Carolina Center for Development and Rehabilitation

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No Review
Date Breach Made Public: 
July 13, 2010
Charlotte , NC
United States
North Carolina US
Records Breached: 


Breach Total Number: 
1 590
Year of Breach: 
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Type of breach: 

After a doctor left office cleaning to his sons, they mistakenly threw out hundreds of medical records. The medical records were left in a public recycling bin and included medical histories, pictures of patients and Social Security numbers.

UPDATE (7/31/10): The psychologist has contacted 1,590 of his patients.

UPDATE (9/7/2011): The psychologist has paid $40,000 for violating state regulations by illegally dumping files containing patients' financial and medical information.  This information included names, Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, drivers' license numbers, insurance account numbers, and health information.