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December 2007 Faces of Business 2007: Joanne McNabb, California privacy chief (12.30.07)


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December 2007 Faces of Business 2007: Joanne McNabb, California privacy chief (12.30.07)

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December 2007 Faces of Business 2007: Joanne McNabb, California privacy chief (12.30.07) Gift Receipt Good As Gold (12.25.07) Sensitive papers unguarded near Superior Court (12.22.07) Consumer Smarts with Phuong Cat Le (12.17.07) Cell Phone Directory (12.17.07) Bill collectors hound father over his son's old auto loan (12.16.07) takes an eraser to Web search (12.11.07) Don't let identity thieves wreck your holidays (12.09.07) Beacon Blunder Gives Users A Rude Awakening (12.07.07) Yorkshire firm is cleaning up (12.06.07) 'Return to sender' fails with junk mail, but flow can be slowed' (12.05.07)

Komotv.comThink credit, not debit, when shopping online (12.04.07)

Sci-tech-today.comEU Criticizes Social Networks for Privacy Flaws (12.04.07)


October/November 2007 Study: Cost of Data Breaches Rising (11.29.07) Grade-tampering probes rare for federal investigators here (11.29.07) Car's 'black box' and what it tells (11.24.07) Data Leak in Britain Affects 25 Million (11.22.07) Experts: Privacy and security officers living in silos (11.20.07) How safe is your identity? (11.17.07) At work, all e-mail can be public (11.16.07) The invisible man (11.09.07) Reverse 911' phone alerts win support in Silicon Valley (11.08.07) Data Protection for the Rest of Us (11.07.07) After ID theft, man finds tough road back to his good name (11.06.07) Experts warn of identity theft (11.05.07) Shell wants Southland to give it the finger (11.03.07) Shell Station Customers 'Pay by Touch' (10.31.07) Privacy and Consumer Groups Recommend "Do Not Track List" and Other Policy Solutions to Offer Consumers More Control Over Online Behavioral Tracking (10.31.07) And would madam prefer her ads relevant or irrelevant? (10.31.07) Court leaks info of alleged ID thief (10.23.07) Six Online Shopping Scams (10.09.07) Oregon credit report freeze law goes into effect (10.03.07)

September 2007 Cellular Information (09.30.07) TJX offers deal to end data breach suit (09.22.07) Teach your kids to stay clear of the dangers lurking online (09.22.07) MySpace Launches Targeted Ad Program (09.18.07) Call Kurtis: Cell Phone Number Directory (09.17.07)

L.A. Revealing facts you wouldn't volunteer (09.16.07) Employers tap credit data to screen job applicants (09.15.07) Low credit score could result in no job (09.14.07) Website Helps Callers Track Down Cell Numbers (09.13.07) Your loss of privacy is a package deal (09.12.07) Company says secure browsing is the future (09.10.07) Work e-mail is your company's property, not yours (09.10.07) Pfizer Loss Of Personal Data Prompts Backlash (09.09.07) Look up: Seattle cops may soon be watching (09.07.07)


August 2007

InfoWorld: 10 reasons to be paranoid (08.29.07)
(PRC contributions: "Get paranoid: Information brokers are bungling your data"
"Get paranoid: You are your own worst enemy" Report: Combined Consumer Education and Increased Security Measures Equal Reduced Identity Fraud (08.22.07) 158 Million Records Exposed (And Counting) (08.21.07) Thumbprints could finger Inland car scammers (08.20.07) Copious cameras troubling to ACLU (08.20.07) Google Street View raising eyebrows (08.13.07) Google raises privacy issue (08.13.07) Take-it-home data backup a risky practice (08.10.07) Specialists give edge to credit cards over debit (08.09.07) Google's watching streets of San Diego (08.09.07)

NBC-Ch7/39: Google 'Street-Maps' San Diego (08.07.07)

Free Internet Press: Southern California On Google Maps, Privacy Concerns Arise (08.07.07) Agency releases Social Security numbers by mistake (08.03.07) Care Needed When Using Debit Cards (08.01.07)

July 2007 Death records missing from office (07.31.07)

InsuranceNewsNet: ID Theft Protection Can Be Added to Homeowner's Insurance (07.30.07) Staying a step ahead of identity thieves (07.26.07)

TheMonitor,.com: Private medical information published on county Web site (07.23.07) Online, A Little Caution Goes A Long Way (07.23.07)

