HBGary Federal

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Date Breach Made Public: 
February 7, 2011
Sacramento , CA
United States
California US
Records Breached: 

60,000 business emails (No SSNs or financial information reported)

Breach Total Number: 
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

HBGary announced that it had information about the Anonymous hackers collective.  Anonymous supporters hacked into HBGary's network in order to learn what information had been gathered during the investigation.  Over 60,000 business emails were extracted and the company's website was defaced.  HBGary's leader also had his Twitter account hacked and his personal information exposed.  Anonymous supporters claim the attack was to prevent HBGary from selling trivial information to the FBI.  The hackers published a 23-page document online and claimed that it was the information HBGary was going to sell.  HBGary's email database was also published.  Sensitive information about customers may have been exposed.