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DECEMBER 2008 What I learned when thieves stole my identity (12.30.08) Modern-day grave robbers: Identity thieves leave no stone unturned (12.30.08) Returning your presents may be harder this year (12.28.08) Retailers reacting frostily to merchandise returns (12.27.08) Tips for returning items to stores (12.27.08) ConsumerMan: Retailers Relax Return Policies (12.27.08) Returning presents may be harder this year, as merchants use databases to keep track (12.26.08) Should police reports ask for personal ID? (12.24.08) Acceptable fraud losses is no longer good business: A call to implement EMV in the U.S. (12.24.08) No Phone? No Problem For Debt Collectors (12.22.08) Imation lab tests reveal data leak risks (12.20.08) Hackers strikes LCCC system (12.20.08) Privacy groups ask Obama for stronger FTC (12.16.08) Before you return that unwanted holiday gift... (12.16.08) Data Breaches: Ignorance Is Dangerous (12.15.080 Open Letter From SESTA Calls For Tighter USB Security (12.15.08) Imation Finds Serious Data Leak Risks Due to Improper Tape Destruction (12.13.08) Before you click on that online coupon... (12.10.08) Preventing electronic security breaches still comes down to the fundamentals (12.08.08) Check liability for data breaches (12.04.08) Are campus ID programs gambling with student privacy? (12.04.08) 'PII Quest' Launched To Combat ID Theft, Over $70K in Victim Loss Prevented Thus Far (12.03.08) Consumer Alert: Determined Debt Collectors (12.02.08) Carnegie Mellon CyLab survey unveils major gap (12.02.08) Carnegie Mellon CyLab Survey Unveils Major Gap in the Way U.S. Boards and CEOs Manage Cyber Risks (12.02.08) Utimaco Overviews the Pending “Perfect Storm” of Data Breaches over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend (12.01.08)

October-November 2008 Gift-hunting season: If you go out (11.28.08) Prying Eyes Are Watching You -- Behind the Wheel (11.27.08) Police say phone scammers targeting the elderly (11.22.08) Don't confuse the economy with data privacy (11.21.08) So long, Pittgirl -- we hardly knew you (11.19.08) Car black box? Do they violate privacy? (11.18.08) Car Black Boxes (11.18.08) Data breach puts 333,000 dental patients' records at risk (11.17.08) State laptop thefts leave data exposed (11.15.08) The cost of losing yourself (11.15.08) Bosses checking up on workers via Facebook (11.14.08) Bosses checking up on workers via Facebook: Profiles full of wild party pics and offensive talk might just put you out of the running for that promotion. (11.14.08) Privacy Crusaders Launch Class Action Against NebuAd (11.14.08) State failed to encrypt private data (11.14.08) Hacker accesses UF dental patient data (11.13.08) Schools Suffer One-Third of Total U.S. Data Breaches (11.13.08) Guide helps you track specialty consumer reports - ConsumerWise by Sheryl Harrisb (11.12.08) Specialty consumer reporting agencies are collecting information about you (11.11.08) Privacy and Consumer Information at Risk in Schools (11.11.08) Seagate intros 500 GB self-encrypting laptop drives (11.10.08) Getting more junk mail? It may be a political issue (11.08.08) Express Scripts, FBI investigate extortion, security breach (11.07.08) Express Scripts receives extortion threat (11.07.08) FBI Investigates Data Theft Blackmail Scheme (11.07.08) Breaches Shake Faith in E-payments (11.06.08) Card breaches shake faith in e-payments (11.06.08) After laptop theft, Baylor Health warns of possible data compromise (11.06.08) political soap opera plays out via e-mail (10.31.08) Beware Of Zombie Debt Collectors( 10.31.08) Security and Financial Risks of Data Breaches Grow as Some IT Departments Inadvertently Expose Data by Improperly Retiring Data Storage Products (10.029.08) Data breaches at state, local agencies expose data about millions (10.20.08) Is ID Theft Insurance Worth Recommending to Agency Clients (10.09.08) Don't assume all credit protection services are worth the cost (10.07.08) ID protection can be do-it-yourself (10.07.08) Data Center Encryption Is Key To Security (10.04.08) Parental Influence and Teens' Attitude Toward Online Privacy Protection (10.02.08) California laws will increase penalties for patient data snoopers (10.01.08)

