PRC in the News 2011 -- Reporters Quote PRC Staff on Breaking Privacy Issues

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    December 2011 How to Stop Telemarketers and Junk Mail (12.31.11)

San Francisco Chronicle: Kid Privacy Rules Tricky to Update but Necessary(12.30.11)

High Cloud Security: The Worst Data Breaches of 2011 (12.29.11)

LomaLindaPatch: LLUMC Has Second Patient Data Breach in Two Years(12.29.11)

TechWeb: 6 Worst Data Breaches of 2011 (12.28.11)

SmartMoney: The Top 5 Data Breaches of 2011 (12.28.11)

InformationWeek: 6 Worst Data Breaches of 2011 (12.28.11) Insurers on Track to Use Social Media Scores to Measure Customers' Risk (12.27.11)

TechSecurityToday: The Biggest, Baddest Data Breaches of 2011(12.23.11)


FierceHealthIT: Report: Healthcare Accounts for 3 of the 6 Worst Data Breaches in 2011 (12.22.11)

Privacy Revolt: Electronic Health Record Data Breaches Surge (12.22.11)

SDB: 543 Million Records Breached Since 2005 (12.21.11)

California Progress Report: Data Breaches: A Year in Review (12.21.11)

KPBS: Medical Data Breaches Affected More Than 10 Million Americans in 2011 (12.20.11)

iHealthBeat: Top Data Breaches of 2011 Included Patient Privacy Incidents (12.20.11)

Healthcare IT News: Consumer Group Lists Top 6 Data Breaches of 2011 (12.19.11)

OneStopClick: Protecting Sensitive Data is Number One Security Priority (12.19.11)

U.S. Pirg: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: 30 Million Sensitive Records Breached in 2011 (12.19.11)

Healthcare Finance News: Three of Top 6 Data Breaches of 2011 Were in Healthcare (12.19.11)

Invision: Scare Yourself Safe: Browse the Chronology of Data Breaches Database (12.19.11)

CopTalk.Info: Hack-Proof Your Password (12.16.11)

IAPP: Facial Recognition: Experts Explore Opportunities and Privacy Impact(12.09.11)

ABC7: Telemarketers Spoof Caller ID to Bypass Law (12.05.11)

ZDNet: Biz, Consumer Not Eyeing Face Recognition Tech (12.02.11)

Consumer Insurance Guide: How do you rate? The elusive C.L.U.E. number(12.01.11) 

Huffington Post: Ally Financial's Location Tracking: Banks Move to Profit from Personal Information (12.1.11)

South University: Read the Find Print Before You Buy Gift Cards (December 2011 Issue)

 November 2011

TechNewsWorld: FTC Puts an End to Facebook's Freewheeling Privacy Ways (11.30.11)

KUCI Privacy Piracy Radio Show: Interview with Beth Givens (11.28.11) Cyber Safety, Attention Essential When Shopping Online(11.28.11)

IEEE Spectrum: A Cloud You Can Trust (11.28.11) Will Banks Start Charging Customers if they Write Checks and Don't Pay Bills Online? (11.28.11) Holiday Shopping Tips: Plain Dealing (11.26.11)

The Sacramento Bee: The High Price of Data Breaches (11.25.11)

NBC San Diego: What to Bring When Buying Online (11.24.11)

CBS5 San Francisco: Contra Costa Health Services Patient Info Posted Online (11.23.11)

Sign On San Diego: Tips for Safe Shopping on Cyber Monday (11.23.11)

ESR: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shoppers Given Tips to Avoid Identity Theft and Fraud (11.23.11)

California Progress Report: Survive Cyber Monday with our Top 10 Online Shopping Tips (11.22.11)

La Jolla Light: Police Issue Warnings About Identity Theft, Break-Ins(11.22.11)

FTC Announces Agenda, Panelists for Facial Recognition Workshop(11.21.11)

CSO Online: Healthcare Breaches: Do They Even Matter? (11.21.11)

