First Interstate Mortgage Corporation (FIM), Nevada One Corporation (Nevada One)

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Date Breach Made Public: 
January 21, 2009
United States
Nevada US
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These mortgage brokers have discarding consumers' tax returns, credit reports, and other sensitive personal and financial information in an unsecured dumpster in December of 2006. Approximately 40 boxes containing consumer records were found in a publicly-accessible dumpster. The records included tax returns, mortgage applications, bank statements, photocopies of credit cards, drivers' licenses, and at least 230 credit reports. The defendant, who has owned numerous companies that handle sensitive consumer information, kept the documents in an insecure manner in his garage before improperly disposing of them.

UPDATE (1/20/10): The mortgage broker paid a $35,000 civil penalty to settle FTC charges. The mortgage broker will also have to hire an independent security professional to review the security process every year for 10 years.