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Date Breach Made Public: 
March 9, 2012
Tulsa , OK
United States
Oklahoma US
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Dataloss DB
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A dishonest McDonald's employee confessed to using a handheld skimming device for three weeks to capture drive-thru customer credit and debit card numbers. He then passed the information along to others who used the numbers to produce fraudulent cards and make purchases.  A total of 282 card numbers were discovered on a suspect's laptop.

UPDATE (07/02/2012): The former employee pleaded guilty to an aggravated identity-theft charge.  He agreed to playing a part in causing a total loss of more than $51,000. Four other defendants were first caught in October of 2011.  They were arrested on suspicion of trying to buy merchandise with counterfeit cards and were caught with a laptop that contained stolen credit and debit card numbers.