VeriSign Inc.

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Date Breach Made Public: 
February 2, 2012
Reston , VA
United States
Virginia US
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VeriSign was hacked repeatedly in 2010. The hackers stole undisclosed information.  VeriSign is responsible for the integrity of web addresses ending, .net, and .gov. If hackers were able to obtain certain information, it is possible that .com, .net, and .gov websites could be imitated more easily.  Hackers may be able to direct people to faked website and intercept email from federal employees or corporate executives using the .gov addresses.  VeriSign officials do not believe that the attacks breaches the servers that support the Domain Name System network, but did not reveal many details about the breach.  VeriSign offers a number of services that defend customer websites from attacks and manage website traffic.  VeriSign also researchers international cybercrime groups.  The security staff responded to the attack quickly, but the breach was not disclosed throughout the company until September 2011.