Wired: Didn't Get That New Job? You Need a Better Facebook Score (11.21.11)

Tech Republic: Warning: This Privacy Website Might Depress You(11.21.11)

Reuters: When Financial Fraud Meets Facial Recognition, The Jig May Be Up (11.18.11)

IAPP: In Two Years, 18 Million Affected in Healthcare Breaches (11.18.11)

ADN: Theft of Data on 4M Patients Part of Wider Problem (11.17.11)

WXIX-FOX19: Avoid Caller ID Spoofing (11.17.11)

Privacy Revolt: The Need for Internet Privacy (11.16.11)

San Diego Channel 10 News: Card Skimming Reported at Two Gas Stations(11.16.11)

Security Management: Healthcare Industry Still Struggling with Information Breaches (11.14.11)

San Diego Union Tribune: Internet Privacy: A Contradiction in Terms?(11.13.11)

Milwuakee NBC News: Caller ID Spoofing is a Growing Concern (11.12.11)

Mercury News: Facebook Nearing Settlement with FTC Over Privacy Concerns (11.11.11)

Palm Springs NBC News: Caller ID Spoofing (11.10.11)

CNet: How to Know When Your Private Data is Lost or Stolen (11.08.11)

Tuscaloosa CBS News: Caller ID Spoofing (11.08.11)

San Francisco Chronicle: Abandoned S.F. Tax Office's Returns Left Outside(11.04.11)

Baltimore ABC News: Scammers Spoof Caller ID to Get Around Rules(11.03.11) Take This Lollipop (11.03.11)

E-Commerce Times: Google Reveals the Whys and Wherefores Behind Targeted Ads (11.01.11)

October 2011

SECNAP: One-Third of All Data Security Breaches Occur in Healthcare Industry (10.31.11)

Wolters Kluwer: With EHRs, Technology Magnifies Effect of Human Error(10.31.11)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Web Wealth: Protect Yourself (10.30.11)

Chicago Tribune: Rethinking Debit Addiction (10.28.11) Visa, MasterCard Want to Link Your Purchases to Ads (10.27.11) Don't Let Bad Credit Hurt Your Job Search (10.26.11)

DailyFinance: Beyond Card Fees: Banks Look To Sell Your Data (10.25.11)

GovInfoSecurity: Senator Seeks FTC Study on Facial Recognition (10.19.11)

IT World: Can TrueRep Really Protect Your Online Reputation? (10.18.11)

GCN: Tricare's Slow Response to Massive Data Loss Could Raise the Risk(10.14.11)

The Seattle Times: Social Security Kept Silent About Private Data Breach(10.13.11)

The Republic: Social Security Kept Silent About Private Data Breach(10.13.11)

Brand Channel: FTC Chairman Calls Out Online Tracking "Cyberazzi"(10.13.11)

CalWatchdog: Union Activists Intimidate Petitioners (10.12.11)

The Washington Times: Postal Service's "Welcome Kit" Raises Privacy Concerns (10.12.11)

News 4 WAOI: Telemarketers Find Way Around "Do Not Call" List (10.11.11)

The Hill: FTC Chairman Talks Online Privacy on Tuesday (10.10.11)

The Credit Line: Privacy Rights and You (10.07.11)

12 for Action: Caller ID Spoofing (10.07.11)

MainStreet: Why Barnes & Noble Was Able to Get Your Borders Data(10.05.11)

PCWorld: Your Digital Rights at Work: a FAQ Guide (10.05.11)

BBB: BBB Invites You to the 2011 Fall Shred Day (10.05.11)

Reuters: How to Protect Your Computer from Supercookies (10.03.11) More than 300 Corporate Security Breaches Reported in 2011 (10.03.11)

Kiplinger: Don't Get Hacked (October 2011 Issue)

Consumer Reports: Review of Paper Shredders (October 2011 Issue)

September 2011

NBC San Diego: Keeping Up with Facebook Privacy (09.30.11)

