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December A Decade in Plastic: Hits, Misses and Also-Rans (12.23.09) Five Myths About Cybersecurity (12.21.09) Iris Taylor’s Consumer Watch: Shopping online? Be wary of third-party merchants (12.20.09) Privacy advocates target Facebook (12.18.09) Privacy Groups File FTC Complaint Over Changes to Facebook (12.18.09) Privacy groups bring Facebook complaints to FTC (12.18.09) Facebook Privacy Changes Break the Law, Privacy Groups Tell FTC (12.17.09) Privacy Group Files Complaint on Facebook Changes (12.17.09) Watchdog files complaint over Facebook 'privacy' settings (12.17.09) Privacy Group Files FTC Complaint About Facebook (12.17.09) Groups Urge FTC to Investigate Facebook Privacy (12.17.09) Facebook Privacy Complaint Ignites War of Words (12.17.09) National data breach notification bill passed in U.S. House (12.10.09) Yahoo Tool Gives Users a Say in What Ads They See (12.07.09) The hidden costs of identity theft (12.07.09) Facebook Hones Privacy Settings, Scraps Regional Networks (12.02.09)

November Unemployment driving up demand to get criminal records expunged or sealed. (11.30.09) Noteworthy Website: PrivacyRights.Org (11.30.09) 12 biggest data breaches of the past 12 months (11.29.09) Is your date a 'stud or dud?' Ask your phone (11.25.09) Big Brother is watching (11.24.09) Groups challenge CVS Caremark practices (11.23.09) 4 On Your Side: Fabulous Freebies (11.20.09) Holiday Shopping? Ten Timely Tips (11.19.09) The Dangers of Using a Debit Card (11.18.09) Online Freebies Found Fast (11.18.09) Agencies release new models for consumer privacy rights notices (11.18.09) Online Privacy Watchdogs Hammer Away on Capitol Hill (11.17.09) Online freebies with no strings attached (11.16.09) Sophisticated parcel mule scam unpicked (11.13.09) Shoppers face risk with debit cards (11.12.09) Consumer Action / If a business wants your Social Security number, ask why (11.11.09) FTC uses kid gloves on ChoicePoint's 2nd data breach (11.11.09) New Security Technology From Dearborn Firm (11.10.09) Credit Report Catch (11.10.09) How to Get a Free Credit Report That's Really Free (11.09.09) A popular free credit report company is not really free (11.09.09) Small firms more susceptible to cyber crime (11.06.09) Senate Panel Clears Data Breach Bills (11.05.09) (Ch. 11) Some companies demand prospective employees' credit reports (11.05.09) Senate Committee Passes Data Breach Laws (11.05.09) Google to unveil new privacy controls (11.05.09) National Task Force to Deal with ID Theft (11.05.09) Call to regulate debt-relief companies (11.03.09)

October When you're hit by a big data breach (10.29.09) When You're Hit By A Big Data Breach (10.28.09) Five Vulnerabilities That Lead To Identity Theft (10.27.09) Intersections Inc. Launches 'Identity Exposure & Trust' Consumer Awareness Campaign (10.21.09) States' weapon of choice against ID theft: Transparency (10.21.09) Where there's flu, there's panic (10.20.09) Ready to shred (10.16.09) Know your rights with debt collectors (10.14.09) Schwarzenegger Vetoes Update to California Privacy Law (10.13.09) Dozens are charged in online banking scam (10.07.09) States' weapon of choice against ID theft: Transparency 10.07.09) The Downside of Debit Cards (10.07.09) 10 ways to protect yourself from data breaches (10.07.09) Code or Clear? Encryption Requirements (Part 4) (10.05.09) Consumer Watch: ID-theft protection for less (10.04.09) States' weapon of choice against ID theft: Transparency (10.02.09) It’s Eleven O’Clock: Do You Know Whose Fingerprints are on Your Credit Card Data? (10.01.09)

September Will your privacy be compromised online? (09.29.09) Richard Holober: Landmark privacy law deserves an update (09.27.09) Mystery box of personal papers raises ID theft issues (09.18.09) Go green by reducing junk mail (09.15.09) Danville family advocates of drug monitoring (09.15.09) 3 Ways to Thwart ID Thieves at the Mall (09.14.09) Congress Urged To Enact Consumer Privacy Guarantees(09.08.09) Privacy advocates seek behavioral advertising regulation (09.06.09) Privacy advocates want regulation of behavioral advertising (09.03.09) Privacy Advocates Call for Behavioral Targeting Limits (09.03.09) Privacy Group To Congress: Stop Online Advertisers In Their Tracks (09.02.09) Consumer Groups Call For Greater Online Privacy (09.02.09) Online Behavioral Tracking and Targeting: Legislative Primer September 2009 (09.02.08) Consumer Groups Slam Behavioral Tracking (09.02.09) Group urges Congress to pass privacy laws (09.02.09) Behavioral Tracking, or, Spying on You (09.02.09) Is your health privacy at risk? (09.02.09) Privacy Groups Urge Congress to Toughen Up on Online Ads (09.01.09) Privacy Group Coalition Urges Data Regulation (09.01.09) Privacy groups press US Congress for online safeguards (09.01.09) Washington, D.C.: Consumer And Privacy Groups Urge Congress to Enact Consumer Privacy Guarantees (09.01.09) Consumer and Privacy Groups Urge Congress to Enact Consumer Privacy Guarantees (09.01.09)

