee Staff Face ID Theft as Auditor Loses Data (02.24.06)

Washington Post: Do You Know Where Your Identity Is? (02.20.06)

Ch. 3 (WFSB): Errors on Background Checks Preventing Workers from Jobs (02.19.06)

Ch. 5 (WEWS): Banks Beginning To Outsource Jobs (02.17.06)

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Googling Love Interest Opens a Pandora's Box (02.12.06)

The Monitor: Risky Business? (02.11.06)

Hattiesburg American: Why hasn't Legislature Changed Law? (02.09.06)

CNN/Money: Worse than ID Theft...Hey, that ain't Me! (02.08.06)

Associated Press: Identity not Secure on Some Licenses (02.07.06)

Forbes: Social Security Nos., Licenses a Risky Mix (02.06.06)

Orange County Register: FedEx Fixing Data Leak (02.04.06)

BankRate: Scammers Target Your Cell Phone Records (02.03.06)

San Diego Reader: Social Security Numbers Up For Grabs (02.02.06)

Entrepreneur Magazine: Money Matters with Linda B.--Privacy (02.02.06)


Boston Globe: Globe and Worcester T&G Customer Credit Info Mistakenly Released (01.31.06)

Antelope Valley Press: ID Theft Experts Put Spotlight on Growing Crime (01.31.06)

Rocky Mountain News: Bill Would Seal Data Theft Gap (01.31.06) ChoicePoint's Far From Alone In Data Security Dungeon (01.28.06)

Orlando Sentinel: New 'Blink' Credit Card has Critics Concerned (01.27.06)

Pioneer Press: ID Theft to Cost Broker $15M (01.27.06)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: ID Theft Ends in Record Penalty (01.27.06)

Pioneer Press: Ameriprise Reports Data Theft (01.26.06)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Identity Theft Complaints Still Rising, but Rate Slows (01.26.06) Data Theft Hits Many Colleges, Study Shows (01.25.06)

San Antonio Express-News: Texans Beware: ID Thieves are Lurking (01.25.06)

Rock River Times: Feds Demand List of Web Users' Queries (01.25.06)

Anchorage Daily News: Bills Aim to Prevent Identity Thefts (01.24.06) Junk Fax Restrictions Put on Hold (01.24.06)

Baltimore Sun: Privacy at Center of Web Dispute (01.21.06)

LA Times: U.S. Obtains Internet Users' Search Records (01.20.06)

San Francisco Chronicle: A Look at How Thieves can Clean Your Account (01.20.06)

Daily Targum: Retailers Track Returns (01.17.05)

Rocky Mountain News: Refusal to Release 911 Tapes Debated (01.12.06)

Newsday: Database for Online R-rated Trailer Draws Worries (01.09.06)

NY Times: Waking Up to Recurring ID Nightmares (01.09.06) **

Tampa Tribune: Low-Tech Hacking (01.08.06)

Utica Observer-Dispatch: No Exceptions for Online Records (01.06.06)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Personnel Security (01.04.06)

Detriot Free Press: More are Savvy about ID Theft (01.04.06)

Denver Post: Background Checks Snare Innocent, Clear Criminals (01.03.06)

Orlando Sentinel: Financial Institutions Set Dubious Record for ID Theft (01.02.06)

Copley News Service: Spate of New State Laws has Something for All (01.01.06)

Associated Press: Background Checks Leave Some to Hang in the Balance (01.01.06)


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