Digital Trends: Privacy experts sound off on mobile data retention (09.29.11)

Digits LLC: Identity Theft: Everyone's a Target (09.28.11) Simplifying Health Insurance: Helps Manage Your Health Care Spending Online(09.28.11)

Privacy Piracy: Interview with PRC Director Beth Givens by Mari Frank (09.27.11)

Laguna Beach Independent: Police Crack Credit-Card Fraud Ring (09.27.11) Auto Accident Apps: Personal Injury Attorney "Is Right In Your Pocket" (09.27.11)

TechNewsWorld: OnStar's Plan to Keep Tabs on Ex-Customers Riles Lawmakers (09.26.11)

The Baltimore Sun: Debt Collectors, Other Businesses Want to Call Your Cellphone (09.26.11) Study: ID Protection Tools Work, But You'd Better Comparison Shop (09.23.11)

Digital Trends: Facebook Timeline FAQ: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers (09.23.11)

LAW.COM: Security Risks of Online Review (09.22.11)

EFF: The 20th Annual Pioneer Awards (09.22.11)

NBC San Diego: Background Checks Costing Jobs (09.21.11) Data Breaches Affect 2m in Mass. (09.21.11)

ITBusinessEdge: Regulations Can Only Do So Much to Protect Against Breaches (09.21.11)

FOX: MCC Codes Unveil Consumer Shopping Habits (09.22.11)

iWatch: State Attorneys General Not Leaping to Embrace HIPAA Enforcement (09.20.11)

Privacy Revolt: Protect Your Privacy Rights as a Job Seeker (09.20.11)

InformationWeek: 8 Techniques to Block SQL Attacks (09.20.11) Finding Companies Hiring Now (09.19.11)

Huffington Post: Obama Deficit-Reduction Plan Would Allow Federal Debt Collectors to Contact People on their Cellphones (09.19.11)

Techlicious: Can You Use Technology without Risking Your Privacy? (09.19.11)

Government Information Security: Concerns Raised by Facial Biometrics(09.15.11)

PRWeb: Consumer Protection Attorney Robert Brennan to Address the Annual Convention of the California State Bar About Remedies for False Information in Consumer Data Files (09.14.11)

CNET: How to prevent identity theft (09.13.11)

For the Record: Mobile Mayhem (09.12.11)

ZDNet: User profiling fears real but paranoia unnecessary (09.12.11)

The Tennessean: Employers tell workers to get healthy or pay up (09.12.11)

Bangor Daily News: ID theft website launched (09.11.11)

Mercury News: Stanford Medical Records Posted on Public Website, Now Removed (09.09.011)

San Francisco Chronicle: Stanford Hospital ER Data Put on Website for Year (09.09.11)

Healthcare Finance News: CA Supreme Court Ruling Serves as Warning(09.09.11)

Associated Press: Stanford Hospital privacy breach puts data online (09.09.11)

News Times: FYI: New website compiles ID theft resources (09.08.11)

Chicago Tribune: New Website Offers Tips to Avoid Identity Theft (09.07.11)

Credit Union Times: ID Theft website launched by consumer federation of America (09.07.11)

CNN Money: Defend your data after a breach (09.07.11)

AJC: Job hunters face online challenges (09.07.11)

FierceHealthcare: State law mandates more data breach info (09.06.11) All plastic is not created equal: debit card safety tips (09.06.11)

Committee on Ways and Means: Johnson opening statement: field hearing on social security numbers and child ID theft (09.07.11) State Farm Monitoring Device Can Unlock Auto Insurance Savings (09.05.11)

PaloAltoPatch: Gov. Signs Simitian Data Theft Bill (09.04.11)

Tampa Bay Online: Lawmaker: Credit Checks Stymie Unemployed Jobseekers (09.04.11)

Cocoon: Fight the Good Fight: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (09.01.11)


August 2011


Reuters: ID theft protection services are not one-size-fits-all (08.30.11)

