PRC in the News 2012 -- Reporters Quote PRC Staff on Breaking Privacy Issues

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December 2012 Database Hacking: The Year That Was (12.31.12)

Chicago Tribune: Keeping Undercover Search in The Dark (12.30.12)

Tulsaworld: Safety of Social Networking Sites Is Concern To Parents (12.23.12) COPPA Definition of Children's Personal Information Expanded by FTC (12.20.12)

Digital Trends: Think Before You Sync: A Few Things To Consider Before Enabling Facebook Photo Sync (12.04.12)

November 2012

Associations Now: Confetti Crisis: Don't Let Poor Security Rain on Your Parade (11.27.12) Personal Data Face Low-Tech Peril (11.26.12) Hackers Hit Nationwide Mutual, Steal Data on 28,000 in Ga. (11.20.12)

SFGate: Online Shoppers' Privacy Must Be Protected (11.18.12) California's Attorney General Raises Walgreens Privacy Concerns (11.15.12) Data Breach Raises Questions About NASA Policy At Issue in Recent Supreme Court Case (11.15.12) Workplace Computers Offer Little Expectation of Employee Privacy (11.14.12)

ITNewsOnline: Why Every Breach Is Different - Beazley Launches New Advertising Campaign for Beazley Breach Response (11.07.12)

MarketWatch: New Podcast From ACE Provides Perspectives and Preventative Tips on Privacy and Network Security Risks for Public Entities (11.07.12)

The Post and Courier: South Carolina: 'The Mother of All Data Breaches' (11.03.12) 5 Mistakes People Make When Disputing Credit Report Errors (11.01.12)

October 2012

The Washington Post: Experts: Hacking of 3.6M SC Returns From As Far Back As 1998 Largest Against State Tax Agency (10.31.12)

Chicago Tribune: Safe Driver? Consider Telematics (10.26.12) 3.6 Million Social Security Numbers Hacked in S.C. (10.26.12) South Carolina Taxpayers' Privacy Violated; 3.6 Million Social Security Numbers Hacked (10.26.12) Federal Agencies Don't Do Enough to Protect Your Data (10.19.12) Bieber Online Fan Site Fined $1 Million for Violations of Kids' Privacy (10.04.12)

Crain's Cleveland Business: Privacy Advocates Fret About Electronics Behind Car Insurance Discount Programs (10.04.12)

Los Angeles Times: EBay Gives Buyers, Sellers Ultimatum on Arbitration (10.02.12)

Kiplinger: Best Online Money-Management Tools (10.01.12) Money: Should You Pay to be Erased? (Requires MSN login) (10.01.12)

September 2012

WSJ Taking Wedding-Gift Registries to the Bank (09.28.12) Identity Crisis: How Social Security Numbers Became Our Insecure National ID (09.26.12)

NationalJournal: Privacy Advocates Blast Proposed Change to Child Privacy Law (09.25.12) Digital Data Mining Spurs Efforts to Curb Use Without Permission (09.22.12)

Government Technology: Report: Feds Exposed 94 Million Records in 3 Years (09.20.12)

Huffington Post: 94 Million Exposed: The Government's Epic Fail on Privacy (09.19.12)

The Minaret Online: "Stringray" Device Invades American Privacy (09.13.12)

WSJ Job Seekers, Ready for Your Background Check (09.11.12)

Keller and Heckman LLP: Emerging Trends in Privacy and Data Security Litigation (09.10.12)

Fort Worth Star Telegram: With Online Dating, Modesy is the Best Policy (09.08.12) Online Dating Privacy Dangers (09.03.12)

August 2012 Looking for Love, Not Scammers On Dating Websites (08.31.12) Cracking the Code on Cyber Crimes (08.31.12)

CNet: Why You Should Be Worried About Facial-Recognition Technology (08.29.12) How to Spot the Warning Signs of Identity Theft (08.24.12)

Huffington Post: California Social Media Privacy Bill Would Put New Restrictions on Employers (08.22.12) Advocacy group accuses McDonald's, Subway of Deceptive Marketing (08.22.12), Under Fire From Privacy Groups (08.22.12)

 Wired: FTC Asked to Stop Viral Advertising Promotions Aimed at Kids (08.22.12) Hacker Breach Might Affect 34,000 at USC (08.22.12)

Virtual-Strategy Magazine: Experts Join With CASPIAN to Oppose RFID Tracking in Schools (08.21.12)

LA Times: FTC Urged to Bolster Online Privacy Protection for Children (08.21.12)

The Hollywood Reporter: Why Hollywood Wins in Judge's Rejection of Facebook Privacy Settlement (08.20.12) Do You Know Who Has Your Personal Information? (08.19.2012)