** Don't go there (07.22.07) Mistaken Identity (07.21.07) Beware the perils of debit cards (07.21.07) Quarterback sacked by Texas state Web site (07.19.07) Texas State Site Leaks Personal Data (07.19.07) Park Nicollet gets tough on snooping in patient files (07.19.07) Allegheny County birth date request disturbs attorneys (07.17.07) Big Brother can save you money (07.17.07) Debit cards can be used safely with precautions (07.15.07) Confidential data revealed on Encinitas' Web site (07.12.07) Could thumbprint have helped Lodi woman fight fraud? (07.10.07) Lax laptop security is a growing privacy concern (07.07.07) How to fight back when your identity is stolen (07.07.07) Yahoo's SmartAd Raises Privacy Concerns (07.04.07) Fidelity admits theft of data on 2.3m customers (07.04.07) 'Gen Plastic' Flouts Debit-Card Risk (07.03.07) Protect yourself from identity theft for free (07.01.07) Nonprofits And Data Breaches (07.01.07)


June 2007 lNew ID cards issued (06.25.07) Experts: Small risk of identity theft (06.23.07) Data breach concerns running rampant, survey finds (06.19.07) Snooping GPS may help teens drive safer (06.17.07) Breaches often don't lead to ID theft (06.16.07) Google called worst at protecting privacy (06.11.07) Can A Search Engine Know Too Much? (06.11.07) ID Theft Guardians Offer Protection For a Price (06.09.07)

MukilteoBeacon.Com: Patients’ privacy exposed on `Net (06.06.07) ChoicePoint Settles ID Theft Case, Licks Wounds (06.01.07)


May 2007

ThePost.Baker.Ohiou.Edu: OU to reduce use of Social Security numbers for identification purposes (May.31.07) me? (05.27.07) St. Paul / Files stolen, and identities used (05.27.07) Hacker hits CU, puts data of 45,000 students at risk (05.23.07) Papers with personal info found in Check into Cash's trash (05.23.07) Feeling camera shy: red-light cameras debate over their use continues (05.21.07) Probe launched into missing TSA hard drive (05.21.05)

eSchoolNews: District posts confidential data online (05.21.07) On Deadline: Oops — student info was posted on Web (05.17.07) IPS accidentally releases records (05.16.07) Confidential student data posted online (05.16.07) AGs Take Steps to Evict Predators From MySpace (05.14.07) Lost: hard drive with information of 100,000 employees in US (05.08.07) Probe launched into missing TSA hard drive (05.07.07)

TheNews& Personal info goes public (05.06.07) Federalized ID card plan sparks national debate (05.06.07) Is ID theft protection worth paying for? (05.03.07) ID recertification plan could be costly (05.02.07) 'REAL ID' debate held at UCD today (05.02.07) Personal data stolen from Virginia agency (05.01.07) UC-Davis hosts Real ID Act hearing (05.01.07) Printing firm fired after privacy breach (05.01.07) Concern mounts ahead of REAL ID gathering (05.01.07)

April 2007 ID theft a universal risk (04.30.07) Vigilance a Solid ID Theft Defense (04.27.07) ID theft protection services can be costly Dash of savings, slice of spending improve budget pie (04.23.07) President's Task Force to Unveil Identity Theft Plan (04.23.07) The price of security (04.23.07) Is identity theft protection worth paying for? (04.22.07) ID theft spawns an industry (04.21.07) President's task force to unveil ID theft plan (04.21.07) President's task force to unveil ID theft plan (04.20.07) Data Mining for E-Tail Gold (4.20.07) Businesses face receipt lawsuits (04.19.07) Couple look out for consumers through work at center at USD (04.17.07)

Bradenton Herald: Identity thefts generate protection trade (04.17.07) Got you covered (04.17.07) Job Seekers Can Correct Inaccuracies in Credit Reports (04.16.07) Is ID theft protection worth it? (04.16.07) Security breached at UCSF (04.15.07) TJX data theft doesn't deter bargain shoppers (04.14.07) TJX Thieves Had Time to Steal, Trip Up (04.13.07) Lost: Disk with personal information of 2.9 million US residents (04.10.07) Disk with personal information of 2.9 million Georgia residents lost while in possession of breach-prone Affiliated Computer Services (04.10.07)

SCMagazine: Unknown number of victims in Hortica Insurance backup tape loss (04.09.07) Ohio's open-access rules bring ID-theft concerns (04.08.07) Privacy advocates blast Galvin. Critics want private data off state Web site(04.06.07) Groups call on Galvin to disable Web links to personal data (04.05.07) IRS Found Lax in Protecting Taxpayer Data (04.05.07) Data theft from at least 45.7 million cards believed to be biggest hack

The Journal News: TJX acknowledges breadth of data theft (04.01.07)

The Salt Lake Tribune: Theft of card data claims 45.7 million victims (04.01.07)

March 2007 Who's guarding your data in the cybervault? (03.31.07) 45.7M had data stolen in TJX hacking incident (03.30.07)