Government Information Security: Facial Biometrics Pose Privacy Woes(08.29.11)

Privacy Revolt: Is Facial Recognition A Top Privacy Issue of Our Time?(08.25.11)

California Progress Report: Facial Recognition: A Top Privacy Issue of Our Time (08.25.11)

Huffington Post: Yale Social Security Numbers Exposed in Latest Case of "Google Hacking" (08.24.11) Data Breach Deja Vu (08.23.11)

Privacy Revolt: Another Massive E-Health Record Data "Spill" (08.22.11)

KPBS: Health Records of 300,000 Californians Exposed Online (08.22.11)

The New York Times: New Data Spill Shows Risk of Online Health Records(08.21.11)

The Network Journal: New Data Spill Shows Risk of Online Health Records(08.21.11)

Senator Simitian: Simitian's Consumer Privacy Protection Bill Passed by Legislature, Goes to Governor for Approval (08.19.11)

CBS: Can Your Credit History Hurt Your Job Search (08.18.11)

Pasadena Weekly: Havoc in Cyberspace (08.18.11)

Reuters: Just Got a Mortgage? Beware of the Junk Mail (08.17.11)

SC Magazine: FTC Fines Children's App Maker $50K for Privacy Violation(08.16.11)

Orlando Sentinel: SunTrust Computer Glitch Makes Customer "Billionaire for a Minute" (08.16.11) Is Your Credit Report Hurting Your Job Search? (08.15.11)

iwatch news: Privacy Advocates Want Stricter Rules for Online, Patient-Controlled Health Records (08.12.11)

Voice of San Diego: Can You Get Your ID Stolen Signing a Petition? (08.10.11) Unfamiliar Names on Credit Report Could Signal ID Theft (08.09.11) Give Me Back My Data! The Curse of Personal Information Brokers (08.09.11)

The Press-Enterprise: Initiative Bunk (08.06.11)

The Network Journal: Once Leaked onto Web, Personal Details Tough to Erase (08.03.11)

TechNewsWorld: Will Privacy Concerns Spawn the Faceless Book?(08.02.11)

July 2011

Kiplinger: Did You Take Your Medicine Today? (07.29.11)

IT Business Edge: Regulators Still Pressing Do-Not-Track Standards (07.27.11) Nyack Hospital Employees Warned After Sensitive Data Stolen(07.26.11)

Hattiesburg American: Miss. Ranks 18th for Identity Theft Reports (07.25.11)

New York Post: A Harsh Sentence: No Matter How Minor or Far in the Past, a Criminal Conviction is Increasingly a Ticket to Joblessness (07.24.11)

CDT: Congressional Data Breach Bills Compared (07.22.11) FTC Calls for ID Theft Protection on SSN (07.21.11)

California Forward: Forward Thinkers: California's Everyday Leaders: Beth Givens (07.21.11)

Huffpost Tech: Despite Risks, Internet Users Remain Lax on Password Security (07.19.11)

Mayo Clinic: Patient Data: The Crown Jewels (07.19.11)

Broadcasting & Cable: Privacy Coalition Asks Administration for Teen-Targeted Privacy Protections (07.19.11) Criminal Identity Theft (07.19.11)

Hotel Online: 9 Ways to Avoid the Next Data Breach(07.18.11)

Traverse City Record-Eagle: Data Expert: 'It's Pretty Scary' (07.17.11)

Mercury News: Can You Regain Control of Your Online Identity? (07.16.11)

ABC Action News: Thousands of Perfectly Healthy Americans are Officially Dead to the Federal Government (07.15.11)

Computerworld: Would Analytics Calm Social Network Privacy Fears?(07.14.11)

Daily Republic: Social Security Clerically Kills Thousands of Americans Each Year (07.13.11)

SmartMoney: Privacy, Shmivacy: Sites Relax Policies Again (07.13.11)

Ars Technica: Study Finds 12.5% of Companies Violating Own Do-Not-Track Policies (07.12.11)

