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Some news organizations change the web address for their stories when they archive them. Wherever possible, we have found and updated these links. If we were unable to find a direct link to the news article, we have provided the domain name where the article was originally hosted (for example; If you are interested in finding the original article, we suggest that you enter the title of the article into your preferred search engine along with a few key words. Often, such a search will retrieve the text of articles republished on other websites.

December 2010 Critics Fret Over Commerce Dept.'s Internet Privacy Plan (12.20.10) Debit Card Use May Not Be the Best Idea (12.17.10) Ohio State Says Hackers Breached Data on 760,000 (12.16.10) Stern Advice: Debit cards don't deserve their popularity (12.15.10) Data breach costly for Ohio State, victims of compromised info (12.15.10) Parents stealing children's identities? (12.12.10) Online Health Records: Are Yours Secure? (12.11.10) Fast Food Chains Sending Online Vouchers to Kids (12.06.10) Don't Track technology is simple, experts say (12.03.10)

November 2010 Job hunters: beware work-at-home scams (11.27.10) High-tech thieves can hijack your holidays (11.26.10) Don't get scammed while holiday shopping (11.25.10) Check Out of Your Checking Account (11.23.10) Can You Freeze an Individual Credit Card? (11.23.10) Colleges struggle with computer security (11.21.10) Memo to media: Private screening companies won't save you from pat downs (11.19.10) Henry Ford Health System faces fed scrutiny over theft of patient files (11.16.10) Fitness club's fingerprint entry system pumps up debate over biometric identity (11.14.10) Stopping soliciations for donations (11.12.10) Resisting the Online Tracking Programs (11.10.10) Data breaches may lead to privacy violations and identity theft (10.09.10) Five tips for securing company data (11.08.10) Employers gauge job candidates' credit (11.06.10) EFF Welcomes New Activist Rainey Reitman (10.04.10) Robo Calls (11.04.10) C.U. Names New Chief Information Officer (11.04.10) 10 things not to post in Facebook (11.01.10) ATM 'skimming' threat grows (11.01.10) McAfee Reveals the Top Ten Most Dangerous Places to Leave Your Social Security Number (11.01.10)


October 2010 MAP Applauds Support for FCC Broadband Access Authority By Civil Rights, Human Rights, Consumer, and Labor Organizations (10.30.10) Civil Rights, Privacy, and Consumer Organizations Call on the FCC to Adopt Key Goals of National Broadband Plan  (10.30.10) Groups Call on FCC To Proceed With Net Reg Clarification (10.29.10) Civil Rights, Privacy And Consumer Organizations Call On The FCC To Adopt Key Goals Of National Broadband Plan (10.29.10) White House gets so-so grades on privacy (10.26.10) Medical identity theft a more prevalent occurrence (10.25.10) Credit Check a Common but Concerning Step for Job Applicants (10.26.10) Medical identity theft a more prevalent occurrence  (10.25.10) Online Tracking Gets Third Degree, But What About Offline? (10.25.10) The Grill: Robin Beck (10.25.10) Online "data scraping" sparks debate about patient privacy (10.25.10) 280,000 medical records on misplaced flash drive (10.22.10) Geotagging and smartphones: protect your privacy (10.22.10) Medical-data breach said to be major (10.21.10) Computer servicing privacy assumed, not mandated (10.19.10) 15 Data Security Tips to Protect Your Small Business (10.19.10) The 10 Most Dangerous Places For Your SSN: The 10 Most Dangerous Places For Your SSN (10.19.10) McAfee Reveals the Top Ten Most Dangerous Places to Leave Your Social Security Number (10.19.10) University of North Florida breach exposes data on 107,000 individuals (10.16.10) Securing Your Laptop Before It Gets Stolen (10.16.10) Securing Your Laptop Before It Gets Stolen (10.14.10) Credit scores making life harder in recession times (10.14.10) Guard your ID: Shredding's a start (10.14.10) How to Protect Data After Laptop Theft (10.13.10) It's Not (Just) About EMR Software Security (10.13.10) Cha-ching of Scraping: Data Brokers Digging Up & Selling Your Digital Dirt (10.13.10) Escaping the ‘Scrapers’ (10.12.10) Half Billion Records Breached in 5 Years (10.10.10) Preventing Credit Score Dings (10.10.10) Facebook Places location tool unveiled, sparking fresh privacy concerns (10.09.10) What does your insurance company know about you? (10.06.10) ‘Boring’ Facebook Places launches (10.06.10) Busted: Online 'Click to Save' Scams (10.06.10) Do students need more online privacy education? (10.04.10) Grocery chain says your bank info could be stolen (10.04.10) 5 Ways Facebook Can Cost You (10.01.10)


