People's United Bank

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Date Breach Made Public: 
April 9, 2008
Bridgeport , CT
United States
Connecticut US
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For four months, a dumpster diver searched through trash bins outside People's United Bank branches in Fairfield County. He pulled out bags of paperwork with private information, including customers' Social Security numbers and account information.

UPDATE (5/1/08): The man who discovered bank records in the garbage outside local branches of People's United Bank in Connecticut has been sued to prevent him from informing people about the discovery. The man, discovered financial documents, including customer names, Social Security numbers, and account information. He was a no-show at a scheduled appearance in court. The bank won a restraining order against the man, which ordered him not to talk to bank customers, or disclose what he had discovered. He disregarded the order and made a documentary about the discovery. The man has already been fined $800 USD for refusing to hold his tongue, and now he has also been ordered to pay the bank's legal costs. According to the Connecticut Post, those costs are already up to around $40,000 USD.