There's no such thing as an unlisted number

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September 1, 1995

Fred had a Visa credit card with his bank. He recently moved and did not give his new unlisted number to the bank. But when he received the credit card statement, he noticed that his unlisted number was printed on the statement. He was particularly angered because in reading the fine print of his credit account contract, he noticed that they claim the "right to share information" with other companies. He wonders how far and wide his unlisted number has been broadcast. Fred contacted the bank and demanded to know how they obtained the number. They replied that it might have been obtained in a number of ways, perhaps when he called the bank's 800-number customer assistance line (when you call an 800 number, the recipient of the call can obtain your phone number, whether it's unlisted or not). One of the merchants Fred had done business with might have reported the number, said the bank. Or perhaps it was on his credit report. 09-1044-95



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