The Whole Family is Affected

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September 1, 1995

A court ordered Bob to have a breath analyzer installed in the family car after being convicted of drunk driving. He can't drive and has had his license revoked. Every member of the household must breathe into the device. If alcohol above a certain level is detected, the driver is unable to start the car. Bob's wife Linda reports that many kinds of odors stop the car, not only alcohol. She has been unable to start the car upon occasion. Her son is so ashamed of having to breathe into the device that he won't take his friend with him in the car. Linda objects to the device keeping a computerized record of each breath into the analyzer. A private company sells the devices and compiles the computer records for the court. Linda is not only angry about the impact this device has had on the non-drinking members of the family, but doesn't like the idea of a private company holding such records about them. She asks, where are the privacy safeguards? 05-920-95


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