CNET: Make Yourself Less Vulnerable Online (08.17.12)

Fox Business: A Guide to Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (08.16.12)

Smart Business: How to Mimizes the Risk of, or Respond to, a Data Breach (08.01.12)

July 2012 Not-for-Profit Releases Guide on Calif., Federal Medical Privacy Laws (07.31.12)

Los Angeles Times: California Attorney General Adds Unit to Protect Our Privacy (07.31.12) San Diego Non-Profit Keeping Californians Secure(07.30.12) 

 San Diego Union Tribune: Privacy Advocate Boosts Focus on Medical Records (07.30.12) The Battle for Your Data on The Web: Boston Start-Up Joines Those That Will Try to Help You Keep Personal Data Off the Web (07.23.12) Financial Loss from Identity Theft Increasing: Report (07.14.12)

Cnet: How Google Products Go From Creepy to Cool (07.13.12) 

The Atlantic: If Hackers Didn't Exist, Governments Would Have to Invent Them (07.05.12) Data Breach Bills: Where's the Meat? (07.04.12)

Knowledge.Wharton.UPenn.Edu: Protecting Your Data from a New Generation of Hackers (07.03.12)

June 2012 Can't Donate? Now You Can Vote to Help a Cause (06.30.12) Financial Loss From Identity Theft Increasing, Report Says (06.28.12)

U-T San Diego: Can Employer Require SSN to Apply for a Job? (06.25.12) A Better Way to Monitor Reward Programs (06.27.12)

The Wall Street Journal: Is That Personal-Finance App Secure? (06.20.12) A Credit Freeze Leaves Thieves Out in the Cold (06.20.12)

The Los Angeles Times: Coalition to Facebook: Please Don't Market to Our Kids (06.18.12)

The Seattle Times: Microsoft, Yahoo Aid Political Campaigns (06.16.12)

ZDNet Asia: Clear Policies to Balance Workplace Monitoring (06.15.12) Could That Facebook 'Like' Hurt Your Credit Score? (06.14.12) 2012: Next-Generation Threats Need Next-Generation Firewalls (06.14.12) 

Historic City News: UNF Student Identities May Be Compromised (06.11.12) 

USA Today: Microsoft, Yahoo Sell Tracking Data to Political Campaigns (06.11.12)

Huff Post: Facebook Forced to Let Users Vote on Privacy Changes (06.01.12) How Credit Card Privacy Statements Can Hush Your Bank's Mouth (06.01.12)

May 2012 Undergrad Suspected in Massive University of Nebraska Breach (05.31.12) Employers on Track to Get More Nosey With Employees' Social Media Lives (05.31.12) Gartner Predicts Huge Rise in Monitoring of Employees' Social Media Use (05.29.12)

The Salt Lake Tribune: Utah's Medicaid Personal Data Breach No Record Setter (05.25.12) Online Privacy: How to Control Your Personal Data (05.22.12) Specialty Credit Reports - The "Other" Reports You Don't Know About (05.21.12)

FierceHealthIT: Even Opt-in Doesn't Protect Data Exchange Privacy (05.16.12) Waterford Woman Charged in Privacy Case (05.13.12) Health Exchanges' Sharing of Patient Data Heightens Privacy Concerns (05.15.12) What Happens When My Health Data Falls Into the Wrong Hands (05.15.12)

The Washington Times: Worker Accused of Selling Health Records (05.15.12) The Latest Privacy Invasion: Retailer Tracking (05.14.12) It Pays to 'Check In' Before Checkout (05.09.12)

The Columbus Dispatch: Credit Scars: Youngest Victims (05.08.12) Action Line: How to Spot Job-Placement Scams (05.06.12) Employers Asking Job Seekers for W-2 or Tax Return (05.03.12)

April 2012

The New York Times: Following the Breadcrumbs on the Data-SharingTrail (04.28.12) House Approves CISPA, But Critics Crying Foul (04.27.12) Why You Should Care About and Defend Your Privacy (04.25.12) 

The Boston Globe: 3.2m in Mass. Have Had Data Lost, Stolen (04.24.12)

Smart Money: Getting Green for Old Gadgets (04.23.12) Bank Accounts Hacked: Is Your Money in Danger at Chase? (04.23.12) Stop CISPA? Cybersecurity Bill Adds Six New Co-Sponsors in Two Days (04.19.12) House Considers Controversial Internet Security Bill (04.19.12)

Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF Joins Two Coalition Letters Opposing CISPA (04.17.12)

Daily Distribution: Internet Advocacy Coalition Takes to Twitter to Fight Privacy-Invasive Bill CISPA (04.17.12) Many Tax Preparation Software Companies Share Your Personal Data (04.13.12)