PCWorld: Free ID Theft Protection Offers Grow: Are They Any Good?(07.11.11)

KOMO News: Wash. State Women Among Social Security's 'Walking Dead'(07.10.11)

The Seattle Times: Kitsap Co. Women Among Social Security's 'Dead'(07.10.11)

Courier Press: Consequences of Being 'Dead' Can Be Serious, Longlasting(07.09.11)

Kitsap Sun: Social Security's Records Mistakes Create 'Walking Dead'(07.09.11) Social Security Administration Making Grave Mistakes (07.09.11)

Security News Daily: Asking for Identity Theft: The Risks of Social Security Number Overuse (07.08.11)

Software Advice: Your Health Information Isn't Secure, But Don't Blame EHRs(07.08.11)

Naples News: 'I'm Not Dead': Social Security Agency Makes Grave Mistake for Thousands (07.08.11)

TCPalm: Erroneous Death Report Can Lead to Identity Theft (07.08.11)

TIME: Should Medical Debt Hurt Your Credit? (07.07.11)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Staying Ahead of Hackers in the Cyber Security Fight (07.07.11)

EFF: EFF Urges Senators to Recognize Need for Updated Privacy Laws(07.07.11)

Before It's News: Background Checking Apps: Don't Flout Consumer Privacy Rights (07.06.11)

The Daily Beast: 10 Largest Hacker Attacks (07.06.11) Prized Patient Information Open to Web - Highest Number of Security Breaches in Healthcare - Medical Providers?? (07.05.11)

iNet Technology Group: Things You Should NOT Post on Social Media Sites (07.05.11)

The Oregonian: Oregon's Prescription Tracking Program Monitors Your Meds (07.04.11)

Consumer Advertising Law Blog: Facebook's Putting Names to Faces - A New Violation of Privacy Rights? (07.04.11) Mass. Data Breaches Strike 5 Million (07.03.11)

Gulf News: Facebook Starts Facial Recognition (07.02.11)

Dayton Daily News: 25K Private Records Hacked, Leaked in Ohio This Year(07.01.11)

JETLaw: Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology Raises Privacy Concerns (07.01.11)

June 2011


TechNewsWorld: Google+ Privacy Complaints - Faint Voices in the Wilderness? (06.30.11)

California Progress Report: Recent String of Data Breaches Illustrates Need for Stronger State Law (06.30.11)

WorkCompCentral: Agency Confirms Comp Records Included in Security Breach (PDF) (06.29.11) -- Reprinted with permission of

Thomson Reuters: Breaking the Zip Code: Is Massachusetts Next?(06.29.11)

The New York Times: The Cloud Darkens (06.29.11)

KPBS: Personal Information Breached at Department of Public Health(06.27.11)

TIME: Can a Credit Blemish Keep You From Landing a Job?  (06.27.11)

Knox News: Grave Mistakes: 14,000 People Wrongly Reported Deceased Annually (06.26.11)

Knox News: 9/11 Victims Not Registered as Dead by Social Security(06.26.11)

CNN Money: Preventing Identity Theft if Your Personal Data is Exposed(06.25.11)

Los Angeles Times: Debit Cards Poised to be Much More Expensive for Consumers (06.25.11)

Reuters: Citi Skimps on "Standard" Customer Monitoring (06.24.11)

ABC News: Background Checks Now Include Twitter, Facebook (06.24.11) Debit Cards Poised to be Much More Expensive for Consumers (06.24.11)

KOMO Newsradio: Herb Weisbaum Interviews Beth Givens on Data Breaches (06.23.11)

Washington Post: Copies of Arlington Records Found in Storage Facility(06.23.11)

MSNBC: What's With All These $#@& Data Breaches? (06.23.11)

CNN: Cyberwarfare Finds a Captive Audience (06.23.11)

Your Story: Five Million Healthcare Records Were Compromised in the First Half of 2011 (06.23.11)