September 2008 Identity Fraud, Part 3: Taking the Target Off Your Back (09.30.08) Identity Fraud, Part 2: Digging Yourself Out of the Wreckage (09.29.08) Identity Fraud, Part 1: A $45 Billion Snowball (09.27.08) Identity Theft Protection Expert and One You Security: Irresponsibility Joins Outright Crime as Catalyst for Identity Theft (09.22.08) Free: Surviving an FTC Investigation After a Data Breach (09.18.08) Google wins porn probe fight (09.15.08) Thousands exposed by AT&T hack (09.15.08) Zaba to Offer Privacy-Bashing Blogs, Paid Listings (09.15.08) Countrywide alerts victims of data theft (09.13.08) Countrywide alerts customers to security breach (09.12.08) How Politicians Get Your Phone Number (09.05.08) Self-Encrypting Storage and Usage of the Trusted Platform Module Will Prevent Most Data Breaches (09.10.08) Countrywide warns customers to be alert for ID theft (09.10.08) ID protection can be do-it-yourself (09.07.08) The Implanted Radio-Frequency Identification Chip: "Smart Cards" in a Surveillance Society (09.06.08) ID leaks (09.01.08)


August 2008 Identity Theft Protection Expert and One You Security: Total Reported Data (08.28.08) Identity theft protection service cuts price (08.27.08) Identity Theft: It’s Not that Hard (08.26.08) Guide to handling personal information security breaches released (08.25.08 Anyone can be target of ID theft (08.24.08) Cameras keeping an eye on neighborhoods (08.24.08) Thwarting Identity Theft (08.22.08) Dangerous Cybersilence (08.19.08) Protegrity's Defiance Threat Management System Selected Top Web Application Firewall (08.19.08) Institutions of higher learning encourage openness on their networks, but find they must impose controls, says Deb Radcliff. (08.19.08) Public Records Can Contain Personal Information (08.18.08) New location technologies worry privacy advocates (08.17.08) What you can do to protect yourself from ID theft (08.16.08) New location technologies worry privacy guardians (Feature) (08.16.08) Services introduced by Yahoo let users broadcast location (08.15.08) Identity Theft: Lender Countrywide's Insider Case (08.14.08) Identity Theft Protection Expert and One You Security: Study Suggests that Government Mishandles Social Security Numbers (08.14.08) Privacy worry over location data (08.14.08) Yahoo introduces service that lets users broadcast their location (08.13.08) State's drivers can monitor driving habits with black box' for insurance rates (08.13.08) It's Easy Being Green: Clearing a Cluttered Mailbox (08.13.08) Employees at Charter told data was stolen (08.13.08) Yahoo introduces service that lets users broadcast their location (08.13.08) Many falI prey to ID 'cloning' (08.13.08) I.D. theft: Digital defense is required in a disaster (08.11.08) Simple steps to protect yourself from ID theft
Be vigilant in checking statements, and monitor your credit report
(08.10.08) Credit-union security breach prompts lawsuit (08.07.08) How to Keep Corporate Secrets a Secret (08.07.08) Crafty crooks making ID theft more common (08.07.08) Simple steps to protect yourself from ID theft (08.07.08) Bill Would Let Insurers Track Where, When, How Californians Drive (08.07.08) Chertoff announces biggest ID-theft bust (08.06.08) Government Gets a 'C' on Data Protection (08.05.08) Consumer Reports Investigation Reveals Government Among Biggest Sources of ID Leaks (08.05.08) Countrywide Insider Steals 2 Million People’s Information (08.04.08) Little-known provisions of housing bill (08.03.08) Countrywide Insider Stealing Two Million Personal Records is a Drop in the Data Compromise Bucket (08.03.08) Countrywide Insider Steals 2 Million People’s Information (08.02.08) Countrywide insider stole mortgage applicants' data, FBI says (08.02.08) Anheuser-Busch says data loss affects employees (08.01.08)