WSJ Louisiana Law Enforcement Invited to Free 2-Day Identity Theft Workshop Presented by FBI-LEEDA and LifeLock (04.11.12) Identity Theft Among Children on The Rise: How to Keep Your Kids Safe (04.10.12)

Newsweek: Security Breaches Shake Confidence in Credit-Card Safety (04.09.12)

Baltimore Times: Another Day, Another Security Breach (04.08.12)

LA Times: Banks and Credit Card Firms Keep ID Theft Victims in the Dark (04.03.12)

LA Times: Global Payments Data Breach Affects 1.5 Million Credit Cards (04.03.12)

The Guardian: Quick Takes: Employers Asking For Facebook Passwords (04.01.12)

March 2012

The Examiner: Lost Data Cartridges May Have Exposed 800,000 (03.30.12)

Huff Post: Security Breach: Lost Data Cartridges May Have Exposed Personal Records From California's Child Support System (03.29.12)

Bloomberg: California Says IBM, Iron Mountain Lost State Agency Data (03.29.12)

Digital Trends: Meet the Online Snoops Selling Your Dirty Laundry and How You Can Stop Them (03.27.12)

Electronic Frontier Foundation: FTC Final Privacy Report Draws a Map to Meaningful Privacy Protection in the Online World (03.27.12)

The State News: Data Defense (03.27.12)

Health Leaders Media: Social Media Intrusions Violate Employee Privacy (03.26.12) Medicare: Will It Stop Using My SSN? (03.25.12)

TechNewsWorld: Facebook on Passwords During Job Interviews: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (03.23.11)

TIME: Lawmakers Try to Ban Facebook "Shoulder Surfing" by Employers (03.20.12)

ABC News: Online Tax Prep: Is It Cheap and Safe? (03.20.12)

The iD Channel: Breached: University of Tampa (03.17.12)

Providence Business News: Navigating Labyrinth of Data-Privacy Laws (03.16.12)

Threat Post: Applicants Coerced into Surfing Facebook While Employers Watch (03.12.12)

Security Watch: VCU Crowned Champion in Higher Ed Data Breach Madness (03.12.12)

TIME: Can Interviewers Insist on 'Shoulder Surfing' Your Facebook Page? (03.09.12)

U-T San Diego: Don't Like Google Tracking You? You're Not Alone (03.09.12)

The New York Times: How to Safely Delete or Save Tax Documents Online (03.08.12)

Seattle Weekly: Information Privacy: Non-Public Driver License Data Gets into Commercial Hands (03.08.12)

The Street: 4 Key Tips for Consumer Protection Week (03.06.12)

Better Business Bureau: Take This ID Theft Quiz for National Consumer Protection Week (03.05.12)

JDJournal: Twitter Silent on Sale of User Data: The Cost of "Free" (03.01.12)

The Raw Story: Twitter is Selling Your Data (03.01.12)

Techi: Twitter is Selling Your Data (In Case You Didn't Know) (03.01.12)

Reuters: YOUR MONEY: Twitter is Selling Your Data (03.01.12)

February 2012

ComputerworldUK: Five Hacker Tricks You Should Be Defending Against (02.29.12)

CreditCardGuide: How to Check Someone Else's Credit Report (02.28.12)

KSEE24 News: Survey Overload (0.28.12)

Privacy Revolt: Obama Administration's Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (02.27.12)

WND: Domestic Drones Lining Up to Invade Privacy (02.26.12)

The Street: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights: Don't Start Cheering Yet (02.24.12)

Main Street: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights: Don't Start Cheering Yet (02.23.12)

California Watch: Calif. Debt Collection Scam Defrauded Victims Out of $5M, FTC Says (02.23.12)

NBC San Diego: Shoppers Getting Overwhelmed by Online Surveys (02.23.12)

Market Watch: White House Plan for Privacy Bill of Rights Could Boost Protections, Consumer Watchdog Joins Group Issuing Principles of Fair Process, Voices Some Concern (02.23.12)

The Vancouver Sun: Is Safe? (02.22.12)

Fox News Fresno: Phone Frustration: How to Halt Caller ID Spoofing (02.18.12)

Ad Age: How Do You Brand Consumer Privacy? (02.13.12)

Forbes: State Laws Demand Stronger Security for Mobile Devices (02.13.12)

BtoB:Hacker-Proof (02.13.12)

EFF: Six Heartbreaking Truths about Online Dating Privacy (02.10.12)

CBS News: 6 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook (02.10.12)

WUGspace: Managing Data Retention Requirements in Healthcare (02.09.12)