The Examiner: Ask Kim: Should I Buy ID-Theft Protection? (06.22.11)

MountHelixPatch: Techknoledgy: Odds Are, Hackers Know Something About You (06.21.11)

Chicago Sun-Times: Our Online Identities Need Better Security (06.21.11)

KPBS: Court Says Californians Can Sue Debt Collectors For Releasing Medical Information (06.20.11)

PCMag: Connecticut AG Wants Answers on Facebook Facial Recognition(06.17.11)

Los Angeles Times: Citigroup Hacker Attack Affected More Customers Than First Thought (06.17.11)

eWeek Europe: Regulators Blast Facebook Over Face Recognition(06.17.11)

Reuters: Data Breaches, 2005 to present (06.17.11)

US Senator Patrick Leahy: Digital Privacy in the Digital Age: The Future is Now (06.17.11)

ALTER+CARE: Electronic Health Records Are Great, But What About Privacy? (06.15.11)

AlertNet: The Latest Creepy Step from Facebook: Facial Recognition Technology (06.15.11) 

Huffington Post: The Time is Now for Breach Legislation (06.15.11) Fact Checker: You Can Refuse to Give Out Social Security Number (06.14.11)

Hunton & Williams: Privacy Group Files FTC Complaint Regarding Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology (06.14.11)



Lemon Grove: Odds Are, Hackers Know Something About You (06.13.11)

Consumer Watchdog: Privacy Groups Urge Investigation of Facebook Recognition Tool (06.13.11)

PC Mag: Privacy Groups Request FTC Probe of Facebook Facial Recognition Tech (06.13.11)

IndexCreditCards: Credit Card Safety on the Web: How to Judge Whether a Site Is Secure (06.13.11)

SFGate: An In-Your-Face Technology (06.12.11)

Media Post Raw: Privacy Groups File FTC Complaint About Face Recognition (06.12.11)

KAAL-TV: Crime Spike Over Summer Holiday (06.12.11)

WMGT-DT: Vacation Dangers: Identity Thieves Target Your Info and Money(06.12.11)

Reuters: How to Protect Yourself from a Data Breach (06.10.11)

Los Angeles Times: We Have a Right to Information on Data Security Breaches (06.10.11)

USA Today: Citigroup Latest to Report Data Breach (06.09.11)

Financial Times: Facebook Hit by Privacy Complaints (06.09.11) 

San Francisco Chronicle: Facebook Facial Recognition Triggers FTC Privacy Complaint (06.08.11)

San Diego City Beat: Sum of the Senate (06.08.11)

WBALTV: Vacationing? Be Prepared for Scams, Thieves (06.08.11)

9NEWS: ID Thieves Working While You're On Vacation (06.08.11) Leahy Introduces Data Security Bill (06.08.11)

KNSD: Identity Thieves Look to Steal While Victim is on Vacation (06.08.11)

The Baltimore Sun: Headed Out of Town? Protect Your Privacy (06.06.11)

The Oregonian: Vigilance is the Best ID Theft Insurance (06.04.11)

Ghacks: Sony Hacked Again (06.04.11)

Kiplinger: Ask Kim: How to Protect Yourself After Identity Theft (06.03.11)

NBC San Diego: Vacation Tips: How to Protect Yourself (06.02.11)

WYFF-TV: Criminals Will Try to Ruin Your Vacation (06.02.11)

CNET: Hackers Steal More Customer Info from Sony Servers (06.02.11)

Revive My Career: Pay Attention to Your Image on Social Media (06.02.11)

RTDNA: Protect Your Privacy on Summer Vacation (06.02.11)

Fox 31 Denver: Protecting Your Privacy While You Travel (06.01.11)

Consumer Reports: More Ways to Fight Fraud (June 2011)

May 2011


Fox 5 San Diego: Protecting Yourself from Travel Crime (05.31.11) Is Someone Snooping Your Health Records? New Rule Will Tell You Who (05.31.11)