September 2010 New law protects gift card users (09.29.10) Survey: information security’s big, gaping hole remains wide open (09.29.10) The Boss is Listening: Electronic Monitoring at Work (09.28.10) Background check flaw almost costs Iraq vet (09.28.10) Bad credit could hurt your chances of becoming a police officer (09.26.10) Want to volunteer? Be sure your credit's good (09.25.10) Minor Changes Urged for Data Breach Bill (09.22.10) Experian to buy Mighty Net of Calabasas for $207.5 million (09.21.10) The pros and cons of Foursquare sharing (09.21.10) More tracking devices on children's websites (09.21.10) CROOKS (09.20.10) Criminals take to cyberspace (09.20.10) Protecting Your SSN (09.16.10) Are colleges and universities at greater risk of data breaches? (09.15.10) Missing medical records likely can't be misused, South Shore Hospital says (09.08.10) Debt collectors busy as more fall behind on bills (09.12.10) Identity Theft Expert: 5 Ways To Stop Business Data Theft (09.03.10) Put your credit report on ice with a credit freeze (09.02.10) Union pension mailer reveals recipient's Social Security numbers (09.02.10)

Privacy vs. Online Data Brokers: Is There a Balance? One-hour discussion on the program, "PI's De-Classified," Sept. 2, 2010 Ex-employee charged with misuse of card (09.01.10)


August 2010 Net almost never forgets (08.05.10) Five Steps to Arrest Data Loss
(08.03.10) Find Deals Through Location-Based Apps

Beth Givens discusses the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse on Mari Frank's Privacy Piracy


July 2010 Computer with patient data stolen from Jefferson
(07.29.10) Is Your Money Safe? Banks are Biggest Cybercrime Targets
(07.27.10) Do Identity-Theft Protection Services Work? (07.25.10) Information age puts public more at risk (07.21.10) More files can lead to more abuses (07.23.10) Immigrant list was released by government workers (07.21.10) Government must do more to protect personal data, privacy experts say (07.20.10) Laguna Niguel woman offers identity theft help (07.15.10) Erasing all digital footprints 'impossible' (07.06.10) Should You Trust (07.06.10) Stronger online privacy protection for children sought (07.06.10)


June 2010 Open Letter to Facebook: More Privacy Improvements Needed (06.17.10) Privacy Groups Again Call for Stricter Facebook Privacy Policy (06.17.10) Privacy Groups Push More Changes To Facebook (06.17.10) Advocacy Groups Ask Facebook for More Privacy Changes (06.17.10) Privacy advocates write to Facebook's Zuckerber (06.17.10) Social Networking No-Nos (06.15.10) The downside of debit cards (06.14.10) 10 of the Top Data Breaches of the Decade (06.14.10) Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft on vacation (06.14.10) Tuesday's TalTech program focuses on credit card security (06.11.10) 8 Networking No-no's (06.11.10) Shopper-card data traced for other uses (06.10.10) How evil is Google, exactly? (06.09.10)

USAToday.comPrivacy? Spokeo founder guards his while selling your data (06.08.10) You won't find Spokeo founder included on his 'people search' site (06.08.10) Internet privacy (06.08.10) Ten Privacy and Consumer Groups Ask Congressional Leaders to Strengthen Privacy Bill (06.07.10) Consumer Groups Call For Stronger Online Privacy Measures (06.07.10) Ten groups ask Congress for stronger privacy bill (06.07.10)

** Consumer-privacy groups petition Congress (06.07.10) How Paid-Off Loans Can Haunt You (06.05.10) 5 New Retailer Loyalty Lures (06.03.10) Web Application Security: Are You Doing Enough? (06.01.10) States' weapon of choice against ID theft: Transparency (06.01.10) "See ID" not necessary for credit card purchases (06.01.10) 4 keys to credit, debit card zero-liability policies (06.01.10)

May 2010 Additional identification not required when using credit card (05.30.10) Voters frustrated over political robocalls (05.28.10) Privacy groups on Facebook updates: meh (05.28.10) Should I be worried about (05.28.10) ID theft protection: Don't leave home without it (05.26.10) Identity theft is a reality, even on vacation (05.25.10) Privacy Advocates Question Facebook’s Promises (05.24.10) Privacy Advocates: Facebook Has Fooled Us Once Too Often (05.24.10) How to Quickly Find Out if Your Identity Is Stolen (05.23.10) Blacklist for disputing credit card charges concerns watchdog groups (05.23.10)

Background check alerts me to my surprising criminal history (05.18.10) Protect your personal information on vacation (05.17.10) How chargebacks can land consumers on blacklist (05.17.10) How to Nab Identity Thieves (05.15.10) Cape detective seeing more financial crimes (05.14.10) San Diegans' credit scores, debt load drop (05.13.10) Fears of Census privacy breaches may be misdirected (05.10.10) Facebook: Confirm or Deny? (05.10.10) EPIC Files Complaint About New Facebook Features (05.05.10) Boucher's Privacy Bill Scolded by Consumer Groups (05.04.10) Consumer groups: Online tracking at 'alarming levels' (05.04.10) Consumer and Privacy Groups Warn Online Tracking at 'Alarming Levels,' Joint Letter to Congress Outlines Principles Privacy Legislation Must Include (05.03.10) Say goodbye to junk mail (05.01.10)