Los Angeles Times: Facebook Shows How Privacy is Passe (02.03.12)

Simply Security: 30.4 Million Records Breached in 2011, Study Finds (02.03.12)

SmartMoney: A New Coupon Source: Your Account Statement (02.01.12)

Save Your Marriage: Don't Worry, That's Just Your Bank Spying On You(02.01.12)

Business Insider: Banks Are Harnessing New Tools to Dig Into Your Financial Psyche (01.31.12)

Privacy Revolt: Google's New Privacy Policy Causes Controversy (02.01.12)

January 2012

Fox Business: Does Your Bank Spy on Your Spending Behavior (01.30.12)

The Crime Report: Your Digital Data -- Exposed (01.30.12)

The Delta Collegiate: Finding a New Delta Password Can Be a Challenge(01.30.12)

Woodford Times: Madigan offers business tips to protect consumer information (01.30.12)

Indiana Daily Student: IU Information Security responds to hacking of President's Challenge website (01.27.12)

Ethics Education and Psychology: Small medical practices greatly at risk for data breaches (01.26.12) Here Is A Credit Freeze How-To (01.25.12)

BerkeleyLaw: Samuelson Clinic Helps Create Privacy Complaint Website (01.24.12)

International Business Times: Cloud Computing: What is it? Is it safe? The new Internet bubble? (01.24.12)

FierceHealthIT: Small Physician Practices are Targets of Hackers, Too (01.19.12)

iHealthBeat: Small Medical Practices More Susceptible to Health Data Breaches (01.17.12) Those Facebook posts could cost you a job (01.16.12)

American Medical News: Small Medical Practices Greatly at Risk for Data Breaches (01.16.12)

NBC San Diego: Finding Help After Online Security Breach (01.16.12)

Los Angeles Times: Money Talk: Carry Redacted Copy of Medicare Card (01.15.12)

The Commercial Appeal: Working Best: Your Boss is Reading Your E-Mails (01.13.12)

Privacy Revolt: E-Health Records, Data Breaches, and Privacy (01.12.12)

The Street: 4 Terms of Service That Should Make You Think Twice Before Signing (01.11.12)

Daily Bruin: Class-Action Lawsuit Against UCLA Health System for Data Breach Fails to Move Forward (01.10.12)

Privacy Revolt: Congress and FBI Seeking to Expand Use of Biometric Identifiers (01.09.12)

EFF: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Unveils New Privacy Complaint Form(01.09.12)

Mercury News: California Group Creates Complaint Center for Online Privacy Issues (01.08.12)

Fordham University Center on Law and Information Policy: Online Complaint Center (01.06.12)

NBC San Diego: Employers Can't Check Credit Report (01.05.12)

San Diego Channel 10 News: Privacy Group Rolls Out Online Complaint Center (01.04.12)

Privacy Lives: Washington Times: USPS Memo Highlights Privacy Violations(01.04.12)

Sys-Con Media: 355 Shopping Days Left (01.04.12)

PCWorld: Anatomy of an ATM Skimmer Scam (01.04.12)

eSchool News: New Complaint Center for Online Privacy Issues Launches(01.04.12)

Benton Foundation: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Creates Complaint Center for Online Privacy Issues (01.04.12)

Nashville Channel 4 News: Credit Report Won't Ruin Job Chances in California (01.04.12)

Amarillo Channel 10 News: Bad Credit Could Cost You a Job (01.04.12)

NationalJournal: Today's e-Reads: Yahoo Names New CEO, Google Punishes Chrome (01.04.12)

Kevin Townsend: PRC (USA) Vs ICO (UK) (01.03.12)

Oakland Tribune: California Group Creates Complaint Center for Online Privacy Issues (01.03.12)

San Antonio Channel 4 News: Hiring Hurdle: Credit Check (01.03.12)

Lake Charles Channel 7: Credit Report Won't Ruin Job Chances in California(01.03.12)

Portsmouth Channel 10 News: Your Credit Could Impact Your Job Hunt(01.03.12) Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Launches Online Consumer Privacy Complaint Center (01.03.12)

The Washington Times: USPS Memo Highlights Privacy Violations (01.03.12)

iapp: PRC Unveils Online Privacy Complaint Tool (01.03.12)

IT World: Privacy Been Violated? Call the PRC (01.03.12)

Louisville Channel 3 News: States Cracking Down on Credit Report Use in Hiring (01.03.12)

Ontrack Data Recovery: Sony Tops the List of Significant Breaches in 2011(01.03.12) Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Launches Online Complaint Center (01.03.12)

Privacy Journal: Got Complaints? (January 2012 Edition)