Internal Revenue Service

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May 21, 2009
Washington , DC
United States
District Of Columbia US

Additional locations: several IRS document disposal facilities in the U.S.),

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The U.S Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found in a fiscal year 2008 audit that in more than a dozen IRS document disposal facilities, old taxpayer documents were being tossed out in regular waste containers and dumpsters. In addition, the investigation found that IRS officials failed to consistently verify whether contract employees who have access to taxpayer documents had passed background checks. Further, investigators had difficulty finding anyone responsible for oversight of most of the facilities that the IRS contracted with to burn or shred sensitive taxpayer documents. The review was performed at IRS offices in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson, Arizona New Carrollton, Maryland Holtsville, Garden City, and Westbury, New York and Ogden, Utah, and included questionnaires to 14 Territory Managers across the country during the period September 2007 through May 2008.