Destination Hotels & Resorts

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Date Breach Made Public: 
June 29, 2010
Englewood , CO
United States
Colorado US
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Dataloss DB
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Hackers have broken into the payment processing system of Destination Hotels & Resorts, a high-end chain best known for its resort hotels in destinations such as Vail, Colorado; Lake Tahoe, California; and Maui, Hawaii. Destination has uncovered a malicious software program inserted into its credit card processing system from a remote source. Destination Hotels is in the process of notifying victims but will not say how many people have had their credit card numbers stolen. The attackers appear to have hit only point-of-sale processing systems, where credit cards are swiped for purchases. Personal information such as guests' home addresses was not compromised.

UPDATE (7/2/10): Around 700 customers were affected nationwide by the hack; including dozens of customers of the Driskill Hotel of Austin, Texas.