Rolling Stone, Radar, Corrupted Justice, Nettica, the Rick Ross Institute of New Jersey

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Date Breach Made Public: 
April 15, 2011

Any website that mentioned a September 2006 article called "Strange Bedfellows" from Radar Magazine or a July 2007 article entitled "To Catch a Predator: The New American Witch Hunt for Dangerous Pedophiles" may have been affected.

Records Breached: 

100,000 (No SSNs or financial information reported)

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Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

After a falling out among members of Perverted Justice, a former member attempted to bury two unflattering articles about himself.  The articles were about his infidelity and were originally published in Rolling Stone and Radar Magazine.  The former member created a virus that spread  over the internet and infected computers across the world.  Approximately 100,000 computers were affected and a botnet was created.  The botnet's goal was to attack websites that published the two articles so that no one could access them.  The former member was sentenced to three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $90,386.34 in restitution.