July 2008 Identity-Theft Monitoring Services Offer False Sense of Security (07.31.08) ID theft monitoring services a 'waste of money'(07.30.08) Debix identity-theft protection service is newly cheap, might work (07.30.08) Privacy group says identity-theft monitoring services may be a waste of money (07.29.08) ‘Pay-as-you-drive’ insurance catching on (07.28.08) Identity theft protection service cuts price (07.28.08) MTSU will scan hands instead of school IDs (07.27.08) MTSU adopting hand scans for student IDs (07.26.08) Confidentialité : les bibliothécaires doivent lutter contre les DRM (07.25.08) Tinley Park Moves to Better Protect Residents' Financial Info (07.24.08) Hundreds sign up for free Equifax (07.24.08) Compliance does not guarantee security (07.24.08) Hand scans added to MTSU's ID system (07.20.08) Is pay-as-you-go car insurance a viable alternative? (07.18.08) Allegations Against San Francisco Network Admin Put Insider Threat Talk in the Spotlight (07.17.08) Guidelines on card rort reporting (07.15.08) State considers pay-as-you-drive auto insurance (07.15.08) Take Two Hackers and VoIP me in the Morning (07.11.08) How Ready Is Your Company to Respond to a Data Breach? (07.10.08) INTERNET LAW - NY Court Orders YouTube User Records Released (07.09.08) Google homepage link mollifies privacy campaigners (07.07.08) Privacy groups to Google: What took you so long? (07.07.08) Google Responds To Privacy Critics with Link To Policy (07.07.08) Privacy groups to Google: What took you so long? (07.07.08) Google Changes Homepage, Adding Privacy Link (07.07.08) Google Caves, Adds Link to Privacy Policy on Homepage (07.07.08) Responding to Critics, Google Adds Privacy Link to Home Page (07.06.08) Google Makes Changes to Homepage, Adding Privacy Link (07.05.08) Privacy advocates praise Google's new link (07.05.08) Google Homepage Adds Privacy Link (07.04.08) Background Checks In Today's Job Market (07.03.08) Security Analysis: The Case For Disclosing Breach Data (07.02.08) California Expands Identity Theft Prosecution (07.02.08) Advocates Say Librarians Have Crucial Rule To Preserve Privacy (07.01.08) Credit checks for job applicants become more common (07.01.08) They watch you shop (07.01.08)


June 2008 Anatomy of a data breach: Security from the inside out (06.27.08) Attention, Shoppers: Soon Nielsen May Be Rating You (06.27.08) Security breach compromises 5,000 social security numbers at Consumer Affairs (06.26.08) Customers urged to stay vigilant (06.26.08) Finance companies slap fines on retail (06.24.08) Medicare resists removing SSNs from cards (06.23.08) CNET Employees Notified After Data Breach (06.23.08) Stanford University data breach leaks sensitive information of approximately 62,000 employees (06.23.08) Beware of data thieves: Information can be easy prey for hackers (06.19.08) istockanalyst.comMergers and Acquisitions - A Weekly Recap (06.16.08) Tips for protecting yourself against ID theft (06.15.08) Free credit report is just a start (06.15.08) A year later, victims of state blunder still wary (06.15.08)

California lawmaker puts Google on notice about missing link to privacy policy (06.12.08) Cyber liability (06.11.08) Personal Data Breached Online, UF Warns 11,300 (06.11.08) Google Would Support Federal Privacy Laws (06.11.08) LifeLock's identity protection hardly infallible, suits contend (06.10.08) Experts say consumers can minimize fraud risk (06.10.08) Stanford employees' data on stolen laptop (06.08.08) Give this credit monitor strategy a look (06.07.08) Google in Breach of California Privacy Laws (06.06.08) Snooping Into Health Records Often Unnoticed (06.06.08) Researchers Track Movements Of Mobile Users (06.06.08) Groups Call for Investigation of ISP Ad Targeting (06.06.08) Campaigners call for Google privacy policy link (06.06.08) Jerry Brown's Rx for drug abuse: the Internet (06.05.08) A Father Fights ‘Doctor Shopping’ for Prescription Drugs (06.05.08) Scientists Study Human Movements Through Secret Cell Phone Tracking (06.05.08) Google Trapped Over Privacy Policy Visibility Location (06.05.08) Google feels wrath of privacy groups (06.05.08) Advocacy Groups, Google Argue Over Privacy Policy Link (06.04.08) Google stingy with its privacy policy (06.04.08) Google chief exec targeted over privacy policy (06.04.08) Google Gets More Pressure From Privacy Groups (06.04.08) The importance of the P word (06.04.08) Google's Missing Link (06.04.08) Google Caught in Privacy Teapot Tempest Over Link Location (06.04.08) Google stingy with its privacy policy (06.04.08) Privacy Rights Group, Google In Row Over Missing Link To Privacy Policy (06.03.08) Privacy Rights Groups Don't Want To Google Google's Privacy Policy (06.03.08) Google asked to add home page link to privacy policies (06.03.08) Google attacked over privacy policy visibility (06.03.08) Google accused over privacy law (06.03.08) Google Asked to Add Link to Privacy Policies (06.03.08) Privacy advocates criticize Google home page (06.03.08) Google needs link to privacy policy on homepage, say privacy groups (06.03.08) Calls for Google homepage privacy link (06.03.08) For Laptops, Encryption Isn’t Everything — But it’s a Fine Start (06.02.08) Is GPS Big Help Or Big Brother? (06.01.08)