SanteePatch: Group Warns Travelers of Increased Crime, Offers Tips (05.31.11)

WMC-TV: Protecting Your Identity While On Vacation (05.31.11)

San Diego CityBeat: Less Sunshine at the Civil Service Commission (05.26.11)

Los Angeles Times: Banks Team Up for Online Payment System (05.26.11)

PRWeb: Personal and Passtouch Receive Innovator Spotlight Award at Privacy Identity Innovation Conference (05.26.11)

The Huffington Post: Piracy and Security Threats Go Hand in Hand (05.25.11)

Reuters: How to Handle E-Statement Overload (05.24.11)

ACLU: Students Have Privacy Rights, Too (05.24.11)

BBB: Security Breaches Abound: What Can You Do? (05.24.11)

Network World: Privacy Regs Won't Kill Innovation So Stop Whining(05.23.11)

The Tennessean: Bill Theobald: Companies Need to Deal with Online Privacy, Blackburn Says (05.22.11)

Chicago Tribune: Debit Use Riskier Than Credit (05.20.11)

MSN: Should You Show Your ID When Using a Credit Card? Maybe Not.(05.20.11)

The Baltimore Sun: Debit Card Terminals Breached at Michaels Stores in Maryland: Naughty Business of the Week (05.17.11)

TechNewsWorld: Facebook Spearheads Resistance to Tough California Privacy Bill (05.17.11)

StarTribune: Allina's Harsh but Justified Firings (05.13.11)

Computerworld: Is Sony Getting a Bad Rap on its Data Breach (05.13.11)

NBC: Insurance Letter Reveals Private Information (05.13.11)

ITWeb: Web Apps Under Siege (05.12.11)

Chicago Tribune: Debit Fraud at Michaels Now Includes 20 States (05.11.11)


 Los Angeles Times: Bank of America Replacing 'Compromised' Debit Cards(05.10.11)

 The Charleston Gazette: Rockefeller Proposal Would Block Consumer Info Tracking (05.10.11)

Tech News World: Sony Breach Spurs Call for Legislation (05.10.11)

Computerworld: Catch a Clue from an EDU: Universities that Get Security Right (05.10.11)

MSNBC: Online Privacy: Your Stories (05.10.11)

Reuters: Beware of Sony's Offer in Wake of Data Attack (05.10.11)

Global Communications: Do-Not-Track Online Legislation: Congress Answer to High Tech Concerns? (05.10.11)

Inside Privacy: Sen. Rockefeller Introduces Do-Not-Track Bill (05.09.11) 

Ars Technica: Privacy Groups Applaud Senator Rockefeller's "Do Not Track" Bill (05.09.11)

AFP: US Privacy Groups Welcome 'Do Not Track' Bill (05.09.11) What Info Can You Be Asked for When Using a Credit Card? (05.09.11)

Huffington Post: Sony PlayStation Network Hack is Just the Beginning of Giant Data Thefts (05.06.11)

International Business Times: Expert: Sony Had Outdated Software, Lax Security (05.05.11)

Thomson Reuters: California Lawmakers Ask: What's in a Zip Code?(05.05.11)

National Journal: Sony Response to Hackers 'Half-Based,' Bono Mack Says(05.04.11)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Sony Data Breach May Lead to "Spear Phishing" Scams (05.03.11)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Aaron's Accused in Suit of Spying on Customers (05.03.11)

The Miami Herald: Customers Stay Despite High-Profile Data Breaches(05.01.11)

April 2011

Boston Herald: Sony Aims to Allay Fears After PlayStation Breach (04.29.11)

Reuters: Sony PlayStation Users: How to Fight a Data Breach (04.27.11) What PlayStation Gamers Should Do to Protect Their Real World Finances (04.27.11)

National Journal: Group Worries 'Do Not Track' Could Bog Down Broader Privacy Bill (04.27.11)

