Broward County School Board, Private Medical Practices

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April 8, 2011
United States
Florida US

People in multiple areas of Broward County Florida were affected.

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Two former employees from different private medical practice offices were charged with providing confidential patient information to other members of an identity theft and fraud ring.  Both of these people participated in the identity theft and fraud ring from early 2009 until February 2, 2011.  A former employee who worked for the Broward County School Board passed along information from a teacher certification database, which included names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth.  The information was used to fraudulently add people as authorized users to the victims’ credit card and bank accounts. The bank accounts of victims were depleted and one person discovered fraudulent credit card charges of $128,000.  In addition to the three former employees, eight other people and the ringleader were also indicted on March 15, 2011.

UPDATE (9/30/2011): The former Broward School District employee was sentenced to just over five years in federal prison for accessing and selling teacher personal information to identity theives.  At least 42 people in Florida had their information stolen; the fraudulent credit card charges that resulted totalled $408,000.  The former employee admitted to selling five to 10 Social Security numbers and dates of birth at a time for $100.