Arizona State University (ASU)


Tempe, AZ
United States
33° 25' 31.836" N, 111° 56' 24.018" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
January 20, 2012
Tempe, AZ
United States
Extra Info: 

ASU online system users with questions about logging into their accounts may call (855) 278-5080.

Records Breached: 

300,000 (No SSNs or financial information reported)

ASU shutdown its online computer system after discovering a breach.  An encrypted file containing user names and passwords was downloaded on Wednesday, January 18 by an unauthorized party.  All online services were suspended until the night of Thursday, January 19.  Students and staff will be required to enter new passwords to access their accounts since there is a chance that some information could have been compromised.  



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