University of Tampa

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No Review
Date Breach Made Public: 
March 16, 2012
Tampa , FL
United States
Florida US
Records Breached: 


Breach Total Number: 
30 000
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

A server management error caused files containing sensitive information to be made publicly accessible between July of 2011 and the breach's discovery on March 13, 2012.  A classroom exercise revealed that the information was compromised and the University of Tampa's IT office was immediately informed of the discovery.  The University of Tampa then notified Google and asked that the cached file be removed from the search engine.

One file included 6,818 records of students who attended in Fall of 2011.  Two other files contained the information of an additional 29,540 people and included University ID numbers, names, Social Security numbers, and photos.  Some people also had their dates of birth exposed.The IT office at the University of Tampa concluded that the files had only been accessed by the people who reported the breach.

UPDATE (3/22/2012): Additionally, 22,722 current and former faculty, staff, and students who were associated with the University between January 29, 2000 and July 11, 2011 may have had their information exposed. The IT office confirmed that these files had only been accessed by University insiders as well. The University will not cover the cost of credit monitoring services for those who were affected.