Ars Technica: PlayStation Network Hacked, Data Stolen: How Badly is Sony Hurt? (04.26.11)

CNET: Sony: Personal Info Compromised on PSN (04.26.11)

Laptop: 10 Tips for Protecting Your Identity (04.26.11)

Dayton Daily News: How Much Do You Want Your Auto Insurer to Know? (04.25.11) Recent Govt. Data Breaches Pose Privacy Risk (04.25.11)

Stony Brook Independent: Defending the Digital Gates: Universities and Cyber Security (04.23.11)

Headline News Bureau: Calif. Bill Would Boost Online Privacy for Minors (04.22.11)

Los Angeles Times: Privacy Groups Urge Public to Push for Industry Adoption of Google Buzz Settlement Terms (04.21.11)

PC World: Groups Push for Additions to Google Buzz Settlement (04.21.11)

The Lantern: The Silence is 'Deafening' (04.19.11)

NBC San Diego: "Embarrassing" Files Found Outside Blockbuster (04.19.11) Get with IT: Once More Into the Breach (04.19.11)

House Committee on Ways and Means: Johnson Opening Statement: Hearing on the Rold of Social Security Numbers in Identity Theft and Options to Guard Their Privacy (04.13.11)

Reuters: FTC asks Congress for identity theft protections (04.13.11)

The New York Times: How to Fix (or Kill) Web Data About You (04.13.11)

Research Live: Senate privacy bill of rights promotes opt-out over 'do not track' (04.13.11)

HuffPost: 'Privacy Bill of Rights' Introduced By Senators John Kerry, John McCain (04.12.11)

Fox Business: Can Your Credit Report Hurt Your Job Prospects? (04.12.11)

Wired: Legislation Would Let You Opt Out of Online Web Tracking (04.12.11)

AFP: US senators introduce online privacy 'bill of rights' (04.12.11)

The Grand Rapids Press: Roskam Baking Co. lawsuit draws attention to mistaken identity as potential job killer (04.11.11)

The Sun Newspapers: Store wants too much info for simple return (04.11.11)

MainStreet: Data Breach Escalates Privacy Concerns (04.08.11)

CBSRadio: KRLD Newsradio 1080 interviews Beth Givens on employment credit checks (mp3) (04.08.11)

USA Today: Limits sought to employers' use of credit reports (04.08.11)

Above the Law: Hackers Probably Stole Your Email Address Last Weekend (04.08.11)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Consumers have a right to be told of the dangers (04.08.11)

Taylor Daily Press: BBB shred day offers shredding, recycling and id theft prevention (04.08.11)

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March 2011

Computerworld: Failure to encrypt portable devices inexcusable, say analysts (03.31.11)

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New Jersey Breach Brings Data Privacy Practices into Question Lost wallet? What to do when keys, cards and other stuff goes astray (03.12.11) New Jersey Breach Brings Data Privacy Practices into Question (03.11.11) Google Again Sued Over Gmail Content Scanning (03.10.11) CFA Issues Best Practices for Identity Theft Services (03.10.11) HIPAA delays ID of skull found at Duffy's Pond (03.10.11) New mother says hospital violated her privacy rights (03.09.11) New Jersey Nearly Sold Secret Data (03.09.11) Facebook develops new privacy policy (03.08.11) Facebook develops new privacy policy (03.08.11) Facebook develops new privacy policy (03.08.11) Facebook develops new privacy policy (03.08.11) Targeted ads help FIs reward consumers (03.07.11) Cyber Liability: Managing the Risks (03.05.11) More ads coming in your online bank statement (03.04.11) How to Prevent Identity Theft (03.04.11) Stern Advice: Who's putting ads in your bank statement? (03.02.11)


February 2011 Drug companies help S.C. track decongestants (02.28.11) Consumer lawsuits challenge online data brokers (02.24.11) Opting Out Of Providing Information About Me (02.23.11)

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US PIRG: Worst privacy threats of 2011 outlined by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (01.03.11)