August 2009 Curbs urged for behavioural ads (08.31.09) Social Security numbers facilitate identity theft (08.30.09) Unhappy consumers turning to Twitter, and companies see a customer-service tool (08.30.09) Are government agencies helping identity thieves get their hands on our personal information? (08.28.09) Bernanke Personal Bank Account Struck By ID Theft (08.28.09) Bernanke target of identity theft (08.28.09) FTC is putting an end to most robo calls (08.28.09) Bernanke's personal bank account struck by ID theft (08.27.09) Social network privacy study finds identity link to cookies (08.26.09) Madoff Victims: Will Homeowners Insurance Help? (08.25.09) Secure Our Systems (08.25.09) Whistleblower tips come in all shapes and sizes (08.24.09) It’s important to know your rights with debt collectors (08.24.09) County Commission To Receive FACTA Information, Hold Three Public Hearings (08.23.09) Police cruiser cameras raise civil liberty concerns (08.22.09) New federal rules will ban most robocalls next month  (08.22.09) Police cruiser cameras raise civil liberty concern (08.22.09) Hackers gained access to UMass info (08.21.09) KANA Response Helps Customers with PCI Standards (08.21.09) Stopping Junk Mail (08.20.09) Just Ask Gemalto: When should I give out my social security number? (08.19.09) More than 660 Banks Hit by Hacker; What to Do About It (08.19.09) Hacking case shows U.S. vulnerability to breaches (08.18.09) What Consumers Should Know About the Breach (08.18.09) Learning From the Heartland Credit Card Breach (08.17.09) Consumer Coalition Announces August Legislative Priorities (08.17.09) Online, your private life is searchable (08.16.09) Students make for juicy identity targets (08.14.09) Should your credit report disqualify you for a job? (08.14.09) Should your credit report disqualify you for a job? (08.11.09) Google Apps: Are privacy and security concerns being misplaced by the media? (08.10.09) Affinion Security Center Helps College Students Fend Off Identity Thieve (08.05.09) Your credit card can be compromised by weak security (08.04.09) Choose a hacker-proof password (08.01.09)

July 2009 WinMagic Applauds Quocirca’s Latest Data Protection Report (07.28.09) Leahy Takes Third Shot at Data Breach (07.27.09) Thumbing their noses Customers take umbrage over bank policy requiring thumbprints (07.26.09) Cellphone map services give parents and account holders ability to find plan cellphone location within seconds (07.17.09) ACLU And Other Privacy Groups Ask Lawmakers To Oppose “Pass ID Act” (07.13.09) 18 groups call for stopping the 'Pass ID' act - Stopping Big Brother? (07.13.09) Tips for fighting identity theft (07.08.09)

** Experts Say Universities Susceptible to Data Breaches (07.07.09) Weak security opens door to hackers (07.06.09) Going on a trip? Keep tweets discreet (07.06.09) Cameras add security, but invade privacy (07.06.09) Is data safe at UF? (07.06.09) Practical Analysis: Why Aren't We Better At Protecting Data? (07.04.09)

June 2009 Know your debt-collection rights (06.24.09) Clear Blue Security Helps Merchants and Retail Businesses Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance Through Security Software (06.23.09) Clear Blue Security Helps Merchants and Retail Businesses Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance Through Security Software (06.23.09) TECH: Weak security opens door to credit card hacks (06.21.09) Banks and credit card security, where's the outrage? (06.18.09) Card breach at Suncoast Schools credit union part of larger hacker trend (06.17.09) Weak security enables credit card hacks (06.15.09) Credit Card Processors Fail To Ensure Security For Consumers (06.15.09) Weak Security Enables Credit Card Hacks (06.14.09) 4 On Your Side: Debt Collectors (06.11.09) Consumers Groups Urge FCC Regulation Of BT (06.10.09) Obama Administration Waffles in “Defense” of California’s Financial Privacy Law (06.10.09) NY Governor Paterson Announces Bills To Increase Consumer Protections And Help Prevent Fraud (06.08.09) Be prudent about sharing vacation data online (06.07.09) NY Introduces Consumer Protection Bills (06.05.09) Consumer Warning: Relentless Debt Collectors (06.05.09) Sears agrees to settle spyware charges (06.04.09) Job Scams Likely to Rise as Economy Struggles (06.04.09)

How Safe Are Your Medical Records? (06.03.09) When the debt collector calls (06.02.09 Report: Widespread data sharing, 'Web bugs' (06.02.09)

