City of Springfield,

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Date Breach Made Public: 
February 28, 2012
Springfield , MO
United States
Missouri US
Records Breached: 

6,071 (2,100 confirmed)

Breach Total Number: 
2 100
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

Two hackers claimed responsibility for hacking the website of the city of Springfield, Missouri.  The breach occurred on February 17, and the databases on the server contained over 300,000 entries.  It appears that not all databases were accessed as the total number of citizens affected was reported as 2,100.  Hackers claimed to have acquired 6,071 entries related to the date of birth, weight, height, race, hair color, skin tone, phone number, address, and Social Security number of people listed in online police reports. A total of 15,887 entries related to warrants that included age, date of birth, address, employer, eye color, hair color, race, sex, weight, height, and other details were obtained.  Databases with 1,041 vehicle descriptions from online police reports and details related to 284,618 summons were also obtained.  The hackers posted a significant amount of information, but voluntarily removed any sensitive information that could cause problems for consumers. 

UPDATE (06/12/2013): A member of Anonymous, John Anthony Borell III, was charged in 2012 for using SQL injections on multiple law enforcement and public agency websites.  He agreed to a plea bargain in April and will serve 36 months in prison for violating a section of federal law addressing computer fraud.  He pleaded guilty to five charges related to hacking and will also pay nearly $230,000 in restitution to a number of agencies that were hacked.