Wheels Inc., Pfizer


Des Plaines, IL
United States
42° 2' 0.1032" N, 87° 53' 0.2364" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
October 10, 2007
Des Plaines, IL
United States
Records Breached: 

1,800 + 23 Not included in Total because it is not clear if SSNs were exposed.

The spouses and domestic partners of about 1,800 Pfizer employees, including 23 from Connecticut, learned late last month about a data breach at Wheels Inc., which provides cars to the company, mostly for use by its sales force. The breach at Wheels, first reported by the Pharmalot Web site, released onto the Internet names, addresses, birth dates and driver's license numbers, but not Social Security numbers, according to the company.

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