US Airways

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April 6, 2011
Tempe , AZ
United States
Arizona US
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The US Airlines Pilot Association (USAPA) is upset that US Airways failed to reveal a breach of sensitive and confidential pilot information.  A management pilot obtained and sent a sensitive database that contained the personal information of thousands of US Airways pilots.  Names, Social Security numbers, and addresses were exposed.  The database was given to a third party pilot group.  The FBI has not determined the extent of the breach. A USAPA member said that there is a possibility that the sensitive information of pilot family members was also exposed since US Airways collects this information as well.  US Airways also collects the credit card numbers of passengers, but there were no reports of this information being exposed by the breach.  

USAPA has been working with the FBI since November of 2010 to determine the scope of the breach.  It is possible that someone could use pilot passport numbers and residential addresses to pose as a pilot and create a threat to national security. USAPA is accusing US Airways of denying the breach and failing to discipline the employee responsible for the breach. US Airways has informed USAPA that it is relying on the assurances of the parties responsible for the data breach that the confidential information will not be misused.