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Date Breach Made Public: 
February 15, 2005
Alpharetta , GA
United States
Georgia US
Records Breached: 


Breach Total Number: 
163 000
Security Breach Letter
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Type of breach: 

Fraudsters who presented themselves as legitimate ChoicePoint customers purchased data profiles from ChoicePoint on individuals and used that data to commit identity theft. The initial number of affected records was estimated at 145,000 but was later revised to 163,000.

UPDATE(1/26/06): ChoicePoint settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $10 million in civil penalties and $5 million for consumer redress.

UPDATE (12/06/06): The FTC announced that victims of identity theft as a result of the data breach who had out-of-pocket expenses can now be reimbursed. The claims deadline is Feb. 4, 2007.

UPDATE (06/24/07): Starting Dec. 2006, the FTC began mailing claims forms to victims of the breach. Its Web site provides information about the claims process. Deadline is Aug. 18, 2007. Victims can be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from identity theft connected to the breach. Call (888) 884-8772, or email

UPDATE (11/04/07): Since its 2005 data security incident, ChoicePoint has implemented enhancements to its privacy and information security framework including the establishment of an Office of Privacy, Ethics and Compliance to reinforce the responsible use and protection of information at ChoicePoint through policies and procedures, audit and compliance, and outreach and education. Visit

UPDATE (1/27/08): Has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a class action lawsuit