April 2010 Statistics and List: 353,812,819 = Total Number of Personal Records Hacked Since 2005 (04.27.10) The evil men (can) do with embedded systems (04.27.10) 353,812,819 = total number of personal records hacked since 2005 (04.26.10) Social Nets Need New Privacy Rule Book, Says Senator (04.26.10) Calif. bill would boost online privacy for minors (04.22.10) Calif. bill would boost online privacy for minors (04.22.10) School District Accused of Snapping Thousands of Shots of Students at Home (04.20.10) Punta Gorda couple's ID theft fears realized when tax forms go out (04.20.10) CONSUMER PRIVACY PROTECTION BILL PASSED BY STATE SENATE (04.17.10) Lost CD spurs hunt (04.17.10) On Web, your life is open to all (04.15.10) What are specialty credit reports? (04.14.10 ID Theft: A Victim's Step-By-Step Recovery Guide (04.13.10) Be aware of ‘specialty’ credit reports (04.10.10) Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Can Prevent Costly, Embarrassing and Harmful Breaches of Sensitive or Confidential Information; New Podcast Outlines How (04.06.10) Free credit report ads will go; ID theft will stay (04.06.10) How long to keep household records (04.05.10) Health Goes Digital: Balancing Privacy and Innovation of Electronic Medical Records (04.02.10)

March 2010 It is Time To Address Data Breaches In Colleges And Universities (03.30.10) Financial Tuneup: What You Need to Shred (03.30.10) Personal Data Stolen From Student Loan Guarantor (03.29.10) Data Theft Hits 3.3 Million Borrowers (03.29.10) Census: Be counted, but don’t be scammed (03.25.10) Health Plan May Expose Medical Records to Hackers, Experts Fear (03.24.10) Your Medical Records Aren't Secure (03.23.10) Tips to Avoid a Census Scam (03.19.10) Mobile Security Definition and Solutions (03.19.10) Accrediting Background Screeners (03.16.10) How to make older computers secure (03.11.10) Most victims of identity theft find out too late (03.10.10) Suits over ID theft-protection claims settled (03.09.10) Lifelock Agrees to Pay $12 Million to Settle Federal, State Charges (03.09.10) Clearing Up the Misconception of Telemarketing Software & Automated Calling (03.09.10) Concerned Parents Can Track Child's Cell Phone (03.06.10) Massachusetts to Implement New Security Standards to Protect Consumers (03.02.10)


February 2010 School laptop spying allegations raise privacy questions (02.27.10) Cyber Theft: The More Advanced Method of Identity Theft
(02.26.10) Victims of cyber hacking in Iowa brace for ID theft (02.24.10) School Laptop Spying Allegations Raise Privacy Questions (02.24.10) The Blazing Backlash Against Buzz (02.19.10) Is your Social Security number online? (02.18.10) eGestalt Announces SecureGRC (02.18.10) Google Yourself, How Does Your Personal Info Get There? (02.16.10) Facebook Denies ‘All Wrongdoing’ in ‘Beacon’ Data Breach (02.11.10) tax forms expose worker Social Security numbers (02.11.10) The top 5 mistakes of privacy awareness programs (02.08.10) Top Ten Data Breaches and Blunders of 2009 (02.06.10) For Privacy Advocates, Facebook's 'Next Best Thing' Doesn't Cut It (02.06.10) Ask Asa: Viewer Questions Answered (02.05.10) Anatomy of a Data Breach (02.05.10) What Happens When a Public Record is Actually Public? (Opinion) (02.04.10) The top 5 mistakes of privacy awareness programs (02.08.10) ODDS OF IDENTITY THEFT: 1 IN 18.22 (02.02.10) Proposed settlement in Facebook Beacon case draws fire from advocacy groups (02.02.10) Clear Blue Security Helps Merchants and Retail Businesses Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance Through Security Software (02.01.10)


January 2010 FTC Debates Clouds, Consumers and Privacy (01.29.10) Social Security numbers found lying in street (01.29.10) Opt out of marketing, protect ID (01.29.10) Tips on opting out of marketing, protecting ID (01.29.10) New York Announces Data Privacy Day To Protect Residents From Identity Theft (01.28.10) Lessons To Learn from a Year of Big Data Breaches (01.27.10) Privacy Groups Question Beacon Settlement, Facebook's Control Over Foundation (01.26.10) Microsoft Reduces Bing Data Retention Times (01.20.10) Identity theft on the rise (01.20.10) Cybercrime, the Easy Way (01.19.10) Guard your personal information (01.17.10) Debit Card Skimming Scams Three steps to take to protect your account data (01.16.10) Google to China: Tear Down This Wall (01.15.10)

Identity Theft: What to Do Now (01.13.10) PRIVACY IN A DIGITAL WORLD (01.11.10)

Zuckerberg: Facebook Is Helping People Avoid All That Unwanted Privacy (01.11.10)

Credit Scores Can Affect Job Prospects (01.11.10)

Privacy in a digital world (01.11.10)



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