Junk Mail Blues:
From the PRC Log Files

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September 1, 1995

Can't get rid of the flyers

Christy reports that she obtained our "junk mail" fact sheet a year ago and shared the information with several friends. They've all succeeded in stopping most of their unwanted mail. But they can't stop the flyers and advertising supplements, even though they've repeatedly contacted the distributor Advo. Nothing seems to get Advo's attention, despite repeated letters to them. 3/95

An uncharitable charity

Vince's mother has been dead since 1993. The organization Help Hospitalized Veterans won't take her name off its mailing list despite repeated requests. The PRC offered to contact the group on her behalf and was told that they would indeed delete the name. 02-336-95

Her aunt is on 'sucker' lists

Darla's elderly aunt gets 25 to 30 pieces of junk mail a day, mostly scam prize offers and solicitations for charitable organizations. Her aunt has a hard time saying no and gets very upset because she doesn't know what to do about all the offers. 11-016-94



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