Wrongfully arrested and jailed

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September 1, 1995

Carole went to a city office to take a civil service test. Two days later, two police officers came to her house and arrested her for stealing a car. They told her that a car had been stolen at about the time she was at the city office. She had been identified as being in the area at the time. She insisted that she did not steal the car but was told to appear in a lineup nonetheless. Unfortunately she was identified by a witness and was taken to the women's jail. After spending the night in jail, she was released after contacting an attorney. The case against her was dropped. Carole considered filing suit against the city and asked for her police report. The police department refused to give it to her. She contacted the PRC which sent her a form letter which can be used to request the release of public records from a government agency. She used that letter to draft her own request, and 30 days later received her police report. She has a limited income and has not been able to find an attorney to take her case on a contingency basis. 07-191-95


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