SettlementOne Credit Corporation, Sackett National Holdings Inc., ACRAnet Inc., Fajilan and Associates Inc. (Statewide Credit Services and Robert Fajilan)

Date Breach Made Public: 
February 3, 2011
Extra Info: 

No location is listed since the incidents involve several organizations and their information security systems.

Records Breached: 


Three companies who resell consumer credit reports have agreed to settle with the FTC over charges that computer hackers could easily access consumer data through their weak information security systems.  Hackers accessed more than 1,800 credit reports via security flaws in the computer networks used by the companies' clients.

UPDATE (8/22/2011): FTS has approved the final orders settling charges against the three credit report resellers.  The approval comes after a period of public comment.  The companies will be required to strengthen their data security procedures and submiit to audits for 20 years.



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