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Date Breach Made Public: 
March 5, 2012
Van Nuys , CA
United States
California US
Records Breached: 

72,794 (44,663 credit card numbers obtained)

Breach Total Number: 
44 663
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

A group of hackers accessed customer details, credit card numbers, and administrator information.  At least a) 28 administrator names, usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords, b) 85 affiliate usernames, plain-text passwords, c) 100 user email addresses, usernames, and plain-text passwords, and d) 82 .gov and .mil email addresses and plain-text passwords were posted. The hackers criticized the ease of obtaining the credit card numbers, expiration dates, cvvs, and customer billing addresses which were all in plain text.  The hackers chose not to post customer credit card numbers.