May 2008 "Glitch" gives customer access to other Charter accounts (05.30.08) ‘Pay-as-you-drive’ insurance catching on (07.28.08) Identity theft protection service cuts price (07.28.08) Storm brews over subdivision (05.28.08) ALA Receives Grant to Help Protect Digital Privacy (05.27.08) WorkZone: Companies have to be careful when keeping an eye on employees(05.26.08) Laptop losers hall of shame (05.26.08) The Telematics Revolution Will be Advertised ... in Your Dash (05.26.08) Get set to have ads on board (05.25.08) Pending merger would combine billions of data files (05.24.08) People's Bank customers at risk from data breach (05.23.08) Feds encrypt 800,000 laptops; 1.2 million to go (05.22.08) ID-protection ads come back to bite pitchman (05.22.08) NY Governor signs Idenitty Theft Legislation (05.22.08) Guard Against ID Theft While Deployed (05.21.08)

** Small Lapses Can Lead to Identity Theft (05.21.08) Getting real about Real ID (05.17.08) Consumer Smarts: Merchant's request for SSN can put shopper in a tough bind (05.12.08) ID Theft Monitoring Services: What You Need To Know (05. 09.08) E-mail glitch sends out Princeton grads' Social Security numbers (05.09.08) Tower Club leaks alumni members' social security numbers (05.09.08) Identity Theft' Is A Misnomer (05.07.08) All about the IRS rebate numbering system (05.06.08) Consumer identity-theft protection services: What works? (05.06.08) DIY identity-theft protection: A 12-step program (05.06.08) Spewing data (05.04.08) ‘Breach’ investigation continues (05.02.08) Credit Card Fraud: How Big Is The Problem? (05.02.08) Lifelock Sales Surge Despite Critics (05.01.08) Strengthen identity protections (05.01.08) Identity-Theft Protection: What Services Can You Trust? (05.01.08)


April 2008 States faulted over privacy breaches; tighter security urged (04.30.08) Identity-Theft Protection: What Services Can You Trust? (04.30.08) Cutting Down on Catalogs (04.23.08) Identity theft concerns continue (04.23.08)

Pre-emptive strategy best approach to breach notification (04.23.08) Personal info at risk in laptop theft (04.22.08) Struggling to Comply With PCI Standards? Start With SSO (04.21.08) Five Common Scams That Target Job Hunters (04.21.08) Limit your exposure (04.21.08) A year later, victims of state blunder still wary (06.15.08) Cybercrooks winning fight for info on Web (04.14.08) WellPoint Customer Data Compromised (04.09.08) WellPoint customer information exposed (04.08.08) RSA Live: Day Two (Update 3) (04.08.08) Value Added: Social Networking 101 (04.08.08) The FBI’s next generation identification database (04.07.08) 'Going green' offers means for you to save some green (04.06.08) An Inconvenient Lack of Truth (04.04.08) ABC Ch. 4: U.S. Lacks Gov't Agency To Stop ID Thefts (04.02.08) CSI: Target (04.02.08) Top 10 reasons to be paranoid (04.01.08)


March 2008 Privacy notices are worth reading to keep your information secure (03.31.08) No Fail-Safe Identity Protection (03.30.08) No sure bets in personal data security (03.28.08)

