Telemarketing Abuse:
Cases for the PRC Log Files

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September 1, 1995

The scamsters won't quit

Nora is 85 years old. She said that scamsters are getting a lot of her money. She repeatedly gets calls from telemarketers. She has purchased some things from them, but finds the products are worthless. Some of the callers are very demanding, even insulting. 08-935-95

Taking advantage of the vulnerable

Esther's husband is recovering from a stroke and can't remember some of his actions. He fills out offers for prizes and orders things from telemarketers, giving them his credit card number. Esther has called a particular telemarketer and told them to stop calling, which they agreed to do. However, they called back nonetheless. The PRC told Mary about remedies under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 07-392-95


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