Downeast Energy & Building Supply

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Date Breach Made Public: 
September 16, 2009
Brunswick , ME
United States
Maine US
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Dataloss DB
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Downeast sent a notice after discovering that hackers had broken in and stolen more than $200,000 from the company's online bank account. Sometime prior to September, attackers planted keystroke logging malware on Downeast's computer systems, and stole the credentials the company uses to manage its bank accounts online. Hackers had gained access to the bank account the company uses to let customers pay for fuel with electronic transfers from their checking accounts. Then, on or around Sept. 2, the hackers used that access to initiate a series of sub-$10,000 money transfers out of the company's account to at least 20 individuals around the United States who had no prior business with Downeast Energy. The personal information to which the thieves had access included customers' names, banks and checking account numbers