LATimes.comState to take up unlisted number fees (03.28.08) Are you at risk for identity theft? (03.27.08) The truth about e-mail (03.26.08) Paying for ID Theft Protection Is Not Necessary (03.26.08) Patient data exposed online (03.26.08) Your ID-Theft Prevention Kit (03.26.08) Santee pastor receives a presidential pardon (03.26.08) Caution urged after Hannaford breach (03.25.08) Charter to sell digital-cable data to Nielsen (03.23.08) Do-It-Yourself ID Protection (03.23.08) Charter to sell digital-cable data to Nielsen (03.23.08) Do-It-Yourself ID Protection (03.23.08) Continuing Legal Education Seminar for Legal Document Assistants (03.21.08) Terrifying Computer Owners Part IX (03.21.08) Fraud Alert, Credit Freeze Can Protect Your Finances (03.20.08) Grocery Chain Data Breach Extends Security Debate (03.19.08) Breach of Britney Spears patient data reported (03.19.08) Pennsylvania Yanks Voter Site After Data Leak (03.19.08) Pennsylvania pulls plug on voter site after data leak (03.19.08) Life At Work: Work Number compiles employment info for firms (03.19.08) Millions at risk in security breach (03.19.08) Breach Exposes 4.2M Credit, Debit Cards (03.19.08) Grocery Chain Data Breach Extends Security Debate (03.19.08) Pennsylvania pulls plug on voter site after data leak (03.19.08) Grocery Chain Data Breach Extends Security Debate (03.19.08) Grocery Chain Data Breach Extends Security Debate (03.19.08) Sweetbay Breach Underscores Credit, Debit Card Risks (03.19.08) Fraud Alert, Credit Freeze Can Protect Your Finances (03.19.08) East Coast data breach exposes 4.2 million accounts, causes 1,800 known cases of fraud (03.19.08) Grocer's data stolen; 1,800 fraud cases (03.19.08) 1,800 fraud cases follow Hannaford’s data breach (03.18.08) Supermarket Sweep: 4.1M Credit Cards Exposed (03.18.08)

APNewsBreak: Hannaford supermarket chain reports data breach (03.17.08) Breach exposes 4.2M credit, debit cards (03.17.08) Watching You Through Your Money (03.17.08) Credit Card or Bank Transaction: Somebody Watches (03.14.08) Charter to sell L.A. TV viewing data (03.13.08) Don't let credit card numbers slip away (03.12.08) Stopping junk mail (03.09.08) 25,000 student photos had no login protection (03.04.08) Death Threat Lurking In Your Inbox? (03.03.08)

February 2008 LifeLock founder promotes tighter security (02.26.08) CSO Disclosure Series | User Education: How to Respond to a Data Breach Disclosure (02.23.08) Seniors' Identity Theft Dilemma (02.22.08) Two huge data firms to merge (02.22.08) Google, Cleveland hospital begin pilot online medical records project (02.22.08) Reed Elsevier acquires ChoicePoint in $4.1 billion deal (02.21.08) Companies To Sell Photos Of San Diego Homes (02.18.08) Data encryption requirement sought (02.16.08) Pass It On | How to Avoid Tax Scams (02.014.08) Woman sues Best Buy for $54M in alleged lost-laptop coverup (02.14.08) Loophole around Do Not Call list (02.11.08) The Anonymity Experiment (02.08.08) Seniors' Identity Theft Dilemma (02.07.08) Industry giants lobby to kill pro-consumer data-breach legislation (02.05.08) Identity Theft Crisis (02.05.08) When To Freeze?: Blocking Access Is A Tool To Use Carefully (02.04.08)

January 2008 January, A Popular Month For Identity Thieves: (01.26.08) HMO’s health data stolen (01.25.08) Guess who knows how much you earn each week? (01.20.08) ID theft and tax time (01.20.08) Do-not-call registry likely to be renewed (01.19.08) Lost Laptop Exposes Nashville Voters to Identity Theft (01.19.08) REAL ID Regulation enacted - there goes the neighborhood! (01.17.08) Nashville laptop theft may cost $1 million (01.14.08) Do-Not-Call Registry Headed for Renewal (01.10.08) California merges key departments to combat electronic identity theft (01.04.08)




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