May 2009 Data Security's $64 Billion Question: Who Are You? (05.28.09) Judge Rules LifeLock’s Fraud Alert Service Illegal (05.27.09) Federal Trade Commission and states crack down on 'robocallers' selling warranties (05.26.09) Some data worth more to ID thieves (05.17.09) Lock Down Your Data Where it Lives (05.14.09) Why You Should Be Worried About Your Privacy on the Web (05.11.09) How to secure data on your laptop fleet (05.06.09) LexisNexis Says Its Data Was Used by Fraudsters (05.02.09) Debit-card 'skimming' scams (05.01.09) Cellphone tracking services: Friend finder or Big Brother? (05.01.09) LexisNexis says its data was used by fraudsters (05.01.09)

April 2009 SENATE STRENGTHENS CONSUMER PRIVACY PROTECTION (04.27.09) When Medical Bills Outpace Your Means, Seize Control Swiftly (04.24.09) How to opt out of marketing lists (04.23.09) The consequences of advancing technology (04.22.09) No gun? You mean someone in Florida is unarmed? (04.19.09) Keep your identity safe during tax season (04.16.09) 'Skim' threat grows as economy worsens (04.15.09) The Next Frontier: Putting your computing risk in the 'clouds' (04.15.09) 10 Things Your Tax Preparer Won't Tell You (04.11.09) Outfox the debt collector's hounds (04.07.09) 6 Best Practices for PreventingEnterprise Data Loss (04.04.09)

March 2009 Credit card contract may allow robocalls Plain Dealing (03.29.09) Protecting Against The Politics Of Layer 8 (03.27.09) California’s employer background check requirements (03.26.09) Avoiding Pitfalls in Log Management Planning and Selection (03.25.09) Coalition Urges Obama to Defend California Financial Privacy Law (03.23.09) May We See ID, Please (03.16.09) Drug database raises privacy concerns (03.14.09) YOUR MONEY: Check writing becoming an ancient art? (03.10.09) Cardholders Buy Peace of Mind, if Not Security (03.10.09) Video: Check please… or maybe not (03.10.09 Tax season makes identity theft an even bigger risk: Sheryl Harris (03.10.09) Virginians get notice of card-data breach (03.04.09)

February 2009 ABC: An Introduction to Mobile Security (02.28.2009) Are receipt surveys worth the freebies? (02.25.09) Is it worth your time to answer survey offers on receipts? (02.25.09) Are answering receipt surveys safe? (02.24.09) Receipt Surveys: Are The Benefits Worth The Risks? (02.24.09) Data loss prevention: where do we go from here? (02.23.09) GuardianEdge, Sharp Electronics Corporation and Prominent Industry Analyst Address Data Protection Best Practices (02.23.09) Unsolicited calls and mail (02.21.09) Policy needed for data breach response (02.20.09) Sketchy Facebook Friends Could Haunt You Forever (02.20.09) Clues to Massive Hacks Hidden in Plain Sight (02.19.09) Keep Your Data Safe With Self-Encrypting Hard Drives (02.19.09) Anti-theft system sends "poison pill" over Internet to lock stolen laptops (02.18.09) Physical security and cybersecurity go hand in hand (02.17.09) Government Hack Attacks Prompt Scrutiny (02.16.09) Online dating: Your profile's long, scary shelf life (02.13.09) FAA Computers Hacked, Employee Data At Risk (02.11.09) Arizona tracking users of Rx drugs (02.09.09) State tracking Rx-drug use (02.09.09) What do I do if my wallet is lost or stolen? (02.06.09) Dmv End Run Threatens Our Privacy (02.04.09) Common encryption standard proposals welcomed (02.03.09) Protecting Data-at-Rest with Next-Generation Encryption Technology: Making a difficult task look easy (02.03.09) ISACA: ISACA applauds move to common disk encryption standard (02.02.09) 6 Best Practices for Preventing Enterprise Data Loss (02.01.09)

January 2009 HoneyBaked Ham customer data stolen (01.31.09) Industry Group Releases Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Standards (01.30.09) Storage vendors agree on common encryption standard (01.29.09) What the Web knows about you (01.27.09) Better Data Protection from Client to Data Center Made Possible with New Trusted Computing Group Storage Device Specifications (01.27.09) Credit-Monitoring: A False Sense of Security (01.23.09) Lessons of ChoicePoint, 4 Years Later (01.21.09) Data Theft Hits the Heartland (01.21.09) Some identity thieves prey on the deceased (01.19.09) What electronic payments reveal about you to lenders (01.14.09) Illegal podsluchy - that is what allowed our services (01.12.09) Top Ten Infosec "Oops!" of 2008 (01.12.09) Enterprise Data Breaches on the Rise, Report Finds (01.07.09) How new access control technologies can address insider threats (01.06.09) Retailers get tougher about accepting returned gifts (01.05.09) Some identity thieves are modern-day grave robbers (01.05.09)


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