Northwest Herald: Hackers steal shoppers' data (03.30.07) Discounter ID theft may be largest ever (03.30.07) Data swiped from 45 million cards (03.30.07) Data stolen from 45.7 million cards (03.30.07)

Orlando Sentinel: TJX data theft could be the largest ever (03.30.07) Data Theft Believed to Be Biggest Hack (03.30.07) Data theft from at least 45.7 million cards believed to be biggest hack (03.30.07) Nearly 46 Million Credit Card Numbers Stolen (03.30.07) TJX acknowledges breadth of data theft (03.30.07) Which is Safer--Credit or Debit? (03.30.07) Data theft from 45.7M credit cards revealed (03.30.07) TJX data breach now called world's largest (03.30.07)

The LA Tips for preventing ID theft (03.30.07) Data theft believed to be biggest hack (03.29.07) T.J. Maxx data theft could be largest ever (03.29.07)

NCTimes: Data theft from at least 45.7 million cards believed to be biggest hack (03.29.07) Data Theft Believed to Be Biggest Hack (03.29.07) How to Guard Your Privacy (03.28.07) TJX Says Info From 45.7M Cards Stolen (03.28.07) Pasta, Meatballs and Credit Card Theft (03.28.07)

The Daily Iberian: SS numbers accessed (03-27-07) ] Virtual nightclubbing gets hot (03-22-07) Stolen TJX data used in Florida credit card fraud ring; Arkansas organization sues to see firm's data protection (03.21.07)

The Eagle Tribune: Alleged ID theft victim has been battling problems for nearly a decade (03-21-07) Google to anonymise older search data (03.19.07)

Home News Tribune: Most crime by repeat offenders (03.18.07)

Tech News World: Google's Big Privacy Move - Close but No Cigar (03.16.07)

SC Magazine: Google to anonymize older search data (03.16.07) Law creates medical records maze (03.15.07) Major US medical services company loses 75 000 personal files (03.15.07) Protect Your Financial Privacy (03.12.07)

Red Herring: Securing ID: Startups peddle protection, but convincing users won’t be easy. (03.12.07) Protect Your Financial Privacy (03.12.07) UW online class offers job seekers new skills (03.12.07)

** UI put staff data on Web (03.10.07) Foulup shows Social Security data to other state taxpayers (03.08.07)

The Appalachian: Protecting yourself against identity theft (03.06.07) State scrambles over HIV privacy (03.03.07)

** Citizens replacing scam victims’ cards (03.01.07)

The Appalachian: Appalachian student, victim of identity theft, shares experience (03.01.07)

February 2007

The Appalachian Online: Identity theft can happen to anyone (02.27.07) No escape from hell of junk fax (02.23.07)

CNet.News: Flickr shows a little too much skin (02.22.07)

Columbus Dispatch: Laptops with Chase data stolen (02.21.07)

Palm Beach Post: 30 states investigating hacking of retailers (02.20.07)

Star Bulletin: Costly to alter, Medicare cards will carry SSNs (02-20-07)

USA Today: Cellphones becoming pocket-size banks (2.13.07) Debate growing over data security (02.09.07) Hopkins: Personal data missing (02.08.07) ID-theft losses decline by 12% (02.02.07)

Washington FTC Issues Fraud and ID Theft Data for 2006 (02.02.07) Identity theft down, but still costly (02.01.07)

January 2007

Information Week: Attorney General's Credit-Card Theft Highlights Prosecution Problems (01.25.07)

KGTV Ch. 10: New 24 Hour Fitness System Gives Fingers Workout (01.25.07)

ABC New Techniques for Protecting Your Identity (01.24.07)

SeattlePI New Source: Consumer Smarts: Free services target identity theft (01.23.07)

Computer World: Bogus Numbers (01.22.07)

Asbury Park Press: Dangerous waters (01.22.07)

KGTV Ch. 10: Credit Companies Get Personal To Stop ID Theft (01.22.07)

Rockford register Star: UTC employees’ pension data stolen (01.19.07)

Kansas City Star: TJX discloses theft of data from computer system (01.19.07) TJX Says Customer Data Was Stolen (01.18.07)

The Boston Globe: Firms face pressure to encrypt data (01.18.07) Spooking Data Thieves: Tales From the Encryption (01.18.07)

Family Security Matters Exclusive: What To Do About Illegal Aliens – Part II (01.16.07) Altria employees' data missing (01.12.07)

Spokesman Review: UI theft spurs alert (01.12.07) New bid to protect your data (01.12.07)

ZD.Net: Senator revives data leak proposals (01.11.07)

Pilot Kaine: a Do-Not-Sell List would protect our privacy (06.10.07)

Boston Herald: Harvard bias case involves job, credit report (01.09.07)

NBC-2: Banks using identity quizzes to combat ID theft (01.04.07)


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